Most guys have no idea that there’s any way to attract women — other than to actively hit on her — and then cross their fingers and hope for the best. 




Their lack of understanding is why most guys don’t unlock the dating lives they truly want. 🙁


To attract women in a smooth and confident way, you must understand the differences between passive versus active attraction.


Luckily, you’re in the right place.


Best part is, you’re about to uncover the subtle difference between passive versus active attraction. 😉


Understanding this difference is CRUCIAL for attracting women — especially those STUNNING WOMEN who are most “in demand.”


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So, pay close attention. Your power here to attract women lies in understanding this distinction ENTIRELY. And I’m about to lay out everything for you, on a silver plater.


Sound good?


Okay, let’s begin…


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Now first, what is passive attraction? And what’s active attraction?


Passive attraction is when a woman is attracted to you without you doing anything to her directly — at least that she can tell.


The truth is, you can (and will) deliberately create “passive attraction,” but the key here is a woman cannot tell you’re “trying” to attract her — individually.


You can think of passive attraction as wearing a poker face — thus keeping her unaware of your true intentions.



Examples here include her hearing good things about you — because you’re popular, you not replying to her texts — and giving her space to think about you, making strong eye contact with her — without saying a word, and you dominating your career — while she’s watching or hearing about it.


On the other hand, active attraction is when a woman is attracted to you BECAUSE of an action she can see you took — that was clearly intended for her specifically.


Forms of active attraction are more direct — meaning she knows you’re interested in her.


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Examples of active attraction include flirting with her directly, i.e. “stop being so cute — you’re making me like you,” giving her a compliment, i.e. “you look amazing,” sending her a direct message or a text, putting your arm around her, and you escalating on her physically, say on a dance floor or in your apartment.


Hopefully, you can clearly see the difference between passive versus active attraction now. If you don’t get the distinction yet, re-read the definitions and the examples of each.


Okay — so which is better for you to “use” in your dating life more often? Passive attraction or active attraction?


Take a guess…


Okay. Time’s up. Here’s the truth…


Short answer: both are usually required, but passive attraction is the “holy grail” of attraction. 


Here’s the simple example to explain this. It’s wayyyy more ideal if you get her to escalate on you on the dance floor, than it is if you try to escalate on her. Right? I mean, c’mon…


You’d ABSOLUTELY rather she hit on you!


Passive attraction puts you in the drivers seat. Attracting her passively REQUIRES she makes moves on you!


On the other hand, active attraction requires you to make moves on her — which gives her the chance to REJECT YOU.


And as you know, when you hit on her, if you come in too fast, or too quickly, or if you don’t attract her juuust as she pleases, she may turn you down.



You don’t want to get rejected by that babe you like, right? I’d guess you’d rather be in a position to accept or reject her advances on YOU, huh?


Okay good, then listen up. 😉


The trick is to use as little “active attraction” as possible, using just enough to get her to that “buy in point,” where she’s excited to pursue you, all while you continue to excite her using passive attraction.


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Never forget…


A woman MUST hit on YOU for her to become fully attracted.


When a woman is hitting on you, and you are sitting back with a smirk, keeping it cool, this is true passive attraction.


And it’s the holy-grail for getting her (and keeping her) interested in you.


So, while I know it seems counter-intuitive to be “passive” around women in any way, here’s the truth…


The sooner you can attract her without it looking like you’re even trying, aka by using passive attraction, the better. 



Okay then. Now the question becomes how?


How do you attract a woman using passive attraction? I gave you a few ideas already…


But let’s dive deeper.


Here’s how to use passive attraction to get women attracted to you…


First of all, building up social proof and essentially becoming popular in your hometown is an EXCELLENT way to attract women passively.


Here, your name generates buzz — and women will seek you out.


Obviously, this plays serious ball. But it begs the question — how do I become popular? Besides learning the social skills, which I teach,  the easiest ways to become popular are 1) to build a social circle and 2) to become that cool guy in key venues near your hometown.


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


The next way to create passive attraction is to give women space to chase you. Do not underestimate the power of giving women space to chase, just because this strategy is SO DAMNED OBVIOUS.


Ways to give her space to chase include: not texting her back, embracing pauses in your conversations with women, and essentially — not showing too much interest in her.


You can also use banter as a form of passive attraction. Here, the underlying key is to set the frame that she is chasing you. State that’s she’s into you explicitly, or, imply it subtly 😉


Telling her, “we’re just friends” or saying, “I don’t know about you… Blondes just aren’t my type…” are excellent banter lines that  flirtatiously sub-communicate your lack of true interest, whilst also sub-communicating she’s crushing on you!



Again, passive attraction is all about getting her to chase you! 


And by using the banter lines you read above, it’s easy to see how she’ll indeed chase you!


Here’s another excellent way to attract women passively: CARRY YOURSELF LIKE A BOSS. 5 star masculine body language sparks attraction — as women are hardwired to salivate for an alpa male.


The last way to attract women passively is to be incredibly focused (and ultimately, incredibly good at) your career. The more focused and the more elite you become in your lifelong profession, the more your professional accomplishments will attract women to you.


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I’ll die with the following statement on my tatted on my forehead (ok not literally but you get the idea) as the PREMIERE piece of advice for men who want it ALL (success, dating abundance, freedom, wealth)…


Put your mission FIRST as a man.


There you have it.


By becoming popular in your hometown, giving her space to chase, teasing her that she’s not your type, and by putting your mission first — you will attract women to you like craaaaazy!


And by mastering this ability, you’ll find you only need little sparks of “direct game”, which includes giving her direct compliments, escalating physically yourself, making invitations to her, and other forms of directly conveying your interest, to attract quality women.


Do the Opposite of Most Guys: She Will Respect You like a King


Getting her to chase you without you putting in much “work” is exactly what you want if you seek to attract both the highest quality, and the highest abundance of, women — all while you focus primarily on your mission as a man. (If you need help uncovering your “purpose” aka your mission as a man, check out this epic free guide).


Now, I want to hear from you in the comments section below. Reply with your biggest takeaway, or your #1 question. I read every response. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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  1. Travis Page

    You are absolutely correct Man My hooker friend told me directly””” if you act like you dont want me “”play it cool “”and relax! i will fuck you””, chase you it gives me time to want you.”” If i can have you so eaisly it kills sexual attraction and I OUT TO FIND THE next;quote on quote this girl had hudreds of guy spilli there guts to her SILENT TREATMENT
    challenge/Dummb dumb /FANS.OR TILL SHE FINDS AN ALPHA Thank You. I finally let go of THAT ONE


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