Breakups are brutal. Especially when you were broken up with unexpectedly. Luckily, there’s a proven path back to confidence, happiness, & dating success…


Learn the 3 steps to rebound from a tough breakup, and come back as a better man, in this powerful article…


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When you follow three simple steps following a tough breakup, you will feel better than ever. Confidence will be flowing through your veins. You’ll be happier than ever, too.


And women will suddenly be chasing you.


The simple truth is that a breakup is the perfect time to rebuild yourself from the ground up — and make yourself a badass man women can’t help but desire.


That’s what these following 3-steps will do for you…


Step 1: Take Responsibility for the Breakup

Even though this step requires the least physical effort, it’s probably the most difficult step to complete. It’s also the most important. The fact of the matter is this: if your ex broke up with you, you were a major reason why.


How couldn’t this be?


Are you really going to tell yourself that you were acting and operating at your absolute best as a man in the months prior to the break up? That you were in full on beast mode?


Even though it hurts, don’t lie to yourself.


My guess? You weren’t the best you could be. Chances are, you weren’t your best self, and she wanted more… From a sheerly statistical point of view, it’s likely that you were behaving lot closer to an average guy.


#1 threat to your masculinity revealed


You may not be particularly proud of that. But you should be proud of the fact that you can admit it. That takes balls.


Furthermore, once you take responsibility, you re-energize yourself with the power to improve. The reason?


Taking responsibility gives you the decision making power to change your behaviors and your actions — going forward.


And that’s exactly what we’re going to do next…


3 steps to rebound from a breakup (come back a better man)


But first, here in step one, you’ve gotta take full responsibility for your current situation.


Step 2: Ingrain a Set of Badass Habits

Once you take responsibility for where you are and what happened, it’s time to re-establish order in your personal kingdom. It’s time to ingrain a new set of life-enhancing habits. Habits that will turn you into a badass.


The best way to ingrain multiple, winning habits?


A morning and evening ritual you train yourself to automatically complete each daily.


Here’s an example of what I recommend to clients…


Each morning? Wake up, immediately workout, then take a cold shower, and finish with 10 minutes of meditation.


And each evening? Read and review your goals. Next, with your goals top of mind, plan your upcoming day in your planner, before you relax for the night.



As I explain in this article, the exact morning and evening ritual suggested here is known from scientific research to be perfect for invigorating men like yourself with more confidence, clarity, and control.


Habits make personal change nearly automatic.


It’s why you want to use them to attain excellence while supercharging your confidence — starting right after a breakup.


3 steps to rebound from a breakup


Besides, confidence exactly what you’re going to want, now that we’re ready to move to step 3…


Step 3: Start Meeting a Cute Woman Each Day

This is where the real fun begins, señor! It’s time to get back out there as the new and improved you. Now, you’re the man who’s responsible for his own actions. You’re the guy who’s kicking ass each morning and each night with incredible habits.


With these new changes you’ve made, women will respond to you in a whole new way. You just have to give them the chance… 😉


3 steps to rebound from a breakup


That said, meeting women can be difficult. I know from experience. I used to be extremely awkward around women.


Looking for some help in the dating department? If so, I’ve got you covered.


After years of struggling romantically, I’ve since committed years to studying, testing, and now teaching successful principles that help guys create epic dating results.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


One of the best keys I can give you is this:


First, talk to one attractive woman each day. Then, pat yourself on the back regardless of what happens next.


This simple secret to success will skyrocket your confidence around women fast. It’ll also ensure you quickly meet lots of quality new women.


And trust me — nothing helps you get over a breakup like getting back out there. It’s why I created the following articles for you. These will serve you well…



With that, you know what to do.


Follow these 3 steps. When you do, not only will you rebound from your recent breakup, but you’ll come back better, stronger, and more attractive than ever before.


Trust me.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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