You’re about to learn the #1 predictor of masculine confidence.


Follow this advice and you’ll go far.


Just look at what Nix – who’s been consuming my content lately – wrote to me over on youtube


“Honestly man you have completely changed my life. I now feel good to be alive, wheras before when i used to go to bed I used to think if i don’t wake up tomorrow morning it will be ok. Thank you.”


I want you to feel excited about life.



It’s my hope that you spring out of bed each day feeling confident, energized, and free of the opinions of others.


But the only way to unlock this confident, masculine state on a regular basis is to take consistent action towards your mission as a man.


You’ve seen it before.


Idle men who overthink tend to lack confidence. A man who doesn’t take action becomes weak. The cliche, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is true.


Think about it. I’m sure the people you know personally, who possess the most confidence, tend to be action takers. Right?


It’s simple. As I reveal in the video linked below…



The number one predictor of masculine confidence is whether or not a man consistently takes action.


Don’t overcomplicate your quest to become more confident.


Here’s all you need to remember right now…


Men who take action each day — in the real world — tend to be confident. Whereas men who sit in their moms basement playing video games all day tend to lack masculine confidence!



Here’s the cool part…


If you’re clear on what your mission is as a man…


Just take action moving your mission: aka your vision for the future, closer to reality.



If you’re not clear on your mission as a man, then bookmark the following free guide: How to Find Your Mission as a Man (the two paths revealed).


Once you commit to your mission, the faster you turn off the internet and put what you’ve learned into action — in the real world — the better.


You cannot transform your life, nor your confidence, from searching the internet alone.


That’s the truth.


To conclude, you’ve been given the #1 commonality amongst men who possess masculine confidence.




Take matters into your own hands. Go take action. And go build yourself core masculine confidence.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers



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