My awkward teenage self would have cherished this blog post. As men, regardless of age, knowing whether a woman is interested in us can feel like solving a rubix cube for the first time.


Luckily, just as you can learn to master that 6 colored cube, you too can learn to detect when she’s into you, and when she’s not. Best of all, this isn’t going to take weeks of intense focus to understand. Rather, after reading this blog post, you’ll know EXACTLY what signs to look for — so you know if a girl is interested in you.


In what follows, I’m going to share the 7 simple signs that she’s attracted to you.


Learning these signs takes away virtually all the guesswork.


By knowing these signs, the odds of something awkward happening decrease to almost zero. That’s because, if you don’t see these signs, then the girl is essentially telling you “don’t escalate on me!” Whereas, when you do see these signs expressing themselves, the girl is giving you the green light!


Best of all, knowing these signs makes it far easier to make your move in a confident way right when she wants you to. That’s what I call a win-win.


So, without further ado, let’s dive in…


Sign #1: She gets caught looking in your direction.

I put this as the first sign because it’s often an indicator that she wants you to go introduce yourself — or to re-engage her in some more conversation. The eyes don’t lie. It’s why I highly recommend you make strong eye contact back at her, when she gets “caught” looking. Remember: we look at things we like. So, if the girl’s looking at you, that’s a sign.


Now, just because she quickly glanced in your direction once doesn’t mean she’s “wooed.”


But, if you catch her glancing in your direction more than one time, chances are, she likes you enough that she wants to get to know you better. If you find you’re also interested, lock eyes with her, give her your best James Bond piercing gaze, hold it, then, walk over and introduce yourself.


Sign #2: She touches you repeatedly or playfully slaps you.

Just as we tend to look at what we like, we also tend to touch that which we desire. Her playfully touching you is a tell-tale sign that she likes you. This is a big sign, too. A girl will NOT repeatedly touch you if she’s not into you!


Now of course, don’t take a single accidental bump in the grocery store as a “definite sign” of attraction!


However, if she’s touching you repeatedly, then that’s a sign, my friend! Especially when you can tell she’s having fun. If she’s smiling, enjoying herself, and she’s touching you repeatedly, she’s most certainly feeling attraction for you.


At this stage, she’d certainly enjoy some reciprocation. At minimum, take this as a sign that she wants you to keep flirting with her! Furthermore, if she keeps on touching you, she’s giving you the green light to touch her back (in the same areas she’s been touching you).


Sign #3: She laughs at all of your jokes, even the ones that aren’t funny.

Ah yes, the giggly stage. This is a great sign, my man. In the same way that us guys love talking to the girl we’re interested in, she too, when attracted to you, will hinge on your every word. As a result, she’ll often start laughing and giggling excessively — for seemingly no reason. If she’s laughing at all your jokes (even the really average ones), you’re winning!


When this sign is paired with lots of playful touching, you can be all but guaranteed she’s attracted to you.


So, when she’s continuously laughing at all of your jokes, and if she’s also touching you a bunch, move the conversation somewhere more private (if you’re not somewhere secluded already).


Sign #4: She fill lulls in the conversation multiple times to keep talking to you. 

To keep feeling the positive emotions you’re giving her, a woman who’s attracted to you will make “conversation bridges,” so that she can keep talking to you. I’m sure you’ve seen this happen to you before. Whenever the conversation could end, a woman who’s interested will fill the silence by asking you a question, telling a story, or sharing something about herself.


Once you see she’s filling in the gaps of conversation, she’s invested emotionally into both you, and the conversation. Especially when she does this more than once, it’s a clear sign she likes you. She’s showing you, with her actions (actions don’t lie), that she likes being around you! So when you see this sign, continue building the emotional connection by teasing her and flirting with her.


While flirting, start mixing in moments where you share more about yourself. Intermittently discuss your goals and ambitions — then ask her about hers. Also, feel free to share both the best (and the worst!) stories from your past. This type of honest “real talk,” especially when mixed in with playful banter, will ensure the connection between the two of you only gets stronger.


Sign #5: She plays with her hair or grooms herself when talking to you.

The reasoning behind this one is primal. Women, when in the presence of a man they’re attracted to, unconsciously preen and pamper themselves in order to look their best. Often times, a girl who’s attracted to you will twirl her hair as she gazes into your eyes. She’ll do this involuntarily — often oblivious to the fact that she’s clearly indicating her attraction for you.


Luckily, since you’re a wise gent who’s studying up, you’ll pick up on this sign immediately! Well played, sir. The next time you see a girl twirling her hair in excess, or when she touches up her make-up while talking to you, especially when combined with the other signs you’re learning here, you’re receiving powerful signals that she’s attracted to you!


Often, while twirling her hair, she’ll simultaneously bite her lower lip, too. This is a clear sign of attraction to look for, as well. Yet another subtle sign a girl will often display that conveys her attraction for you, is the head tilt. When she tilts her head (usually about 45 degrees from straight up and down) while staring into your eyes, she’s actually literally become entranced by you. Needless to say, this is a positive sign.


Sign #6: Her pupils get big as she looks at you.

The big pupils, or what I call “the puppy eyes,” are a great sign, sir. This is another unconscious indicator of interest. It’s out of her control. When she likes you, her pupils are hardwired to get bigger. This actually makes her look more attractive to a potential mate (that’s you!).


This sign clearly indicates that she likes you. It’s arguably the best sign of them all. Here’s why: the eyes cannot lie. It’s why many say, “a woman’s eyes are the portals to her soul.”


So, when you see the big puppy dog eyes, again, especially when paired with these other signs we’ve discussed, try slowly moving closer to her (if she hasn’t closed the gap already herself!). See if she warms to your presence. Chances are, she’ll enjoy when you close the space between you and her. If you do so, and she indeed welcomes your newfound physical closeness, there’s a good chance she’s ready to be kissed…


Sign #7: She closes the distance between the two of you.

If you notice that she’s “accidentally” bumping into you, or if she starts gently rubbing against you, this is a powerful sign that she likes you — especially when it’s repeated. A woman will not EVER purposely put herself in close proximity with a man she does not feel comfortable around. Any woman will confirm this to you.


The fact that she’s holding close to you is a clear sign that she likes you. This newfound closeness she’s created between the two of you is a sign that she wants you to escalate things.


When you see this sign, you’re likely approaching the perfect moment to kiss her. But, take your time. Let the anticipation build — before you make your move. Women love when you do this.


Then, when you do finally move in for the kiss, be sure to move in with certainty, but also move in slowly — with grace. Trust me, this is how she wants to be kissed.


In Conclusion…

Those are the 7 signs, my friend. When you notice multiple happening within a short amount of time, it almost certainly means she likes you. Stay aware to ensure that you move at a pace that’s comfortable for her. Escalating a bit slower than you think you could shows your discipline, and it creates sexual anticipation, too. Furthermore, only escalating on a girl once you can tell she really wants it ensures you never make a clumsy move (that you can’t ever take back!).


That being said, if each of these signs are all showing themselves, she’s almost certainly waiting for you to take the next step! While patience is a virtue, so is decisiveness! So, if you’ve seen lots of these signs for some time now, then escalate, my friend! For more on how to escalate sexually, check this article out.


Remember, she wants you to understand her. This means you understand when she likes you! With these 7 signs in your tool-belt, now you will. So, have fun out there. And make it happen, captain.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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