We’re living in an era when many men believe it’s “noble” to put their life’s work and their values to the side…


…in order to be “more agreeable” to those around us.


Suddenly, it’s seen by many as a “gentleman’s move” to inhibit our desires, beliefs, and wants as men…


Except, does this new movement actually make sense?


Does it make sense for YOU to compromise your values, beliefs, desires, and wants?


Let’s say the girl you started dating tells you that TONIGHT is the only night this week she can see you…


You tell her you’re working on your business.


She tells you, “Yea but babe, tonight’s my only free night. Can’t you work tomorrow night instead?”




How do you respond?


Do you compromise? And put your work, your mission, and your commitment to your craft, on the back-burner?


Or, do you hold firm and maintain your focus on the important work that was consuming your focus before she texted you?


If you’ve been engaging with my content for any period of time, you KNOW my stance on this.


But I’ll state it anyways.. 😉


Never compromise your life’s work, nor your values — for anyone.


Compromising yourself to please a woman (or to please anybody) is the fastest way to lose respect.


Now, I’m not saying you should never compromise.


Compromise is a part of life.




Your focus, vision, purpose, and values are YOURS. 


Never compromise on these key ingredients to your core as a man — for ANYBODY.


I talk about this more in a short video I shot for you linked below…


Give it a watch to understand WHY women (and men) actually lose respect for you when you compromise your values or purpose for others.




It’s pretty simple.


Simply refuse to compromise your values or your purpose as a man.


Putting your values or your purpose on the back-burner is the fastest way to lose people’s respect.


Women and men alike respect a man who has boundaries.


A man who honors himself, his values, and his purpose is someone people can trust. Never forget this. Especially when people try to test you, manipulate you, or get you to change your plans — for their benefit.


Stay strong.


Now, let me know what you think. I want to hear from you. Write in the comments below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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