FACT: you should be say NO to women who aren’t your type.


Doing so gives you serious power. When you say NO to women who aren’t your type, you become far more desirable, too.


To uncover when to say no to women, first, you ought to know what you are truly looking for!


You want to both embrace and communicate WHAT YOU WANT out of a relationship.


The Type of Man Women are Hardwired to Desire (backed by research)


To help you achieve this, first, tell me — do you want casual sex? A relationship? Friends with benefits? What do you want most?


Think about this for a few minutes… Really consider what you want…


Then, once you know what you want most… Own it.


Embrace it. Because remember this: you cannot be everything for everyone.


Be willing to walk your own path.


The One Trait that Makes You an Attractive Man


Now, once you’ve owned who you are for (and who you are NOT for)…


…It’s then time to then communicate this fact with the women you’re talking to…


State it out right (ideally in a playful, easy to receive, yet honest tone of voice)…


“Ya, I’m not looking for anything serious. I’m just trying to meet a cool chick and have some fun, right now…”


State what you want to women you’re dating. Be honest. Real. Legit. Even if she may not be looking for the same thing!


She may love it. She may hate it.


That’s not for you to worry about!


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


But funny enough, by owning what you want — and what you don’t want — you’ll be far more desirable to ALL WOMEN.


Yes, your ideal type of woman will respect your clarity. She’ll be more attracted to you BECAUSE you aren’t fishing for “any woman you can catch,” like soooo many guys do.


Equally, women who are not an ideal match will still HONOR your HONESTY when you communicate that they aren’t your type. As a result, these women will likely maintain attraction for you, too!


Don’t forget: when you say NO to a woman, and when you act from TRUTH, you’re flexing your discipline and your masculine character. This is what she’s craving.


Because remember, a woman doesn’t want to follow a man who’s “easy.”


She wants a real man who has the teeth to speak the truth.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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