Wanna know the fastest way to get a woman to HATE your freaking guts?


Good, cuz I was gonna tell you either way 😉


Especially since, once you learn what NOT to do…


You can then start acting in a way that turns women ON!


But first thing’s first…


Let’s begin with discussing the following question: What do women hate? What’s this “thing” that turns them off?


Women HATE when you approach them softly! And timidly! 


It’s one of the LEAST ATTRACTIVE things a man can possibly do. So don’t do that! 😉


Luckily, the “tweak” here is simple.


When you wanna talk to a woman, COMMIT.


Speak with certainty. Move with purpose. Act with conviction.


When you’re out tonight, be sure to apply this lesson.  And act with masculine CONVICTION — no matter what you do.


Remember: women will forget your mistakes. But they won’t forget your timidity.


Want more? I talk about how to approach women with conviction in the video linked below.


If you’re ready to approach women in a way they absolutely love, then this video is for you…




Now, I want to hear from you.


Tell me about a time when you approached a woman too softly. Then, write to me about a time you talked to a woman with conviction. What were the differences you noticed?


Share your response in the comments section below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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