Just 12 months ago, in late May of 2017, I was living in a grungy 500 sq. ft. apartment — with stale artificial lighting, noisy neighbors and stained yellow walls. Worse yet, I didn’t even have this “bachelor pad” to myself. Nope — I was sharing this nasty little place.


I HATED my living situation. Deep down, I yearned to have my OWN place — with an inspiring view.


So, I wrote down a goal: to live in a top floor penthouse with a majestic view — by 2018. I didn’t know how I’d pull it off. But I knew how badly I wanted out of my shitty place. So, with nothing but a few dollars to my name and a high-rise dream, I got to work.


Now, as I finish editing this article, it’s June 5th of 2018 — just one year later. And here I am — in a top floor 16th story penthouse — overlooking a beautiful skyline view my lovely lady friend here — who’s enjoying the panorama with me.



Side note: She’s not photoed cuz she took the picture 😉


Now, before we dive into the six secrets you can use to achieve success, I gotta say this: fuck does it feel good to finally start achieving some success! It’s been worth the grind!


To be clear: it hasn’t been easy getting here. I worked my ass off to change my living situation over the last year. And you’ll need to hustle to achieve success, too! Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you otherwise! But, despite the effort, it’s been 100% worth it.


Going from a nasty, dark apartment (in a ghetto) to a penthouse with a specular view has been life-changing. The experience has taught me loads about how to succeed.


No doubt about it: the lessons I’ve learned along the way will help me continue to succeed for the rest of my life. And that’s why I wanted to write this for you…


What follows are the six secrets I’ve used to achieve success as a man.


Now, if you want to uncover these six secrets to succeed in a video format — instead of reading — simply press play here:



Okay, now I’ll assume you’ve chosen to read instead of watch! So, what are we waiting for? 😉


Let’s dive into these six secrets you can use to succeed as a man!


Pay close attention! These are the six secrets I wish I knew when I started my journey…


Secret: #1: Pick a Niche and Dominate It

It all starts here. Here’s what I’ve learned: people pay BIG MONEY to those who are THE BEST at what they do. Generalists get paid a general wage, wheres specialists make bank. So, if you’ve been dabbling between careers or industries, I recommend asking yourself, “What am I best at? And what would I enjoy REALLY FOCUSING on?”


Once you pick a narrow niche, you’ll find you can quickly progress. Because whereas a generalist is trying to get good at everything, your only job is to become exceptional at ONE thing.


And once you do pick a niche and dominate it? For a year or two? You’ll be a true, legit specialist. “Zoning-in” ensures you progress far faster! And as long as you’ve specialized in an industry, field, or skill-set people pay for, you’ll have no problem achieving more success than you ever could have as a generalist.



So think — what niche could I dominate? Gaining clarity on your niche you want to devote your career to is paramount — if you’re ready to succeed.


Secret #2: Get in a Winning Environment

Your environment literally shapes you from the inside out. If you spend your time in “toxic” environments, it’ll be almost IMPOSSIBLE to succeed.


On the same token, if you start getting around successful people, consuming only winning ideas, and spending time in environments filled with winners, you will literally “reset” your brain — to EXPECT success.


#1 threat to your masculinity revealed


The images on the walls of your bedroom? They affect how possible your brain *perceives* success to be. Who you spend time with? These people directly influence how successful you feel. And the things you watch, listen to, and interact with? These influences alter your thinking, your actions, and thus your likelihood for becoming successful.


So get some inspiring stuff on the walls! Start spending time around winners! And cut out any mindless internet, TV, and radio consumption! Replace that junk with inspiring, education, and motivational content that’ll reprogram your mind to succeed!


My recommendation is simple: if you’re COMMITTED to achieving success as a man, then get around success.


Stay Focused. Take Action. Dominate.


Do whatever it takes to spend time in the same environments as winners do. Just watch. Soon? You’ll start achieving success, too. Cuz as I said: the brain is like a sponge. So let it soak up some high quality stuff!


Secret #3: Embrace Your Weaknesses

Losers are too ignorant (or too insecure) to admit they have weaknesses. Winners, on the other hand, embrace their weaknesses. Now consider, here’s what you wanna do if you’re committed to success:


First, find your weaknesses. Then, work on them in private. And all the while, hide your weaknesses from the public.


Finding your weaknesses should be easy — just keep an open eye and ask yourself “why?” When you come up short in an area you care about — ask “why did I underperform?” Chances are, it’s because you lack necessary skill in a particular area. And that’s okay. In fact, once you find your weaknesses, you’re on the right track!


Social awkwardness to social freedom


From here, once you spot a weakness, you wanna work on improving it in private. Do so by either 1) practicing your OWN skill(s) you’ll need to succeed, or 2) finding somebody ELSE who’s strengths compliment your weaknesses — and having this person “cover your backside” while the two of you work together towards success.


Bur I know what you’re thinking. And despite what the “New-Age” types say, YES — do your best to mask your weaknesses to the public.


Consider: if a professional poker player has a shitty hand, does he tell the other players at the table? The answer makes the case for me: Of course not! If he has a weak hand, he tries to bluff! He tries to mask this fact!


It’s the same in life: So much of success is about learning to wear a poker face in moments that matter. If your ultimate aim is to succeed, then don’t listen to the “New-Age” advice — that encourages you share your weaknesses to the world as an act of courageous “vulnerability.”


Ultimately, if you’re really trying to succeed, know that there are ambitious, cutthroat competitors that’ll will eat you alive — should you readily expose your weaknesses.


Don Draper's 7 Rules for Success


So, instead of 1) sharing your weaknesses (so that your enemies can attack them!) or 2) running away from your weaknesses (which ensures you CONTINUE to stay weak), embrace your weaknesses instead!


Here’s how: First, spot them. Then, work on them (or get a colleague to cover them). And do so while keeping your weaknesses on the “down low.”


Secret #4: Use ALL Your Desires to Drive You

The reason most men do NOT succeed comes down to this: they don’t work hard enough! Let’s not bullshit ourselves — success takes EFFORT! And the reason most men don’t put in the effort is they don’t know how to drive themselves!


You’ve got to learn to motivate yourself to work hard — if you’re desperate to succeed like I am! You’ve gotta be willing to WORK longer than most! Using ALL of your desires — to relentlessly drive you — is the secret to “keeping the fire lit,” even when everybody else is running outta gas!


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


I recommend you write down each and every one of your goals, dreams, insecurities, and aspirations. Write down EVERYTHING you could possibly use to motivate you.


You’ll have some charitable desires — perhaps you’d LOVE to pay for your Mom to retire early. And you’ll also have some “dark desires” — like your desire for money, status, power, and sex. Embrace them all!


Revealed: The Exact 3 Steps My Clients Use Transform as Men


DEEPLY connecting with each and every one of your goals, desires, and wants gives you massive motivational edge. And make no mistake: this motivational edge will make it far more likely for you to succeed.


Secret #5: Create Routines to Automate Success

Make your #1 most important task — that most contributes to your success — a daily routine. To be specific, I recommend “automating” the most important task of your day — as a daily routine — that you train yourself to AUTOMATICALLY do right after you get up each morning.


Perhaps this means getting up each morning and make 10 sales calls first thing — before eating breakfast. Or, maybe you wake up — and immediately write 1,000 new words to publish to your blog.


Why Lacking Clarity Equals Lame Dating Life (powerful exercise revealed)


The key is to uncover what your most important task is — in order to achieve your goals. Then, make this task a daily ritual that’s “triggered” automatically simply by waking up. Meaning, as soon as you wake up, you want to “make yourself” do your most important task of the day. Using willpower to “force yourself” to do this key task will eventually make this new routine automatic.


The easiest way to make your most important task of the day an automatic ritual is to track your progress — by crossing off each day you take action on the task — for 30 straight days.


Doing this exercise — where you tackle the most important task of the day right when you wake and follow it up by crossing off the day as a success — literally trains you to perform this success generating action on autopilot each day when you rise.



Consider: the most successful people don’t rely on willpower — over the long term. Instead, they use their willpower in short-spurts, just long enough to create “automated” habits. These habits they ingrain, when repeated month after month, deliver them the very success they desire.


So, follow their lead. Make a routine that “automates” the results you desire. Doing so will ensure you succeed. Making a routine into a habit will free up your mental willpower. You can then deploy your spare willpower for other key tasks that’ll help you succeed even more quickly!


Secret #6: Protect the Sh*t Out of Your Time

People think money is the ultimate resource. But I’d like to suggest this idea wrong! We can agree: there’s no legal limit dictating how much money you can make. However, there are CLEAR LIMITS on how long you can live. For example, nobody will live to be 1,000 years hold.


However, if you could live to be a billion years old, wouldn’t it be easy to make a billion bucks? Hell, you’d only need to save $1.00 a day 😉


Truth is, the only barrier that’s going to keep you from making, say, a TRILLION dollars, is TIME. I rest my case: time is the ultimate asset — not money.


So, if you crave success, then protect the sh*t out of your time! As Ramit Sethi wrote about here, the most successful individuals on the planet cherish their time more than they do their money.


Become Attractive: Focus on Your Mission like Elon Musk


In fact, most millionaires and billionaires — instead of saving money by using more of their time — use their money to literally BUY BACK their time. It’s why billionaires buy private jets. A private jet saves them time!


Don’t waste even a single minute of your day. Cut out the mindless scrolling on social media. Stop spending time with lazy dead-beats.


And most importantly: invest your precious time taking the KEY actions that’ll move you closer and closer to the goals (and the life) of your dreams.


Time is the ultimate currency. Cherish it. Use it. And put it to good use.



When you make proper use of your time, while putting the other 5 secrets to success that you uncovered here, you’ll start achieving things you only dreamed of! But remember, dreams don’t work unless you do. So don’t be afraid to put some sweat into it! 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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