Ready to attract women like Hank Moody?


Then let’s begin. Here’s a secret to attract women like the man himself: stop reacting when women test you, challenge you, or question you.


One of his most admirable traits is his lightheartedness.


Women crave Hank’s nonchalance.


No matter what happens, or what kind of shit he gets himself into, Hank always stays calm and composed.


Respond to Challenges & Shit Tests like Hank Moody


You never see Mr. Moody lose his cool. Be like him! Stay non-reactive no matter what happens.


Here’s the truth: crazy challenges, shit tests, and other “stressors” are opportunities in disguise! For example, when a woman tests you and you stay chill, she will become MORE attracted to you. Passing a woman’s test turns her on. Never forget that.


For more on how to train yourself to always be “icy” and non-reactive, check out this free guide.


Here’s another secret to become attractive to women like Hank Moody: start flirting and teasing women as soon as you meet them.


Women love a man who flirts with them right off the bat!


Here’s a guide that shows you how to banter and flirt. And let me be blunt: if your flirting game needs work, you definitely wanna check that guide out.


Here’s why…


Flirting with women right when you met them makes you stand out — because most guys don’t have the balls to do this. Most guys wait to get comfortable with a girl before they start flirting. Don’t be like them! Be like Hank. Hank Moody treats all women the same — and flirts with them right outta the gate — regardless of how well he knows them. You wanna do this too!


This ability to flirt and banter immediately is a major secret that’ll help you to attract women like Hank Moody. It’s one of the reasons I recommend you study him — and watch Californication.


You know what I’m saying? 😉


Now, I think we can agree that the TV character that most embodies the attractive traits women love is indeed Hank Moody.


How to Respond to a Shit Test from a Woman: feat. Hank Moody


And while I could keep writing to you about tips for how to attract women like Hank Moody, the better way for you to embody his best traits is to see them in a live video…


It’s why I created a new Hank Moody video breakdown for you. In it, you’ll see live examples of exactly how to attract women like Hank Moody himself.


Sound good? 😉


Uncover the #1 secret to attract women like Hank Moody right here…




Now, if you didn’t have time to watch, I’ll share the #1 secret that makes Hank incredibly attractive to women.


Here it is…


The secret for being more attractive is learning to blend different sides of your personality together, at the same time…


Specifically, it’s your ability to be bold AND lighthearted, simultaneously — that makes you extremely attractive to women.


How to End Social Anxiety for Good (and become socially confident)


When you display both boldness and lightheartedness in your interactions with women, you will become FAR more attractive! Just try it for yourself…


You’ll start attracting women like honey attracts bees — muddafuckkaaaaa 😉


Now, I have a question for you…


What TV character, celebrity, or personality would you like me to do a breakdown for next? Let me know here in the comments 👇🏼👇🏼


I’ll make a new video breakdown for whichever character, celebrity, or personality gets the most votes!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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