“Keyboard warriors” spend hours a day online criticizing others online.


These are the guys who “police” the online world — likely while sitting in their mother’s basement.


But, wait! These keyboard warriors must have it ALL figured out, right? Their incessant criticism of others is NEEDED… isn’t it?


It depends on whether these online “policemen” do ONE thing, which I discuss this in my newest video…


Check this out…




It’s simple. As opposed to getting a high off of criticizing others, successful people search for the truth. If a successful person is to criticize the viewpoint of another person, the ONE THING he’ll always do is provide legitimate reasons why he disagrees! He actually has (GASP) data, research, case studies, and other supporting evidence.


A keyboard warrior doesn’t adhere to this basic notion of proving his points with evidence. His criticism isn’t about logic or reason. He was the kid who bullied other kids in the sandbox — without any clear rhyme or reason.


On the other hand, successful people want real answers. They want the truth — nothing more, nothing less.


This relentless search for the real answers places successful people in stark opposition to keyboard warriors.


It’s why, if you’re a man looking to improve yourself each day, that you can’t stand being around “naysayers” who always find fault in others without adding real value or insight to the conversation.


Winners Search for Truth, Keyboard Warriors Look for “Wins”

Whereas keyboard warriors often dogmatically guard their viewpoints without listening to new information, successful people spend less time blabbing their mouth and more time assimilating new, potentially useful information.


A keyboard warrior’s self-worth comes from putting someone down and “winning” an online spar. On the contrary, a successful person’s self-worth comes from learning, gaining new information, and putting what (s)he’s learned into effect in the real world.


Successful people realize the internet isn’t a 21st century battlefield. It’s simply a tool they use to increase their odds of success.


Be Smooth like Señor Specter


And that’s really the difference between keyboard warriors versus successful people…


The Difference Between Keyboard Warriors and Winners…

Keyboard warriors are trying to win a pointless game. They see the comments section as a dojo they use to prey on white belts. On the other hand, successful people don’t care about “looking cool” online. They’re actually trying to better themselves, gain knowledge, and achieve real things in the real world.


In the real world, a keyboard warrior expresses himself as the kind of guy who’ll speak over you in a conversation. He wont listen to you. Nor does he consider your point of view. Nope. He’s simply looking for a comeback to make him appear smarter.


But a truly developed man knows that’s a foolish game to play. The real game is about constant self improvement and the acquisition of new knowledge.


Social awkwardness to social freedom


A truly successful person knows there’s always more to learn. Therefore, this more developed person never stakes his self-worth on his current ideas because he knows new science, new findings, and new developments may render his existing knowledge as obsolete.


Basing Your Self Worth on “What You Know” is a Risky Business

Remember, not long ago in our human history, the world was flat. The successful man knows that existing “truths” will be disproven. And he’s comfortable with this. In fact, he embraces it.


Because again, all the successful person is trying to do is improve himself so he can improve his life.


#1 threat to your masculinity revealed


Unlike the keyboard warrior, he’s not asking questions to “prove someone else wrong.” That’s not how he orients his life! The reason?  A developed individual knows time is limited. He knows there’s better ways to allocate his precious energy than getting into silly “online wars!”


Wheres a keyboard warrior engages in “intellectual spars” to get his next dopamine high by “defeating” somebody else, a developed man is diving deeper and asking questions simply to learn more — so he can achieve his own goals and dominate his own direction.


It all comes down to this: stay in your own lane. People who change the world don’t get caught up in petty bullshit. Hell no. The fictional character Harvey Specter puts it best…


Harvey Specter's 9 Rules for Success


Winners focus on winning their own game. They don’t give a shit what you’re doing. All they want to do is learn, achieve, and win.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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