Think of the Godfather.


Quietest guy in the room. And the person everyone in the room respects MOST.


See, most guys think they need to say something more witty than the next guy — to get the girl, look cool, or land the job.


But guys who get it realize silence is power.


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You’ve likely met a guy who embodied this principle first hand. Think of a teacher, boss, or coach you’ve had — who barely spoke and commanded your attention when he did.


You can learn to make silence a superpower — by speaking rarely, and with conviction, wit, or charm when you do.


Now, this doesn’t mean that speaking more is always bad.


In fact, there are guys — a Russell Brand comes to mind — who’s magnetism stems from dominating conversations by speaking more (and more cleverly) than everybody else.


However, if you’re not a naturally talkative guy like Russell Brand, then embracing silence is a way of being you’d ought to consider adopting and embracing.


But will “embracing silence” actually make you more attractive to women and more respectable in other areas of your life?


Consider, this principle of silence making you powerful goes beyond movie characters like the Godfather, as well as coaches, teachers, or bosses you’ve known — who’ve embraced silence.


We know from research that your sub-communications influence how you get treated way more than the words you say themselves.


I’ll show you the study in a second — it’ll shock you. But first, what are “sub-communications,” you ask? Sub-Communications include your tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, and the frequency which you speak.


As you can see below, these sub-communications make up the LIONS SHARE of how people (women included!) respond to you.



Most guys never realize how powerful these sub-communications are. They only focus on “saying the right things.”


But not you. 😉


You realize that the spoken words themselves hardly matter — just 7% according to this research!


What really matters is how you carry yourself. Consider, do you carry yourself like a CEO? Or a secretary?


That’s what matters — if you desire more respect, dates, and social success. And if you think about it, unlike a secretary who must explain him or herself, a CEO doesn’t need to respond to anybody. The CEO has the power to embrace silence. He doesn’t need to “prove himself” to anyone!


Here’s the punchline: One of the fastest ways to instantly start being more attractive to women and more respected in life — is to embrace silence in your interactions. So, pause. Hold that eye contact.


And bask in the stillness of it all.


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When you do this, you’ll find other people start filling in the gaps of conversation — because they get nervous when things go silent. This is “The Godfather Effect.”


Just watch. Each time this happens — where you embrace silence and the other person fills in the gap — your power, status, and attractiveness increases.


Try it out. Make silence your best friend. Trust me, you’ll be amazed by the difference.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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