Masculinity is dying. Decisive, confident, assertive men are becoming rare.


Don’t you agree?


Revealed: The Biggest Threat to Your Masculinity (and what to do about it)


Break the mold. Stand out. Start by learning the #1 threat to your masculinity. You’ll learn it in this article.


To begin our conversation, consider the following quote…


You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time around.


This iconic quote from Jim Rohn speaks straight truth. Our minds are like sponges — we absorb whatever ideas, beliefs, traits, and characteristics we surround ourselves with.


Jim Rohn quote


This notion regarding how our brain works — and our bias towards acting like those we surround ourselves with — can be either a blessing or a curse.


It’s either your secret to unlocking your masculine potential, or your eternal weakness — and your achilles heal.


Taken to the logical conclusion then…


The #1 threat to your masculinity is the massive herd of people existing in this world who (unconsciously) settle for a life of comfortable, safe MEDIOCRITY.


Revealed: The Biggest Threat to Your Masculinity (and what to do about it)


Most people value comfort, relaxation, and stability over trying to connect with their highest and best selves. This desire to live a simple, safe life makes people extremely average.


To be clear, the #1 threat to your masculinity is the massive herd of average that surrounds you — no matter where you look.


Like it Or Not, Most People Embrace an Average Life 


Note: the masses aren’t trying to bring you down… This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s actually just a matter of statistics.


Here’s a distribution that shows how most people tend to gravitate towards the middle — or the average. You’ll see that about 68% of people, according to the well documented statistical normal curve, are very near “average.”


the normal curve explains the #1 threat to your masculinity


And since most people are average, most people threaten your aim to embody peak levels of your masculinity. It’s true — It’s simply a matter of how your psychology works.


The reason? We tend to think like those that surround us. Rather we like it our not, our brains are hardwired to embrace the beliefs and attitudes of the group.


We’re Hardwired to Think Like People We’re Around


This is a well documented psychological phenomena known as groupthink.


groupthink explains the biggest threat to your masculinity


Our pre-programed bias towards following the herd, and embodying a groupthink mindset, subtly influences us towards living as very average men. Since our minds are like a sponge…


And because you’re literally swimming in a sea of average on this planet, it’s easy to accept mediocrity from yourself as a man!


We see proof every single day that this is true. Let’s call an ace an ace… In the 21st century, most men are… average. And that’s putting it lightly.


You aren’t exactly engulfed in a world filled with confident, dominant, assertive men. Unlike in times past, when hunting and war were commonplace, and men needed to truly be masculine, today?


Working in a cubicle, swiping through your smart phone, or typing on a computer doesn’t force (or even ask) the average man to embrace his masculinity.


the #1 threat to your masculinity


Like I said earlier, the truth is obvious…


Masculinity is dying.


To act with decisiveness and courage and assertiveness is even considered barbaric by some, these days. And there sure aren’t many men today who do embody high levels of masculinity.


Men are softer, less powerful, and more timid today than ever before in human history.


It’s likely because the world has become so easy, comfortable and safe to live in. The world is making men soft. But as I wrote here, that’s not all bad…


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying modern pleasures.


And besides, how would she get an amazing tan if she didn’t have any time to relax…? 😉



However, the easy nature of life in the 21st century threatens your masculinity. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to absorb this mindset of mediocrity — and begin living as a soft, spineless man!


We’re living in a world that’s subtly conditioning us to…

  • Ask softly for permission…
  • Never take real risks…
  • Make sure you never EVER offend someone…
  • Constantly try to fit in…
  • Shut up, stay busy, and stay in your lane.


While I don’t believe in acting as a savage, relying solely on masculine instinct, or doing away with intellect, I sure as hell don’t believe we need more mindless, spineless “YES men” on this planet…


Do you?


I deeply believe we need masculine men.


I believe we need masculine leaders. Decision makers.


Action takers. And go getters.


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


Luckily, you can rise above the masses and honor your masculinity — while being a great man that produces good in this 21st century world we live in. 


But how?


How do you break the mold, rise above the mediocre masses of men, and start dominating as a man? — especially in the 21st century where average is everywhere?




Audit the Influences You Let Into Your Life


Or, as the wise, and aforementioned Jim Rohn put it…


Jim Rohn


Be wary of what you watch, who you spend time with, what you read, and who you listen to. Unfortunately, there are so few actualized individuals these days, who dispel value with both their words and their actions…


Equally, the number of masculine role models anymore is so slim that it’s easier than ever to get sucked into believing masculinity isn’t needed, doesn’t matter, or worse yet — doesn’t even exist.


Don’t fall for the trap. Your mind is a sponge.


Swim around sea otters and you become a sea otter yourself. Or, swim around sharks, and soon, you’ll bear teeth. So get around men who require living at a higher level.


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


Surround yourself with champs!


Avoid distractions like mass media and television. Instead, the great books, like this one…


Way of the Superior Man - Dominate


The message here is simple: get yourself around people and ideas that you respect and admire.


That is the first way to claim and maintain your masculine potential while living in a world that devalues this very endeavor. The other way to ensure you rise above the men living a comfortable existence of mediocrity?


Commit to Reaching Your Peak as a Man


Every morning, I write my goals. It’s a killer habit to ingrain in your life.


One of my goals, that I write each morning, is as follows: to embody my peak, embrace my most dominant self as a man, and help a million men do the same. By doing this daily, I’m always reminded to embrace my masculinity.


My recommendation?


Commit to becoming the most dominant, self actualized version of yourself. Then, whether you need to write out this aim each day, read content like this each morning, create a group of guys who aspire to live with masculinity like you do, or a combination of these actions, do what’s needed to honor your commitment to your masculinity.


Why not? Commit. Why wouldn’t you?


Why not become the naturally attractive man women desire and men admire? Commit to this transformational process.


Why not commit to your mission as a man and put your direction as your ultimate priority?


Lastly, commit to constantly pushing your comfort zones as you edge closer and closer to your peak masculine state of unbounded fearlessness and limitless….


Harvey Specter doesn't make excuses


While Not Easy, You Can Be Masculine in the 21st Century 


I believe doing fulfills us as men.


Equally, I believe embracing our masculinity helps us earn more and unlock our dating desires, all while helping us contribute more to the people we care about.


If you’re ready to stand out, reach up, and embody your fullest masculine potential, then you’re in the right spot. Now is the perfect time to commit to your masculine peak.


Let’s be honest…


Testosterone Production


It’s impossible to be our best selves if we dishonor our masculine biology — and our core identity — as men.


To support you, I have an idea…


Be sure to enroll to our email list so you can begin dominating as a man. This way, we can update you when new articles drop — so that you stay engulfed in a WINNING environment. Who says groupthink can’t work to your advantage? 😉


If you’re ready to fight mediocrity and reach your peak as a man, we’re ready to invite you to your new team, your new tribe.


We’re here to support you, to enrich your mind, supercharge your confidence, help you create romantic success, and most importantly? Everything we produce here is created to remind you that it’s a GREAT IDEA to embrace your masculinity.

Here, our identity is simple:


The readers of this blog are a select tribe of gents who are relentlessly pursuing their peak potential as men — while they reach new heights in their confidence, their dating results, and their masculinity.


This group isn’t for everyone.


And while I do not judge how another person lives their life, the simple truth is men seeking a safe, tame, mediocre existence are not suited here.


In fact, here, men who embody mediocrity threaten our very pursuits.


#1 threat to your masculinity revealed


Here, we’re interested in soaking up masculine glory, not mediocrity. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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