What follows are the 5 core reasons I respect Dan Bilzerian…


Note that each of the reasons I respect him are principles and skills worth cultivating in your life!


#1: Dan Bilzerian is Living His Dream (despite the haters)

This takes chops. Most people these days are scared shitless to pursue our actual dreams and goals. To own up to our unique desires and pursue them wholeheartedly leaves us open to authentic criticism.


Just look around. Most people would rather play it safe and fit in than create an epic life. Most people don’t have the chops to pursue the EXACT life they desire!



Dan’s done the opposite. The mofo is clearly living out his dream life. Can you hate a guy for that? I know I can’t. On the contrary, I respect his confidence to live his life on his terms.


#2: Dan Bilzerian is Honest About Himself (and what he wants)

After listening to over three hours of interviews done by Dan Bilzerian, I’m confident this guy’s an honest dude. In his interviews with both Joe Rogan and Larry King, he made it clear that one big reason women like him is that he’s straight up with them.


According to Dan, he doesn’t sugar coat his intentions. He doesn’t pretend he’s looking to get married. Rather, the dude owns up to his legit desire: to continue living a rockstar lifestyle.


You can’t knock a guy for wanting to enjoy his life. Even more, I respect a guy who has the integrity to say the truth. There was a great moment when Dan was being interviewed by Larry King and Bilzerian revealed a secret to earning the trust of women.



Essentially, women would ask Dan if he had slept with another woman. And Dan would simply say YES if he indeed had sex with her. No games. No BS. Just the truth.


As Dan put it, telling people the truth when they don’t want to hear it makes people trust you.


I respect this aim for truth wholeheartedly. In my opinion, it’s the key to ensuring polygamous relationships can produce win-win outcomes for both the man and woman.


#3: Dan Bilzerian is Proving He’s a Successful Business Man

There’s a lot of people online who discredit where Dan got his money from. His father made a lot of money and lots of people say he’s a trust fund baby. Dan refutes this claim and says he actually turned away inheritance money.


Personally, I believe him. But even if he did get a substantial amount of money from his father, there’s no way he could sustain his lifestyle on inheritance alone.


The dude is balling out of control. Can you even imagine how much it costs to live this way?



Hearing him discuss betting, poker, and business makes me believe in his business mind. He’s clearly well studied in human psychology and has the balls to put his knowledge on the line with his own money — and his own expenses.


It takes a ton of self-confidence to live this way. Just imagine spending millions a month! You’d better believe in your ability to earn more cheddar!


Personally, I don’t knock successful people. I respect them and try to learn from them.


#4: Dan Bilzerian is the Master of Lifestyle Design

There’s shitloads of millionaires who never attract one-hundredth the amount of women into their life compared to Dan. Sure, you can knock his results cuz he’s rich as fuck. I get that.


But if you listen to his interview with Larry King, Dan reveals his gameplan for engineering his lifestyle. Essentially, when Dan was getting started, he went out of his way to get hundreds of women to his parties — while only having a small number of men.¬†Clearly, it worked.


Since, Dan has continued to leverage his understanding of lifestyle design to create unparalleled dating abundance. Whether he’s consciously aware of the term preselection or not, Dan Bilzerian clearly knows that women crave a man with sexual abundance.


The Hidden Risks of Marriage! feat. Dan Bilzerian & Joe Rogan


As I commented on in the video above, setting up my lifestyle in a way where I’m surrounded by women has paid massive dividends in my dating life. Though I’m on a much smaller scale than Dan, having women around you puts you in a situation where women chase you.


It’s why I respect Dan’s lifestyle. He reverse engineered that life by putting himself in the middle of countless beautiful women. Well played, sir!


#5: Dan Bilzerian Has a Track Record of Mental Badassery

In listening to his interview with Joe Rogan, it became clear that Dan Bilzerian is the master of his own mind. In describing the pain he went through when in BUD/S (trying to become a Navy Seal), he quietly exuded a confidence in his ability to transcend pain.


Likewise, his stories where he’s put millions on the line playing poker against billionaires highlights his ability to maintain composure under massive pressure.


The dude has big balls for tackling life. Check out the massive wave he recently surfed!



As a surfer myself, I can assure you this wave is fucking massive. The amount of weight and power behind that wave could easily kill you. Acts like this point to the mental composure and strength Dan Bilzerian possesses.


This should be seen as inspirational because mental composure is train-able. How? Put yourself under stressful situations. With repeated practice, you too will begin performing with heightened levels of mental calmness — even under pressure.


Final Take On Dan Bilzerian…

Do I believe Dan should win a Nobel Peace Prize? Should he be heralded as the world’s most iconic man? Is Dan an ideal role model for kids around the world?


Probably not ūüėČ


That said, for men looking to build their confidence, create dating freedom, all while unlocking the life of their dreams, I believe there are few role-models better than Dan Bilzerian.


Cuz whether you love him or hate him, the dude is absolutely dominating.


Do you agree? Disagree? Share in the comments section below.



To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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