Maybe you’ve heard of Elon Musk.


You know, he’s the guy who’s built Tesla — the electric car company, Paypal — one of the biggest online merchant accounts on the planet, and SpaceX — the business governments pay to build them ROCKETS.


Not too shabby, eh? I think you and I will definitely agree: Elon has achieved massive career success. I mean, he’s literally changed the world in multiple industries: (online banking, the auto industry, and rocket technology)…



One thing he’s said is if you work 100 hours a week, you can get as much done in 3 months in your career as most people achieve in a year.


Maybe Elon’s statement is slightly exaggerated. But either way, there’s no doubt about it: putting more focus, more effort, and more sweat into your career WILL help you unlock your goals. And the more career success you’ll create for yourself.


Don’t you agree?


The harder you work, especially if you’re working on the RIGHT things, the more successful you’ll become. It’s no secret that “hustle” helps you get ahead.


When it comes to career success, it’s a simple formula: the more effort you input, generally, the more success you’ll create as an output.


Yet this linear process for achieving career success is what messes with guys dating results.


Because unlike your career or starting a business, giving her more effort — in the form of your attention — to make the girl like you is the FASTEST WAY to send her for the hills!


Most guys think if they “invest more time and energy” into messaging the girl, calling the girl, and asking out the girl, she’s be more likely to fall for him.


NEWSFLASH: 9 times out of 10, when you overload a woman with attention, she’ll value you (and your attention) less!



Unlike your career, where the effort you put in equals the success you get out, dating is quite the opposite.


Unlike your career, when dating, the less effort you put into trying to attract a girl, the more interested in you she’ll likely become.


I’m sure you’ve seen this. On one hand, you had a girl you were totally into — so you probably gave her TOO MUCH attention. And as a result? She didn’t really see you the same way.


Yet, while you were chasing the one girl, there was another girl — who you weren’t giving any real attention to — who was totally into you. She really liked you, but you didn’t care — which funny enough made her KEEP liking you.


Remember this:


Giving women space to chase YOU is the secret to dominating your dating life — especially right now — because all the other guys are flooding her with their undivided attention. 



Now, that said: there are things you can do (which require effort) that’ll improve your dating results.


For example, putting effort into meeting a new woman each day will definitely improve your dating results — especially if you’re not very experienced with women.


Likewise, though I don’t recommend online dating for most men, spending MORE TIME swiping on tinder will likely get you more dates than barely swiping at all would.


But the best place to use effort to improve your dating results? Paradoxically: your career. 


Putting more effort into YOUR CAREER is actually the BEST WAY to attract women to you — in a natural and effortless way.


Look at it like this: while putting too much focus on one girl is a surefire way to turn her off, putting more focus on your career not only makes you more successful (which women like, of course), but by investing all that time in your work — you’re also ensuring you’re NOT giving any of the women you’re talking to too much attention!


Focusing on your career, unlocking newfound career success — and aiming to become the BEST in your industry — is probably the best way to use ‘effort’ to unlock newfound dating results.


I mean, if Elon Musk walks into a bar, do you really think he’s gonna have a tough time taking the most attractive girl there home with him?


Trick question: you never know! Especially if I’m there, too. I think I could give Elon a run for his money 😉


Eye Contact: How to Attract a Woman Simply with Your Eyes


Here’s the real takeaway though: his odds of attracting a woman in a bar, should Elon roll in, would be better than yours or mine — simply because he has a HUGE reputation, tons of social status, as well as his MASSIVE bank account. These things make him highly attractive.


And if you too gain a bigger reputation, more social status, and a larger income, you will equally become more attractive! Especially when you also embody the 7 keys I reveal here for becoming a naturally attractive guy (even if you aren’t rich and famous!).


Here’s the punchline for this one: spend less time trying to “win over” women, and spend more time trying to legitimately WIN in life. So, focus on unlocking career success instead!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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