You check your phone again. No new texts. Zero notifications.


So you decide to open up the text thread, to see if she’s read it.


Sure enough, she has!


She read the message just 3 minutes after you texted her…


“Why in the hell didn’t she just respond to me??”


Here’s the simple answer: she isn’t interested!


Why She Loses Interest


Now, I know this can be a tough pill to swallow…


Luckily, this doesn’t need to be your future (even if it HAS BEEN your past!).


Here are 3 changes you can immediately make — to ensure women EXCITEDLY text you back.


1) Instead of getting a girl’s number and texting her, give her your number instead.


Then, tell her to text YOU. Now, not all women will. But when she does, you know she’s interested.


Even more, when a woman texts YOU first, you can maintain the frame that she’s the one CHASING you — for the rest of your relationship with her.


Never Compromise Your Values or Purpose as a Man


Especially when you follow this second nugget of gold…


2) Don’t text her so much! STOP texting girls each day! 


Have “off days” when you don’t text any of the girls in your phone EVEN ONCE. Making the texts you send RARE and INFREQUENT is one of the best ways to ensure she ALWAYS responds.


Here’s why: We deeply desire things that are scarce and hard to obtain (think Ferarri’s).


It’s the same with texting her infrequently…


Get Her to Chase You


Remember that.


And choose to make your texts Ferrari’s, not Ford’s.


3) Meet a new woman each day. (In the real world! Online dating doesn’t count!)


Getting dating abundance by meeting women each day — which you can learn to do right here — is the ULTIMATE WAY to ensure you always have lots of texts in your phone from women.


Besides the fact that meeting more women equals more text threads with women, it’s also about what having abundance does to how you act.


Because when you do have abundance, you act differently. Women can tell the difference between a man who has options versus a man who’s pipeline is dry!


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


And when you do have options, women will intuitively sense you’re a man-in-demand. Being a man-in-demand will trigger women to text you.


The reason? She’s hardwired to wanna win you over — and beat out the other women who are competing for you and your attention!


It’s simple. Put those 3 keys into play and your phone will be blowing up with texts from sexayyy ladiesss 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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