So… what is it?


What’s probably the #1 thing that turns a woman OFF more than anything else?


From 7+ years of taking massive action, studying psychology research, and from thousands of hours of insight from my clients..


I believe the #1 fastest way to turn off a woman is to be NEEDY.


#1 Mistake Guys Make on the First Date Revealed (do THIS instead)


Women hate this! They hate neediness!


Pro Tip: Tonight — Introduce yourself to lots of women when you’re out. But instead of hitting on them right away, play it cool and non-reactive. Don’t hit on any women — especially in the first half of the night. Watch how the power dynamic flips and notice how you’ll start getting women hitting on YOU!


The minute a man becomes needy with a woman is the same minute that woman starts thinking about LEAVING.


She’s trying to plan her escape! Because again, women hate neediness!


Here’s the unfortunate thing…


I believe modern society quietly trains us to be needy men. From Hollywood movies to headline news stories to the lessons our parents and teachers taught us as men…


Tons of guys have been TRAINED to be needy.


Worse yet?


They don’t even know it! And they sure as hell don’t know how to STOP being needy!


This TOXIC Mindset Prevents You From Approaching Women


And while you’re certainly not an average, unaware guy… There’s a good chance that if you were even less needy, you’d supercharge your dating results!


In my opinion, you can literally NEVER become too non-needy and non-reactive.


I’ve found that the less needy I become, the more easily I attract dating options.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


That’s why I created a new video for you


So that you can transcend mediocrity and rise towards your peak potential as a man (and start unlocking the results that come with truly developing yourself)!


In this new video, you’ll learn the two master paths to transcend neediness.. that you can embody your most non-reactive, attractive self. Thus making you the kind of man women are hardwired to desire


Again, you don’t have to struggle like most guys do.


It’s my goal to ensure you rise FAR ABOVE the masses!


But to get next level results, you gotta get skin in the game! And invest in your self-education!




If you think you’re a bit too needy with women, watch this…




Once you finish the video, answer the following…


What’s your biggest takeaway? Or your number one question? Let me know in the comments section below!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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