When we’re young, we were told to “get along with others.” People told us to be “friendly” and to “play nice in the sandbox.”


Well, that advice is all fine and dandy. But only once you ALSO have the ability to say NO.


As a man, you must be able to EXPLICITLY disagree with others. At points, you’re going to need to say NO.


Here’s why: some people will try and take advantage of you. They’ll test you, and see if you have the ability to STAND UP for yourself. Lots of men can’t actually do this. And if you can’t yourself, you’ll struggle…


For example…


  • When the girl tries to get you to buy her another round of drinks, after you bought the first and second round… are you able to say NO?
  • If somebody invites you to do something fun, but you know you should stay in and work on growing your business… can you say NO?
  • Or, when somebody you really like tries to sell you something that you don’t actually need… do you have the discipline to say NO?


In situations like these, are you comfortable saying no? And disagreeing? Be honest with yourself. Take a minute to really consider whether or not you are…



Learning to say NO is massive for your confidence, your dating results, and your success as a man.


Don’t be like most “yes men,” who simply roll over, knee-jerk to saying yes, and quietly get taken advantage of, as a result. You need boundaries, my good man! And I wanna help you strengthen yours today…


It’s why I made a new video for you, where I give you specific examples of HOW to say NO — in the very most challenging situations!


So, check this new video out, uncover secrets for flexing your ability to say NO, and drop a comment letting me know your biggest takeaway, after you watch…




Now, I wanna hear from YOU. What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve gained here? Let me know, brother. Share your biggest lesson learned right here in the comments section below.


Let’s continue the conversation…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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