Guys always email me — and ask me questions. Questions about all sorts of topics.


Truth is? Sometimes, I’m uninformed. Hell, I’m no wizard. So if I don’t know, I simply reply, “Don’t know. No comment.”


But the most common questions I get ask about how guys can improve their sex lives, build their confidence, and destroy their social anxiety.


Now these questions? They fall right into my wheelhouse. And I have life-changing answers.


So I do everything I can to give an answer to as many of you as I can — for free — cuz I love to help you guys level up as men.


Another question I get? It goes something like this…


Jason — what steps do you walk your clients through to help them transform — and get the epic results they talk about?


They essentially want to know how I help my clients transform their fears and anxiety into confidence and real world results. And since I keep getting this sort of question, I knew I should write an article revealing the exact 3-steps I take my clients through.


So that, like my clients, you can start dominating as a man — and begin living near your peak potential.


The One Trait that Makes You an Attractive Man


So even if you don’t have the finances to get coached through these 3-steps we use in my Transformational Coaching Program, you can still follow the very blueprint my clients do.


The following 3-steps have helped guys before you get transformational results.


Now, it’s your turn. Let’s dive in, my masculine friend…


Step One: Ingrain Elite Daily Habits

When a guy comes to me, he’s sick and tired of mediocrity. He’s ready, if not completely eager, to experience newfound confidence, real dating results, and a sense of social freedom.


But before we take the actions necessary to destroy your social anxiety or get you next level dating results, you need a foundation. Walk before your run, the old adage goes.


So, we start with the fundamentals. And the fundamentals that determine your life? You guessed it. Your habits.


Aristotle’s quote sums up the importance of ingraining habits best…



If you want a clear, permanent, resolute boost in your confidence, happiness, and masculinity, then you need badass habits. We know that elite performers commit to life-enhancing habits they perform each day. I wrote about that here.


We also know the easiest way to ingrain multiple, quality habits. Ready for it? A morning routine. Committing to a morning routine each day ensures you knock out multiple, amazing habits on autopilot to start each day.


It’s why, on week one when I’m working with a new client, we simply focus on building habits. If you’re working with me, here in step one we game-plan a perfect morning routine to help you feel amazing each day.


So you know…


I recommend a daily morning routine that includes meditation, exercise, and a review of your goals.


Meditation Guide for Men: How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps


If you were working with me, we’d also talk about your diet, any bad habits you have, and your routines during the last hour of your day — before you go to bed.


Then, once we’re clear on exactly what an ideal day would look like for you, given your unique schedule and needs and priorities, we’d create your “perfect day” outline.


Unlock Your Perfect Day Automatically with Habits

That’s the secret to rapid, masculine transformation. Ingraining the habits that ensure you act as your best self easily — if not automatically.


When you get up and execute on the very actions your best self wants you to act upon each day, without even thinking, you’ll soon become a masculine beast.


Of course, everyone’s perfect day looks different. Again, this depends on your unique schedule, goals, and preferences. For an example of what your perfect day may resemble, here’s an outline of my perfect day…



Step one towards your masculine transformation is all about dominating the factors you CAN control.


And there’s no better place to start that by one: identifying what a perfect day would be like for you; and then two: ingraining habits to ensure you bring that perfect day to life on autopilot.


Once you get this down, you’re ready to continue to step 2.


Step Two: Build Your Confidence (with cold approach)

If you want to earn more, attract higher quality women, and dominate as a man, you need to optimize your confidence. You know it. I know it. And that’s why we make building confidence the chief focus here in step two.


If you’re single, the way we’d go about building your confidence is simple: cold approach. What’s cold approach? Simple. It’s the practice of approaching attractive women you don’t know with the intent of making something happen.


Here’s a picture of me doing just that…


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Have to Try


Especially if you’re single,cold approach builds your confidence unlike any other exercise known to man.


The reasons?


First, learning to meet women anywhere you go gives you the certainty that you can always fulfill your core, carnal sexual desires when you really want to.


Next, daily cold approach teaches you how to self validate — while simultaneously letting go of the opinions of other people.


This psychological ability is a crucial step to your masculine transformation. The following quote from Epictetus sums up the mindset transformation you’ll quickly need to ingrain to be successful in cold approach.



Make no mistake: if you approach women each day, you wont always get jubilant responses.


Sometimes, you’ll get blown off. And it’s these experiences, combined with the specific strategies I reveal to my clients, that teach you to self-validate, and stay detached from the opinions of others.


Self Validation is Crucial to Building Confidence

If you don’t pat yourself on the back, self validate, and remind yourself that it’s you taking action — and not the womans response — that determines your self worth, you’re doomed. Equally, once you learn this principle of self-validation, you become a fucking champion.


Repeated self validation makes taking action a breeze — and ensures you destroy your approach anxiety for good. By mastering the art of self validation, which again — you’ll NEED to learn to succeed with cold approach, you quickly transform your confidence.



This 2-step act-validate feedback loop is the secret to creating core confidence and a massive upwards spiral once you begin approaching women each day.


Soon, upon repeating this sequence using cold approach, you become silky comfortable in your own skin — regardless of what happens around you.


You feel totally confident and detach approval seeking behaviors from your personality: thus making you magnetically attractive to women. Which is what you want after all… right? To transform into a confident badass men admire and women desire?


Usually in weeks two and three in VIP 1-on-1 Coaching, we help you get comfortable with daily cold approach, to ensure you build your confidence. Then, once your daily habits are ingrained, and once it’s easy for you to approach women each day, we move on to step 3…


Step Three: Build Your Social Circle and Ideal Lifestyle

Human beings are social creatures. We need to interact with others to life happy, healthy, fulfilled lives. Without a healthy dose of social interactions, we literally go off the deep end — due mental, physical, and emotional deficiencies.


Dr. Matthew Lieberman discusses these very topics in his book, Social



Yet, we all know that if we don’t spend time with people, we feel lonely as fuck and it becomes hard to do anything. Even getting out of bed becomes a chore when we have nobody to enjoy life with.


We’re drawn to people. The problem is that many guys consequently surround themselves with the wrong people.


Most guys’ social circle consists of low lives; people living in a state of total mediocrity. And due to the wiring of the human brain, spending time with average people makes you… you guessed it: average.


#1 threat to your masculinity revealed



It’s why building an ideal social circle and lifestyle is crucial to your masculine development. You need to socialize to live happily. And if you want to transform into a dominant man, you need to be around other dominant winners.


Because if you don’t spend time around people you admire and respect, soon, you wont respect yourself, either. 


It’s that simple.


Jim Rohn quote


How to Deliberately Build a Winning Social Life

What we do when we work together in step three starts with a brainstorming session. I ask you questions. Questions like, what kind of people do you feel most alive and energized around? What type of woman most arouses and inspires you? And what kind of activities and groups do you enjoy most?


Once you and I get clear on what your best, most dominant self truly desires socially, romantically, and in your extracurricular lifestyle, we lay out a gaime-plan together.


A gameplan consisting of what groups you should check out, the people you should connect with (and disconnect with), as well as an outline of the very type of women you should keep your eyes peeled for.



From here, depending on your confidence socially, I either wish you luck; or, I stay on board to guide you through the step-by-step process of bringing your idealized social lifestyle to life.


Conclusion: How to Transform as a Man

What’s the fastest way to transform your social anxiety into confidence? And what is the quickest way to get the social and romantic results of your desires? Simple.


The fastest way to transform as a man is to work with me in my Transformational Coaching Program. The testimonials; they speak for themselves.


And the second fastest way to transform as a man?  Enroll into my elite coaching membership, Dominate as a Single Man. However, enrollment to this program is only open during select periods.


That said, my services and programs will NOT help you if you lack the #1 most important character trait that’s needed to transform as a man.


So, what is it?


The #1 Key to Your Transformation? Total Commitment

If you’re not completely committed to becoming a whole new man who’s dominant and confident and fulfilled and focused, you have no shot at success. You really don’t. It’s just the truth.


That said, if you are totally committed, you can absolutely transform your anxiety into confidence all on your own. It wont be easy. And it wont be as rapid as if you work with me… But you can do it.


And I’d love to help in any way I can: whether that’s simply by producing free content — or by working with you directly. Either way, I really do want to help you transform as a man.


The reason? My life is 100X better now that I’ve committed to living at my peak as a man. It’s why I want to ask you an important question…


What’s the #1 challenge you’re facing that’s keeping you from being your best, most fearless, dominant self as a man?


Share your answer in the comments box below. Let’s continue the conversation.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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