Approaching women isn’t easy.


Not only do you need a skill set to have success, but equally, there’s the mental aspect. Whether it’s fearing rejection, summoning the courage, or just getting yourself to actually go, a strong mindset is crucial to your success when it comes to approaching women.


The problem is that many men have a toxic mindset that stifles them. I’d bet that 70-80% of single guys think with this ONE toxic mindset. And it kills their results because it keeps them from even taking action in the first place.


In the powerful 60 second video below, I reveal the #1 toxic mindset that’s likely keeping you from approaching, meeting, and dating stunning women. Get started below…




If you see each approach as either a “win” or a “loss,” you’re done before you even started. The toxic mindset most guys have is simple: they see each approach as a statistic that either improves or damages their “batting average” — their ratio of success.


Look — this isn’t baseball. There’s nobody keeping stats or tallying the score.


We’re talking about meeting a fellow human being. An overly logical approach makes you anti-human, hyper-focused on achieving a mythical state of perfection, and afraid of non-existent failure.


Let go of that toxic mindset. If you’ve been thinking in this way, replace your focus on your success ratio “batting average” mindset with a new mindset…


And yes, this mindset still works for all you logical guys who wanna track a statistic, a “KPI”… (I get it, because I’m the same way). So, what’s the mindset shift?


Focus on The Number of Women You Approach Instead


If you still feel compelled to track yourself in some way, then track the number of attractive women you meet each day. Write that number down in your calendar or your journal.


Tracking this number, unlike your success ratio, removes your ego from the process. By simply measuring the number of approaches you did, you’re focusing on a factor fully within your control.


Tracking how many approaches you do each day primes yourself to beat yesterdays number.


Trust me: Once you start tracking your number of approaches each day, you’ll want to outperform the number of approaches you did yesterday.


Quickly, you’ll start taking lots of action. And even more importantly, you’ll gain momentum now that you’re tracking a statistic that puts no emphasis nor focus on the unreasonable standard of being “perfect.”


Replace That Toxic Mindset with True Abundance


How? Simple. Stop tracking your success ratio. Start tracking your approaches. When you do, not only do you stop focusing on being perfect now that you’re not tracking your “PUA batting average,” but equally, by taking lots of actions, you’re quickly going to build both the confidence and the social skill set you need to meet women.


This one shift in mindset flips you from a guy who’s desperately afraid not to fuck up into a guy who confidently and nonchalantly approaches women with ease.


And now, my question for you…


What was your #1 takeaway from this blog post? I want to know. Also, do you have any further questions?


Let me know by sharing your response below. I read every comment.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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