Lots of guys lack clarity regarding what they truly want.


They’re not sure exactly what they’d like to create in their dating lives, social lives, with their fitness, in their careers, and really — they lack a clear vision for the life they’d enjoy designing for themselves.


Without clarity, it’s impossible to engineer ideal results.


Tony Robbins put it best, “Clarity is power.” It’s why I’ve decided to share an exclusive episode from the Dominate as a Single Man membership, where you’ll learn exactly how to unlock the clear vision you’re going to need — to design an exceptional dating life.



No Clarity? No Results - Ep 170

by Jason Rogers | Dominate as a Single Man


The exercise you just uncovered in this exclusive episode of Dominate as a Single Man is paramount to achieving clarity. And again — without clearly identifying exactly what you want out of life — you’re essentially destined for mediocrity.


So my challenge for you is simple and sweet, my friend:


Take on this challenge in the next 24 hours.


Why Lacking Clarity Equals Lame Dating Life (powerful exercise revealed)


Don’t delay. Don’t let an epic life pass you by. Do the aforementioned exercise for both your social life and your dating life. You’ll be extremely glad you did.


Not only will the clarity give you a sense of energy, but you’ll also feel a newfound confidence. The reason? Knowing exactly what you want is half the battle.


Once you’re clear on what you desire, designing a plan to get you that life becomes possible.


And now, my question for you…


What was your #1 takeaway from this? I want to know. Also, do you have any further questions?


Let me know by sharing your response below. I read every comment.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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