Do you hate awkward conversations like I do? Do you want to know the easiest way to spark rapport? Yes?


Then steal this epic “hack” for instantly sparking rapport…


I reveal the easiest way to spark rapport with ANYBODY in this short, 2 minute video…




A pattern interrupt is simply an unexpected twist in conversation that people aren’t ready for.


It’s like throwing a curveball to a hitter when he’s prepared for a fastball. As such, pattern interrupts catch people off guard… The reason the pattern interrupt, as explained in the video above, works so well for instantly sparking rapport is two fold…


Why Pattern Interrupts Instantly Spark Rapport… 

Again, pattern interrupts are the easiest conversational “trick” in the book for sparking instant rapport. But why? The reason the pattern interrupt, as explained with examples in the video above, works so well for instantly sparking rapport, is two fold…


First, a pattern interrupt snaps people out of their daily existence, and people love experiencing something new. It makes them feel alive.


Secondly, the pattern interrupt helps you instantly spark rapport with anybody because EVERYONE will ask you either 1) how are you?, 2) how old are you?, or 3) what do you do for a living? Since these questions are so incredibly popular and common, you will ALWAYS have fuel to instantly break out from the masses and create a unique conversation with new people you meet.


It’s simple: use pattern interrupts like the one’s explained above to instantly spark rapport. People will love the experience you give them when you do. You’ll instantly stand out in their mind and they’ll immediately see you as a fun, exciting, spontaneous guy.


And that’s the exact type of person both women and men alike are starving for… 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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