Just look around: men have become soft. And it’s easy to see why…


Never in human history have men worked in such safe environments, and in a non-physical capacity, like today. More men than ever before work behind computers or in offices. Traits like aggression and physical strength no longer have the utility they once did.


Instead, new traits like empathy and the ability to work with others have become critical in order to succeed professionally, according to recent research. And I’ll be the first to agree that softer traits like empathy and emotional awareness are crucial for living both a happy and a successful life.


Most men, however, no longer value classic masculine qualities. But as I discussed here, your masculine traits still directly influence how attractive you are to women and how much respect you’ll get from others.


Nevertheless, the mass majority of men don’t know this. So, they’ll continue to be soft.


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But if you want to dominate both your dating life and your career, I recommend maintaining  — and even growing — your inner masculine traits.


The question becomes: how can you stay strong? And maintain your masculine edge? All while still succeeding in a world as safe and tame as 21st century life?


It may seem impossible to “stay connected” to your inner alpha — your masculine self — in a world that’s become so anti-masculine.


When you simply google, “masculine traits,” the first search result reads, “The stigma of masculinity.” Just look.



So, what’s a guy to do with this? Should you just “give up” on being a masculine man? And become soft? Or, are you committed to being your most dominant, attractive, and successful self — like I am? And honoring your masculinity — despite what society is spewing these days?


If you’re dead-set on embracing your masculinity like I am, what follows are three ways I’m strengthening my masculinity, in a world that so desperately wants me as a man to become soft…


Key #1: Embrace Your Masculine Desire for Sex, Success, or Status

Now, I’m not saying you should put these desires above all else. Hell no. You can’t go around raping and murdering and killing in order to unlock your desires. We live in a modern world and you must play by the rules.


Nevertheless, never feel ashamed of your desire for sex, success, and status. Here’s a little secret: the most successful men in sports, business, and entertainment are fueled by these desires.


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Like it or not, it’s the desire for sex, success, and/or status that fuels their competitive fire — and helps these men rise to the top.


Following this logic, I’ve found that connecting to my real desire for more sex, more money, and more status gives me “next level” motivation. And I use this motivation to tackle BIG challenges. These challenges, which include cold approaching women, running my business, working out at a high intensity, continue to strengthen my core as a man.


It’s why recommend focusing on your desire for sex, success, money, or status — to fuel you, to drive you, and motivate you.


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Connecting with your desires, as I wrote about here, is like your nitro. USE YOUR DESIRES — to light a rad hot fire inside of you.


Key #2: Start Running Towards Discomfort, Pain, and Struggle

Avoiding pain is why men have become soft in the 21st century. Our ancestors dealt with levels of pain, struggle, and discomfort that most modern men simply cannot comprehend.


To put things in perspective, whereas you and I likely grew up with *basic* modern day comforts like heating, hot water, electricity, and running water, our ancestors were literally putting their bodies on the line just to survive! As such, the men who DID survive back then become tough (and masculine) as FUCK!


It’s simple: if you want to tap into your inner masculinity, you’ve gotta get in the mud, do the uncomfortable, and get dirty yourself.


Stop running from pain. Take on the challenge of pushing yourself further than you’ve ever gone before. Whether it’s by doing intense exercise, taking an icy-cold shower in the morning, facing your fears, working longer hours, or doing as the Stoics did — and looking directly at your own mortality — learning to embrace the discomfort will give you a newfound “edge.”


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Learning to enjoy the pain  undoubtedly fuels you — with a newfound sense of “feeling like a man.”


Just as a warrior could only become great by testing himself and proving himself on the dangerous battleground, you too must put yourself under pressure to become a dominant man.


Once you connect deeply to your desire for sex, success, or status, taking the actions necessary to move you closer to those desires becomes invigorating — especially when you must overcome pain and discomfort in order to succeed! Consider the connection between feeling pain and unlocking your desires.


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If you’re able to cherish this idea — that discomfort can move you closer to your desire for success, sex, and dominance — you’ll become a lethal force of masculinity — who’s capable of damned near anything.


While most cringe at the first sign of pain, you embrace it — because you know the pain is the signal revealing you’re on the right path. Best of all? Embracing the pain needed to unlock your desires becomes even more stimulating when you also embrace key #3…


Key #3: Find Your Mission as a Man and Attack It

What are you on this planet to do? What’s your purpose as a man? Your mission? The thing everything in your universe orbits around — on a day-to-day basis?


If you’re lacking a mission as a man that you’re committed to dominating day in and day out, that’s okay. Use this guide to help you find your mission as a man.


Then, once you’ve found it, attack it. Attack your mission as a man with ruthless, laser-focused confidence. A perfect example illustrating this is Kobe. Attack your mission like Kobe attacked his mission — to be one of the best basketball players ever.



And when it comes to unlocking your mission and setting goals for yourself, don’t be afraid to aim high. See an EPIC vision for your future. Don’t aim to be or have “good.” Instead, aim to become the best. Doing so will invigorate you. Nothing makes us men feel like men quite like zoning in on an epic mission — and then giving everything we have to dominating it.


Once you start attacking your mission as a man, you’ll find doing so is the secret that moves you closer to your desires (discussed in key #1). Indeed, dominating your mission as a man is how you’ll move closer to your desire for wealth, social status, or sexual abundance. It’s becoming THE BEST at what you do is the key that unlocks the keys to the castle…


Likewise, becoming obsessed with dominating your mission as a man will consume your focus. As such, you’ll be willing to experience pain, discomfort, and struggle in order to succeed.


In plain english, the more you attack your mission, the more pain you’ll endure, the more successful you’ll become — and the more masculine you’ll feel.


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And the more pain you experience while dominating your mission as a man, the more driven you’ll become to unlock your desires (key #1). Furthermore, your suffering and struggle (key #2) will motivate you to only dig your teeth even deeper into your mission as a man.


In Conclusion: Each of these keys tie together. Dominate all three — if you desire the fullest expression of your masculinity — and the results doing so will bring you.


Embracing each of these, key #1: embrace your desires, key #2: welcome pain, and key #3: attack your mission, is how I’ve strengthened my masculine traits. Doing so has helped me unlock newfound levels of success, sex, and status — despite living in a world that tries to inhibit my masculinity.


If you want to feel masculine, confident, and energized each day — as you move closer towards the life you’ve always dreamed of — I cannot recommend following these three keys enough.


Want more? Discover the three “daily lifestyle habits” you can use to strengthen your masculinity right here in this in-depth guide.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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