You’re about to uncover the one pickup line you should use to spark instant attraction. This bad boy works like magic. And I want to share it, with you.


But first… There’s something I HAVE TO get off my chest…


I never thought I’d write an article espousing a pickup line. Instead of memorizing tons of lines and gimmicks and routines, I’ve always focused on learning social skills and proven principles that work, without me having to remember a damned thing.


I recommend you take this approach. It’s far more natural. By simply becoming good socially, as opposed to memorizing gimmicks like a used car salesman, you become a naturally attractive man.


That said, there is ONE pickup line you need to try.


Once you learn it, you can mold it and make it your own — natural to you. So that you can get even better results by using this “pickup line” in your own way, with your own words and style. I’ll share how to do just that in this article.


Cool? Alright then… Here, imagine this scene…


You’re taking a stroll in the park…

The sun’s overheard and a warm breeze softly glides beside you. With a smirk on your face and a pep in your step, everyone can see you’re feeling good. And just when everything seems perfect, things get even better.


Just then, a half a block down, you see a stunning woman sitting alone on a park bench. A beautiful brunette with tanned skin, wearing yoga pants and a tight fitting athletic top, she’s practically begging you to go say something.


But what do you say?


How do you start the interaction? What if you had a way to instantly kickstart the interaction with sexuality and playfulness and fun? Well, you do now…


Try This Pickup Line...


Here’s what I recommend…

Instead of walking up and commenting on the nice weather, telling her how good she looks, or saying some other average comment, what if you playfully said the following, with a smirk…


Miss, what are you doing sitting on my bench?


From experience, I can tell you that this comment instantly grabs her attention and sucks her out of her normal reality.


Her face shifts from excited to upset, and then, to a look of perplexed intrigue… You can see she’s thinking to herself, Who the fuck is this guy, as you hold strong eye contact while maintaining your mysterious smirk.


Finally, she responds…


Your park bench?


It’s in this moment that you most want to stay calm, and remain lighthearted.


With just a pinch of playfulness in your voice and a twinkle in your eye, you may want to say something like…


What are we going to do with you? You have a lot of nerve… How audacious of you to steal a man’s bench in plain sight.


Then, you share your head, feigning disgust while in actuality, sub-communicating that the playfulness in it all.


Now, it clicks for her.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try...


She realizes you aren’t just another boring guy.

And you clearly aren’t schizophrenic — with the absurd belief that you actually own public park benches.


This quick, 20 second exchange instantly shows her you’re a cool, confident, flirty guy who’s capable of taking her places most guys simply cannot. Here’s another example…


If you’re at the gym and a cutie is on the squat rack, you open by saying…


Miss, what are you doing on my squat rack? 😉





If she’s in line for a coffee, you can say…


Miss, why did you steal my spot in line?


Basically, you go up to her and tell her that whatever she’s using, or wherever she’s standing or sitting, that she’s invading your space — that she’s on your turf. And, before you worry about this approach being too bold, remember…


You are teasing! It’s a joke! In fact, the more unlikely it is that she actually stole your spot or your seat, the better 😉


Now, the key is to say this while wearing a smirk or a smile. And equally, you want to speak with a matter-of-fact tone of voice mixed with a playfulness. Then, the game becomes: how long can you carry out this flirty joke?


Before she uncovers that you’re simply screwing around? Having some fun.


This is About Having Fun ;)


Yes. This pickup line takes confidence.


But, with a few repetitions, you’ll quickly see that it’s simple to execute. To ensure you get the hang of it quick, try adopting the following mindset


When you try this pickup line, picture yourself as the owner.

A good mindset to have is this: imagine the woman you’re approaching is in your home. How worried would you be to let her know she was over-stepping her boundaries? Not at all, right? No. Cuz it’s your home. You own the damned place.


You want to take this way of thinking and apply it everywhere you go.


For example, picture a cute woman is sitting in the bar. And you want to use this pickup line. Well, if you’re nervous, quickly remind yourself to act like you really are the owner of the bar.


Take a moment to imagine yourself as the legit owner of the whole bar. Picture the place as yours.


Become that guy


By getting into this headspace, even if it’s just for 60 seconds, you’ll be able to easily spark some fun sexual tension when you say…


Miss, you’re in my seat… 😉


But, When Should You Use This Pickup Line?

From the park to the coffee shop to the bar, this pickup line works just about everywhere. But like any piece of advice available to you, results only come to those who apply what they’ve learned.


You gotta get out there!


So let me ask you, who’s going to be the lucky lady that has you come up and start a conversation with her using the one pickup line you have to try?


More Social Skills = You Dominate Harder


Be sure to email me at [email protected] and let me know how this works for you.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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