If you’re stuck ruminating about the past, how can you create a compelling future for yourself? In order to refocus, dominate each day, and create an epic life, it’s imperative that you let go of the painful memories you have of your past.


Easier said than done though, huh?


I know personally how challenging it can be to let go of painful memories and experiences from the past. It’s why I also know how important it is to truly deal with the past, make amends, and let go.


Once I finally let go of the painful memories I had regarding my past, I felt a massive weight released off my chest. Upon doing so, I was free to refocus on what I really wanted.


It’s why I wanted to shoot a video for you revealing the process I used (and my clients use) to let go of the past, so they can refocus and finally start dominating.


When you watch the video below, you’ll also see three relevant examples from my life — where I used the process you’ll learn to transcend negative memories and change the meaning associated with each memory into legitimate empowerment.


If your frustrated about events in your past, and feel you just can’t focus on the present, then this video is a game changer. You know what to do…




There you have it.


What was your biggest takeaway? As usual, I want to hear from you. Share your response in the comments section below. Let’s continue the conversation.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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