If you want an awesome dating life, learning banter lines gives you a huge advantage!


The reason?


If you can’t flirt and banter, your conversations gets stale — quickly. And within three minutes, most women will “go to the bathroom.”


Whether you want a hookup or a wholesome relationship, it’s almost impossible to get results if you can’t flirt.


The easiest way to get better at flirting?




Learn how to use banter lines. 😉


7 Banter Lines to Effortlessly Flirt with Girls


In this article, I’ll reveal 7 easy banter lines you can use to flirt with women. But first, know that the goal is NOT to “memorize” these banter lines word for word.


This is huge!


If you try to memorize these banter lines, you’ll be stuck in your head. And they’ll come off awkwardly.


Instead, try to use these banter lines spontaneously. And make them your own. Say them with your unique and authentic style. This way, you’ll be unpredictable and self-amused — traits women love.


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Digesting the main idea of each of the upcoming 7 banter line examples will help you get started.


Banter Line #1: How’d You Do That?

Ever wanted a flirty way to introduce yourself to a cute woman? When you see her, try something like this…


First, get her attention. Then ask her, “How’d you do that?”


She’ll say, “Do what?”


Then respond with something like this, “Just 30 seconds ago, I was completely focused on (whatever you were doing). But then I saw you — and instantly wanted to come say hi.”


Pause. Look her in the eye. Let her laugh or giggle or experience the confusion. Then, continue with, “How the hell did you do that? …Are you a magician?”


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You’re essentially saying, “I was all wrapped up in what I was doing. I see you. And then, like magic, now I’m here. How’d you get me do that? What are you — a jedi?”


Remember —don’t try to memorize this line for line. Instead, focus on what’s being communicated.


Here, you indirectly imply she’s hitting on you by using mind-games. 😉


A fun little teasing line she’ll quickly warm up to…


WARNING: In some cases, this one will get women to escalate on you! I speak from experience!



When you try this one, speak playfully, and wear a little smirk.


And just imagine how much the girl wants YOU…


Banter Line #2: Don’t Look at Me That Way

When a woman makes strong eye contact with you, try telling her with a cheeky grin, “Hey there, stop looking at me like that.”


You’ll love this one.


The beauty in it is it’s versatility.


This one’s an all around kinda utility player 😉


It works whether you’ve known the girl for 5 minutes or 5 years.



It’s so simple to say, yet deceptively flirty. When you do tease her for “looking at you like that,” make sure you look her right in the eyes.


Banter Line #3: The Trouble Maker

Calling a woman a trouble maker is one of life’s satisfying pastimes. It’s such an innocent, yet flirty accusation. Best of all? You can use this one alot.


When you see a woman you know, you can quip, “Hey there trouble maker. You look familiar…”


If she says something naughty or edgy, say something like, “You know, you’re a real troublemaker — the kind of girl my mom warned me about.”


Just as before, this is a banter line you want to deliver with a smirk and a nonchalant tone of voice.


Women Hate THIS More Than Anything


She should not think you actually see her as a troublemaker — on the fast-track to prison. Instead, she should quietly get the hint. The hint that you realize she’s naughtier than she lets off. (Side note: most women truly are “trouble makers” — naughty in some secret way).


Banter Line #4: Are You Stalking Me?

You may be noticing a theme: playfully accusing women is an amazing way to flirt. Here, accuse her of going where you like to go. You accuse her of being a stalker!


Oh. My. God. Dude, she’s stalking you!


For example, when you see her in the coffee shop, you can say, “What do you think you’re doing — stealing my favorite seat?”


Say it nonchalantly. As if you’re not stoked about it, but of course the chair doesn’t mean shit to a badass such as yourself…



After she responds, feel free to make the accustation, “Wait a second… Are you stalking me?”


Try saying this while shaking your head in disbelief, with a little grin. Almost as if you can’t believe this is happening to you — yet again. 😉


Also, especially if you’re accusing her of being a stalker as a pickup line, a big, flirty smile goes a long way here. If you’re speak or act too serious, you increase the odds of pissing her off.


Stay chill, playful and nonchalant here…


Daygame is a Numbers Game


Also, if she retorts or strongly rejects the idea that she’s your stalker, that’s usually good! She’s likely testing you.


Stay playful! Show her what you’re made of, beast!


Hold yourself together! 😉


Lastly, if she says “Of course I’m not stalking you!” you can quip, “Mmmmhmmm — that’s exactly what a stalker would say.”


Oh yes… Good memories… I love banter lines… 😉


Banter Line #5: Knock It Off!

If you ever find you cannot help but check out a beautiful woman, then this is for you.


“Hi, nice to meet you. Look, this isn’t fair…”


(PAUSE) — and let her ask you “What isn’t fair??”


Then, pause longer, staring her in the eyes, before continuing…


…”Why do you look so good in that — you’re making me like you. Knock it off, already.”




Here, you’re blaming her for making you check her out.


This banter line lets her know you desire her, without making her uncomfortable. It creates the perfect amount of sexual tension.


She’ll probably be surprised by what you just said. Expect the shocked face.


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And then, as long as you stay non-reactive, she’ll almost certainly love you for saying this one to her…


Here’s why this one works a real dandy…


You receive way more leeway to embrace the sexuality of the moment, before things get uncomfortable. In this case, you’re doing so by adding an element of teasing humor.


Note, this is a winning best-practice when dropping banter lines, by the way. Call out the sexuality. Then? Consciously choose how you want to frame it, in a way that’s to your advantage…


With this banter line? Blaming her literally revokes you of the blame! And puts it all on her! 😝


Lastly, you can use this one playfully — right when you two meet. Or, you can say this more seductively, and turn up the heat. Especially if the two of you are isolated.


Banter Line #6: Almost as Sexy as Me

“Damn Carolina, you look great — you’re almost as sexy as I am.”




Banter lines are so much fun, aren’t they?


Meet lots of women


Here’s the jedi hack here: Use this one no matter what you look like. In fact, if she’s clearly the one in the couple with the superior looks, even better.


Your playful absurdity here, combined with the confidence needed to say something like this, will serve you better than good looks alone ever could.


Remember too, your value as a man isn’t predicated on your looks. Just look at me. I’m a normal height, with average looks, and I don’t dress flashy.


Yet, I get delightful results…



Here’s the stone cold truth, my friend…


Your male ancestors didn’t dominate and procreate because of their perfect hair or their dreamy eyelashes!


Now, does it help you attract women if you care for your health? Of course!


But attraction is more about who you are as a man — than it is your looks!


Women are attracted to traits that helped us survive, like strength, confidence, and savvy. If you’re curious, learn 7 ways to become attractive to women here.


Lastly, consider this banter line about her looks works because stunning women are bombarded with complements. So, do the opposite. Tease her about her looks. Tell her you’re just too hot for her to handle.


Banter Line #7: I’m Onto Your Tricks

For the joy of banter lines let’s dive into number seven! You can start this one by looking at her inquisitively. She’ll often ask you why you’re looking at her like that.


Then, after a nice pause, tell her, “I’m onto your tricks.”


She’ll ask you to explain yourself. From here, with a twinkle in your eye, you can tell her, “Don’t play dumb. We both know what you’re doing.”



By not telling her what you mean by “tricks” right away, you let her imagination run wild. This often gets her to chase you, too. She’ll need to keep asking you to explain, to know what you meant. All while you sit back, look her in the eye, and smirk.


If you want, you can then tell her that it’s obvious that she’s trying to seduce you. 😉


If you try this, over-exaggerating the word obvious to an extreme level makes this banter line easier for her to laugh at.


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And when she laughs here, she’s implicitly agreeing.


Your humor subtly masks the devious nature of your wit. Share that her tricks wont work on you. Maybe, you continue with something like this…


“You’ll have to do wayyyyy more than that, to win me over.”


Here, if she already likes you, telling her she has to “do more to win you over,” may be the perfect spark that gets her to make a move on you — especially if you two are alone.


And, if she denies that she wants to win you over, stay calm. This is normal. Just keep bantering — fully assuming she actually does want you — all while staying nonchalant and nonreactive.


Recap: How to Flirt with Girls

With these seven examples, you’re creating a flirty experience for the woman. She’s going to love it. But only if you allow yourself to have fun.


A little bonus mindset hack? Imagine yourself as a kid again— flirting harmlessly in the park after school. It’s all just fun and games.



Trust that if you say these lines with a lighthearted tone of voice and smile to match, that everything will be okay. With practice, you’ll see radical changes in you dating life.


Seriously dude. When you learn to say these banter lines while staying playfully non-reactive?


Your dating life will explode!


Women love flirting. When you flirt with a girl, you take her mind away from her anxieties and worries and fears. By bantering with her, you’re giving her a gift most men simply cannot deliver her.


So get out there. Have some fun! If you’d like, propose to a woman you’ve never met before, just for shits-n-giggles… 😉


Here's what happened when I proposed (plus two life lessons I learned)


Okay fine, you don’t have to do that. But definitely have fun improvising these 7 banter lines into your authentic persona…


YOU CAN do this!


Get out there! And give both the girl — and yourself — the remarkably refreshing gift of flirty banter!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ps – I’m not gunna bullshit you. You’d better have some serious confidence if you’re gonna pull these lines off successfully…




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