Confession: I lied.


A few of these unfortunate souls in the 80% group do get some action…


Their glory moment occurs roughly once a year — probably on Halloween or New Years. They’re nearly blacked out — retain ZERO memory of the event, and their partner’s a woman their sober self hardly finds attractive.


What a night, huh?  


In my eyes, the aforementioned situation is actually worse than never getting laid.


This is the unfortunate reality for many men these days. Most men have no sex. They’re alone — afraid of interactions with women they desire. Most men orgasm in a cold, lifeless bathroom — alone.


This increasing trend is hurting the lives of countless men: no sex.


And the consequences this has on their psyche and confidence. Equally, the fact that most men have no sex creates sexual frustration in women, too. These days, a woman’s only choices are 1) a monogamous relationship, 2) a single life consisting of sex solely with the 20% of players, or, 3) total sexual solitude.


Luckily, as men, each of us can become sex-worthy while keeping our morality. But, to break free of the 80%, changes must occur. Specifically — we must level up.


Why 80% of Guys Have No Sex (and a few have tons)


Before we continue this discussion, let’s get a few things straight…


3 Ground-rules that Base This Edgy Article

Ready? Let’s dive in.


First, I’m not here making fun of guys who aren’t where they want to be romantically and sexually. Who have no sex.


You never get any? That sucks, dude. And while I know I can help, let’s start with this: I’m not here pointing fingers or laughing.


Hell, I actually have lots of sympathy. I used to be in the 80%.


I’m also not degrading sex, or objectifying women as a sexual object. Yes, my language in this article may come off as blunt or callous. Remember — this is an audience of guys. We’re not at the dinner table with grandma sitting next to us.


This article is written to make a point — not to offend or degrade anybody.


And lastly, sex is important. Let’s stop pretending that getting any as a guy is trivial. It’s not. As men, our psychology and our biology radically changes based on our recent sexual history. No sex = major problems.


Having sex regularly is like working out regularly or eating a balanced diet — crucial for our peak functioning as men. We know this from research.


Women Are Sexually Attracted to Muscle


With that — let’s dive into specifically why 80% of the men out there don’t get laid.


The 80/20 Principle Applied to Sex

The 80/20 pareto principle suggests that in nearly every domain, 20% of the invested input receives 80% of the results obtained. In this case, the “I never get laid” pareto principle translates to mean 20% of the men are receiving 80% of the sex.


We see this pareto principle in most species of animals — including monkeys. Check out how only a small percentage (about 20%) of the monkeys in a hierarchy are dominant, in a position of leadership.


The Dominance Heirarchy in Monkeys explains why most men never get laid


But why? Why do a few men slay it while the rest simply twiddle their thumbs on the sidelines — existing with absolutely no sex?


The distinction that separates the 20% — the guys who are enjoying abundance sexually either with their girlfriend or with multiple partners — versus the other 80%, is actually quite simple.


Before we go further, here’s a list of common excuses guys have that keep them from sex.


Here’s Why Guys Tell Themselves they Never Get Any…

Guys who don’t get it on say to themselves…

  • 1) I’m not tall enough
  • 2) I’m not rich enough
  • 3) I’m not handsome enough
  • 4) I’m not tan enough
  • 5) I’m too dark
  • 6) I don’t have a dog
  • 7) My house has too much dog hair


Do I really need to keep going?


The list of excuses goes on and on. In truth, none of these reasons are at the core of the issue.


Sure — it helps to be tall, rich and handsome. Let’s not bullshit ourselves.



A nice tan and a cute dog that never sheds would surely be neat, too.


But those things don’t keep guys from getting laid. Nope. What keeps most men from an enjoyable sex life is this…


Most Guys Today are Soft.

And women, it turns out, are not attracted to soft men. At all.


Why She Loses Interest


Whether it be for a night or for life, women want a man who’s powerful.


Remember — women are biologically hardwired with impulses and drives. Their DNA is encoded in a way that helps them survive and reproduce. That’s biology 101.


Women are hardwired to desire masculine traits, like confidence, leadership, social guile, and dominance.


With that noted, ask yourself — do most of the men you know embody confidence, leadership, social guile, and dominance? Since we both know the answer is no, I’ll change the question. How many men do you know that embody any of these four traits — at a high level?


It’s simple: most men in the 21st century do not act confidently, they are not leaders, they lack social intelligence, and they sure as hell aren’t dominant.


Men embodying these masculine traits are becoming rarer and rarer, in real life. This is why the few masculine men that still exist enjoy such fruitful sex lives! Women crave a real man and when they find one, they’re apt to capitalize. And can you blame them?


These days, the only place women routinely see dominant, powerful men, is on tv or the movies.


Brad Pitt and his girlfriend, Angelina


Masculinity is in a steep decline. I believe 80% of the men you’ll see today lack their fortitude. What this means? Women aren’t interacting with true men. And what it also means?


Now is the Perfect Time to Join the 20%

When you commit yourself to developing your core masculinity, you will stand out. Women will be magnetically attracted to you. The lions share of women desire a powerful, masculine man.


You are designed to be powerful. To feel confident. Your ancestors were warriors and adventurers. And you are hardwired to live like they did! It’s why you feel so invigorated when you act boldly, take risks, move with direction, and act with purpose.


But if you feel you belong to the 80% group right now, you must be thinking… But Jason… I’m not a traditional “alpha” male. How could I ever become one? 


Great, neither was I. Here’s what I looked like less than 10 years ago — my tail permanently held between my legs.


I was a big fucking dork


I know how to help you make this transformation as a guy. Here’s what you need to do.


Let go of your past.

Your past is irrelevant. Whether you’re the 40 year old virgin or a certified playboy, your past is done. Cooked. Irrelevant. Your future successes (or lack thereof) sexually depend on you — your masculinity — and your traits as a man.


But you say you aren’t masculine yet.  Maybe you don’t have traits like confidence or smooth social skills. So you’re thinking… wont my future be the same as my past?


Your past does NOT need to look like your future. 


We know from cutting edge neuroscience research that you can rewire your brain. Stanford researcher Carol Dwek writes about this in her book, Mindset. When you read this book and pour into the newest findings in neuroscience, you’ll discover your brain is malleable — much like the Play-Doe kids play with.



By taking new actions and learning the best information, you begin to reshape and rewire your brain. But where do I start? Simple:This blog. We’re here to help you reach your peak as a man. So you can become a naturally attractive man. Why not do it? Change your personality, start acting decisively, and learn new skills.


Begin carrying yourself like the kind of man you can admire, and women can desire.


Remember: If you choose to live like the rest, accept that your laptop will be your only faithful lover. But you don’t want that, do you? Here’s a better path: Embrace your masculinity. Depussify yourself.


Reap the rewards.


Trust me — she wants you to embrace your masculine self, too. This is what she truly desires.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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