Life is about so much more than “getting girls” or “looking cool”


Yea, that stuff can be fun.


But that’s not ultimately what I’m hoping to see you and I achieve. (Because you can do so much more than just that).


Sure, getting girls and looking cool is a nice “cherry on the top.”


But the bigger picture is about you being a focusedaction taking man who’s confidently dominating — while making a real, positive impact on this world.


By being this type of man, you can stop chasing and start attracting…


And that’s ultimately what you’d prefer… right? 😉


Now, let’s talk about this.


First, what’s focus?


Focus is your ability to zone in on your life’s work and fully immerse yourself in that work.


Focus is about drowning out the distractions, removing the negative influences, and creating that “laser beam” concentration necessary to perform near your true potential.


Next, we have action.


Action is about doing what’s necessary, and then some. To me, action is both about 1) doing the things necessary to move your mission as a man forward, and 2) putting yourself in situations that will force you to grow.


Whether it’s approaching that girl, making the call, scheduling that meeting to speak with your boss, or having the difficult conversation with a loved one…


Dominant men are leaders who take action matters into their own hands and put themselves in the situations necessary to facilitate their personal growth.


And when you’re focused? And taking action? A funny thing happens…


You start feeling confident. Self-assured. And this translates into everything you do. Suddenly, you stand up a bit straighter. Your shoulders are back. Your head’s held high.


You speak with a level of certainty people instantly recognize on a sub-conscious level.


From this place, you’re embodying the dominant version of yourself.


Suddenly, you ARE the kind of man woman are hardwired to desire.


Now, you’re the type of man people naturally gravitate towards, respect, and listen to.


And that stuff is great, let’s be honest.


But at the end of the day, this is about reverse engineering… By reverse engineering, here’s what I mean. If you want to attract women, gain more respect, and feel more confident…


You need to DO THE THINGS a man who’d attract women, earn respect, and feel confident would naturally do.


Aka, you need to focus. And you need to take action.


So what are you waiting for?


Today’s the perfect day to zone in, make moves, and begin embodying your most dominant self.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Double Your Damned Confidence!


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