Did you know research you can read here suggests the trait women desire most is dominance? It’s why I want to reveal to you 5 high-level strategies you can use to dominate as a single man — so that you can have it all: the sex life, the success, and the fulfillment you desire.


But first, let me keep it real with you: I suck at most things in life. I can’t cook to save my ass, I literally just learned to lace my own shoes last week, and my dancing skills make most white guys look impressive. 


Like I said, I suck at most things in life. 


Luckily, here’s what I don’t suck at: helping single men date successfully while they simultaneously dominate their careers.


Note that the more successful you become in your career, the easier it becomes to date successfully. Women are attracted to men who achieve professional success. It’s one of the most well known predictors for becoming an attractive man on the planet. Also, know that unlocking an amazing sex life makes you more dominant in your career. Just think: would it be easier to kick ass at work — if you just had amazing sex earlier that morning? Learning to date freely while you dominate your career support each-other — it’s a synergistic effect.


Here’s the good news. While I can’t teach you to cook, do your own taxes, sustain a successful 5o year marriage, or solve even the most basic Triginometry problems, I can help you dominate as a single man.


Put simply, all I know how to do is help single men dominate.



Today, I, Jason Rogers, am going to share my best stuff with you. You’re about to uncover 5 life-changing strategies you can use to dominate as a single man. 


In fact, I’ll put my own ass on the record and say this: if you put each of these (5) strategies I’m about to reveal for you into play, for the next month, you WILL see serious improvements both in your dating life AND in your career. I’m sure of it. 


The reason I’m certain what follows works is because these strategies have produced results both in my life, and in the lives of my clients. Now, it’s your turn…


This one’s gonna cut straight into some highly tactical content, so buckle up. Let’s get this show on the road… 😉


Strategy #1 to Dominate as a Single Man:
Give Your Cellphone a “Detox” — and a Strong “Reboot”

Did you know that on average, Americans check their phones 46 times a day — according to research done by Deloitte? Now, 46 checks per day is the average. However, Americans aged 25-34 look at their devices 50 times a day on average. And the group between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones on average, 74 times per day! Crazy, right?


the #1 threat to your masculinity


Data like this reveals a powerful truth about modern life: our phones shape our behavior, our psychology, and ultimately — our results. 


For example, having worked with hundreds of men in four different continents, I can tell you the #1 reason guys turn off women is because they message women too freaking much! It’s why I recommend you put your phone on airplane mode each day while you’re working!


Consider, if most single men check their phones 46 times a day, think of how many times the average man messages desirable women each day. It’s not unreasonable to think a single man could easily text a woman he really liked dozens of times each day! — which of course, is way too much!


Not to mention, if you’re using your phone this often, what effect is this having on your career? 


The reason men are over-texting women and under-focusing on their success — due to their cell-phone use — is because smart phones are designed to be addictive. Don’t believe me? Just read author Nir Eyal’s blog, or explore his book “Hooked.”


Put simply, if you want to attract women, crush your career, and dominate as a single man, you CANNOT afford to get distracted all day long. But, if you don’t have an effective strategy for using your phone, instead of letting it use you, you’ll stuggle.


Luckily, I have a strategy you can use to make your phone a tool, instead of a trap…


I recommend you give your phone a “detox” — and a strong “reboot.” Doing so will make you more attractive to women while simultaneously improving your performance as a professional. Here’s how to detox and reboot your phone, in just (3) steps…


Step #1: Delete Every App You Don’t Need
(and any apps you “need” too badly!)

If you haven’t used an app in the last week, delete it. Or, if you’ve been over-using an app (cough Instagram, cough!), then delete it. The more apps you have, the more distractions you’re fighting against.


Your goal is to remove distractions. 


Remember this: it’s impossible to dominate your career, be attractive to women, or move up in this world — when you’re “in the rabbit hole” — mindlessly scrolling through your phone. Think of apps as seductive traps that pull you from your goals and your desires.


You job right now is to stop reading, delete every app you don’t need (or that you NEED too badly), and then return here to learn step 2. 


Step #2: Turn Off All Notifications
(except notifications you need to dominate your career)

Remember, your phone is engineered to be addictive. If you aren’t proactive, it’ll seduce you into sending dumb texts and screwing off at work.


Here’s the solution: remove your phone’s ability to suck you in. Go to settings, click on the notifications tab, and remove every single bell, notification, light, and sound possible.


5 High Level Strategies to Dominate as a Single Man

This image lays out exactly how to change your notifications on an Iphone. Here, you’d want to turn each of the notifications off — so that the tabs are grey instead of green.


The only exception is a notification you need for work.


Right now, get rid of every notification possible. Ideally, your phone should have ZERO notifications, bells, lights, or any of that crap. But again, if your work requires rapid response, then ONLY leave those associated notifications “on”.


I encourage you to take action on this now. Optimize (and remove) the un-necessary notifications on your phone.


Doing this exercise will make your phone WAY LESS ADDICTIVE — thus helping your dominate as a single man. So take action as discussed here, then we’ll continue to step 3.


Step #3: Move All of Your Social Applications to the Back
(and move all functional apps to the front & “the bottom”)

If steps one and two were the detox, then step three is the reboot. To begin, your first job here to move your text messaging app, your email (unless rapid email response is required in your career), your Facebook icon, and ANY other social app you have, to the back of your phone. 


Now, this may sound “crazy,” but what’s truly crazy is the current world of constant distraction we live in. If you don’t take these actions, your phone will claw it’s way back into your life, thus making you waste precious time each and every day. 


To get tactical again, NO social icons should be in clear sight when you turn on your phone. To ensure your phone is optimized, make sure no social icons are “at the bottom” either.


Apps on “the bottom” usually remain the most visible. Thus, be sure to choose these apps wisely — and remove any social apps from “the bottom.”


By “the bottom,” I mean the line of apps, usually at the bottom of your phone, that show up no matter what page you’re on.


Ensure there aren’t any social apps or any other “time-wasting” apps on “the bottom” right now. Doing this makes it way easier to stay off social media — because social apps are perhaps the most addictive.


Then, move the apps that’ll help you dominate your life to the home-page — on your smartphone. Put the apps which can help you dominate MOST “on the bottom,” so they constantly remind you to stay focused! 


Consider, if an app doesn’t directly help improve your life, then should it be on the home-page of your phone? I’ve found it’s best to have a minimalist home page.


Personally, all I have on the home-page is my camera, the internet browser app, my bank account app, the clock app, the weather app, my contacts, and google translate. This keeps my phone distraction free. 


I encourage you to re-configure the home-page of your phone to achieve exactly one purpose: help you dominate your life. If you haven’t yet, re-organize your apps in this way. Once you do so, come back.


Final Thoughts on Detoxing and Rebooting Your Cellphone 

Here’s the big takeaway: the second any part of your phone begins working against you, uninstall it and remove it immediately.


Even when it’s optimized as discussed here, your phone can still seduce you — if you aren’t aware. When you feel your phone’s taking your focus away from what’s important, throw it on airplane mode — and focus on dominating your work.


Remember, you can always re-install an app or reply to somebody later. But you can’t EVER get back the time you’ve wasted — mindlessly using your phone.


Strategy #2 to Dominate as a Single Man:
The “Peak Under Pressure” Secret

Dominating as a single man isn’t easy. Aiming to become dominant in your profession — a must if you’re serious about dominating as a man — is massively challenging in-and-of itself. Then, besides dominating your career, and on top of keeping up your social life, your relationships with your family, and your personal obligations — you’ll also want to meet and attract women!


Case and point: you have a-lot on your plate.


And we haven’t even begun to discuss those “pressure moments” you’ll undoubtedly face as an ambitious single man. Whether it’s approaching that stunning woman, making the sales presentation, delivering that big speech, or interviewing for a highly competitive job, there’s no doubt about it: your ability to master pressure will largely define your success as a single man. 


How do you cope with it all? The secret is finding — and then using — your “personal anthem.”



What is your “personal anthem?”


Your personal anthem is simply the song you choose to make your “theme song.” As you’ll see, it’s what you do with your personal anthem that makes all the difference. Here, let me paint a picture for you…


Imagine having your favorite song — the theme song you chose for yourself — cheering you on during the most pressure-filled moments of your life. Consider, would you feel more confident if you had your personal anthem playing in the background — when the stakes were highest?


This is like asking if “home-field advantage” gives the home team an advantage. It’s not even a question. The link between music and your emotional state has been well documented in academic studies. Learning to loop your personal anthem in your head — especially just before and during high-stakes situations — gives you a massive psychological edge.


Today, you’re going to uncover how to loop your “personal anthem” through your brain without even thinking. I call this ability learning to become your own “Personal DJ.”


Learning this mental skill allows you to easily play your favorite music in the background of your subconscious mind. I’ve found this skill is most useful just before pressure situations.


In those final moments right before you interview for a huge job, give a crucial speech, make an important sales presentation, or face another real-world challenge? Be your own personal DJ. Loop your theme song — your personal anthem — through your mind. Doing so imbues you with calmness, composure, and confidence.


Once you’re easily able to “DJ” your personal anthem in your own brain (it’s not that hard to do), you’ll give yourself a secret weapon you can use to stay calm, cool, and confident — even when everybody else is panicking. This strategy — while unconventional — is incredibly effective. Lots of men have unlocked newfound calmness under pressure by using this strategy. Now, it’s your turn…


What follows are (3) steps for finding and using your personal anthem, so that you stay cool, calm, and collected no matter how much pressure your competitors feel…


Step #1: Find Your Personal Anthem
(make a shortlist, then choose)

Think of the songs that makes you feel amazing. And don’t just think about songs you’ve heard lately. Consider songs from your childhood, too. 


Here’s a picture of me — I was probably 10 years old. I wanted to share this because your favorite songs back from your childhood, surprisingly, are often perfect candidates for your “personal anthem.”


Really think here. And if it helps you, start listening to songs on spotify or youtube. 


Your job is to find that song — where all your problems simply fade away into nothing. Don’t rush this. Instead, when you think of or hear a song that *might* qualify, write it down. 


This is your shortlist. Once you’ve made your shortlist, your “job” is then to listen to each song on your shortlist list, one by one. When you listen to each song on your shortlist, try to connect with how each song makes you feel.


The right song should imbue you with confidence, clarity of though, and a real sense of euphoria. Once you find THAT song — one that injects you with these sensations — you’ve done it. You’ve found the song we’re going to make into your personal anthem. 


That’s step one.


If you haven’t yet, take some time and create a shortlist now. Then, choose the number one song from that shortlist that most makes you feel confident, capable, and relaxed when you listen. Once you’ve chosen your personal anthem, you’ve completed step one.


Step #2: Loop Your “Personal Anthem” Through Your Head
(practice for the next week)

At first, looping music through your head may not come naturally. That’s okay. It makes sense. You’re probably used to putting on headphones when you want to listen to music. But the goal here is learning to loop music through your head without needing headphones. 


Can you imagine giving a speech, interviewing for a high-level position, or making a sales pitch with big headphones on? This is why becoming your own “Personal DJ” is so important. Most “high-stake” scenarios don’t let you to wear headphones. Becoming your own personal DJ is about learning how to effortlessly loop music in the back of your mind. Even when life is chaotic.


Since most people can’t loop music though their heads, by learning this skill you’ll unlock a huge psychological advantage.


So, now in step 2 — for the next week — your job is to loop your personal anthem through your head as many times as possible. Practice looping your personal anthem when you’re grocery shopping, driving, or walking to work.


The more times you loop your personal anthem through your brain, the better you’ll get at this skill — being your personal DJ. This becomes fun to do, too. Especially if you pick an awesome personal anthem (step one). 


As you’ll see, the easier it becomes to loop your personal anthem through brain, the bigger advantage you’ll gain — in those pressure moments that ultimately define your success.


Step #3: Loop Your Personal Anthem When You Want a Boost
(whenever you feel “pressure” to perform, or stress)

Once you’ve done the work, it’s time for you to reap the reward! The next time you’re about to approach a stunning woman, especially if you feel approach anxiety, loop your personal anthem through brain as you walk over. 


5 High Level Strategies to Dominate as a Single Man

I used this very strategy to overcome my shyness, my anxiousness, and my fears. It’s arguably the #1 strategy that taught me how to “peak under pressure.” This picture shows me, back when I was a student at U.C.L.A., approaching the girl in the middle. Back then, my personal anthem was “Low Rider” by War.


Or, when you’re sitting in the lobby waiting for the big interview? Loop that personal anthem of yours over and over in your head until the secretary calls your name. When she does? You’ll be completely ready — calm, confident, and composed.


The link between your emotions and your favorite song(s) is immense. By consciously playing your personal anthem through your brain, your entire emotional state changes. It’s why learning to effortlessly loop your personal anthem through your head gives you such an unparalleled advantage.


Final Thoughts on Using Your Personal Anthem to Dominate

The ability to loop music through your head is arguably the most effective way to ignore distractions, negative emotions, and doubt — while simultaneously injecting yourself with newfound focus and confidence. 


When you get good at this, by learning to effortlessly play your personal anthem through your brain, you’ll notice a nearly instant change in your emotional state. Your physical body will begin relaxing. A smirk will likely form on your face. You’ll notice your posture becomes straighter. And most importantly? Any negative thoughts that were in your brain will quietly disappear — making it easier than ever for you to dominate.



Learning to effortlessly loop your personal anthem in the back of your mind can become your superpower — but only if you take the time to both find yours and then practice looping it through your brain! 


So, have fun with this one. Be sure to practice looping your personal anthem through your brain when the stakes are low, so that you’re ready when the stakes are high!


Since you’re looking to dominate as a single man, you’ll appreciate the massive advantage this strategy gives you — when you’re performing under pressure.


Strategy #3 to Dominate as a Single Man:
The 3 Rules for Messaging Women

You’re a single man. I’m going to assume you’re looking to meet women, get women attracted to you, and create an abundance of dating options for yourself. From there, you can enjoy casual sex, create “friends-with-benefits” relationships, or get a girlfriend. That decision is yours.


My goal is simple: to give you options. As we quickly discussed earlier, most single guys are shooting themselves in the foot with the messages they send women. They text women too much. In turn, women lose interest.


But I know that’s not what a wise man with high standards (cough, you, cough) is looking for…


Luckily, what follows are three bulletproof rules you can use to message women — so that your messages *gasp* help you achieve the dating results you desire!


Rule #1: Don’t Send Her More Than Three Messages a Day
(Once you’ve sent her three messages, you’re done for the day)

Even if she quickly replies, you can only text her three times a day. Now I know, this may sound insane. But don’t knock it ’till you try it — because this strategy makes women attracted to you.


It works because three messages a day is enough to keep you ‘top of mind’, but it’s not enough for her to “figure you out.” This gets her intrigued. With just three messages a day from you, you’re teasing her. You’re just giving her just a bit of your attention.


Remember when I said, “Giving a woman too much attention is the fastest way to turn her off”?



Texting a girl all day long sub-communicates that you have very little going on in your life. In turn, she subconsciously concludes neither you, or your time, are valuable. Of course, this is the last thing you want her thinking about you! 


It’s simple: if you like the girl, and if you want her to like you, then don’t message her more than three times a day! You’ll be blown away by how much more responsive women become — if you adhere to this rule. 


Funny enough, it’ll be your competition (other guys she’s messaging) that make this strategy work. Here’s what’ll happen:


All these guys will text her non-stop. Their predictability will bore her. And as a result, her attention will shift to the only guy in her phone who’s not replying quickly — you. By being the only guy she’s messaging, who doesn’t reply to her rapidly, she’ll start wondering — “when will he finally reply??”


Said simply: she’ll begin craving your attention.


So, start following this rule — if you want newfound attention from women. Yes, I know it’s unconventional — and challenging to do. I hear it all the time…


I get an email each week, from a different guy in the membership, who wants my advice on how to text a specific woman he’s into. So, I’ll give him this advice — about texting women way less — along with some personalized suggestions.


Guys are always surprised — by how rarely I recommend they message women. But, especially since each guy’s a paying member with skin in the game, he’ll try out my advice. And then? I’ll get an email three days later saying *gasp* how much more responsive the woman indeed became!


You can get women craving your next message, too. All it takes is discipline (something we’ll discuss in strategy #5).


Rule #2: Never Put More Than 20 Words Per Message
(Remember: you only get three messages per day)

Are you catching a pattern here? Less is more! One of the most unattractive things a man can do is to “express” his emotions through a big, fat, long “marathon message,” as I call them.


Even if the girl gets excited in the moment when you send her a “big long juicy message,” these long “marathon messages” will ultimately cost you. I’m telling you this both from personal experience (yes, I’ve made this mistake!), and as someone who understands the psychology behind this principle.


Writing long messages is a sure-fire way to make women slowly lose interest in you because doing so shows your life is boring. A man with an interesting life isn’t messaging women all day! So even if your life isn’t A-1 insane right now, message women as if it is.


Sub-communicate your high-value by keeping your messages short. This isn’t English class — don’t write her an essay. Keep each message under 20 words.


“Okay, but Jason, what should I message her? What should I say?”


What you say in these 20 words is secondary in importance. You can be straightforward, flirty, mysterious, or even boring. Funny enough, by never messaging her more than three times a day, and by keeping each message to 20 words or less, your messages will be warmly received — almost regardless.


10X Your Texting Game By Simply Doing THIS (works like magic)


Let me explain why this works.


Keeping your messages short sub-communicates you’re busy — and only semi-interested in the girl. In turn, this makes you a challenge. And women love a man who challenges them.


Consider, women crave what’s “hard to have.” This is largely why women spend thousands of dollars on designer shoes, clothes, hand-bags, etc. Do women “need” these designer items? Of course not. But they desire them.


By keeping each message under 20 words, you become DESIRABLE.


You’ll immediately stand out from all the other needier guys who think “more is better.” Adhering to this rule gives you the edge over essentially every other guy who is messaging her — because no other guys will discipline their messages as described here.


It’s simple. Keeping your messages short makes you appear as a desirable, high-value man. Which is what you are, right?


Rhetorical question: I already know you’re becoming a dominant champ.


Rule #3: Never Ask Out a Woman More than Once a Week
(until she’s your girlfriend)

Since it’s become standard to ask a woman out with a message, let’s clear the air about how to make this happen. First of all, know that when you adhere to the first two rules you’ve learned here already, women are way more likely to say YES to your invitation.


Whether you write her “Drinks tonight?” versus “Hey let’s meet for drinks tonight” isn’t important. Just get to the point — and make the invitation. I recommend asking her out the day of — ideally around lunchtime — to meet up later that evening. Spontaneous invitations like this work great for a first or second hang out. The reason? It seems casual and “low key” — which is what a modern woman wants.


Also, phrase your invitation very casually. Never write (or say) the word “date” — as it’s become an awkward word in dating culture. Suggesting you and the girl “meet up” is far more persuasive than is asking her out on a “date.”


Besides these basic guidelines, I’ve found what you write when you ask her out — as long as your message is short and casual — is virtually irrelevant. 


The reason why? By messaging her infrequently and by keeping your messages short n’ sweet, you’ve intrigued her. She can tell you’re different. You’re hard to get ahold of — which makes you a baffling, yet exciting mystery.


Your discipline, mystique, and perceived high-value already attracted her. Well done, sir.


So, if you give her an invitation, after messaging her as described in rules #1 and #2 for several weeks, she’s likely to jump at your invitation — regardless of how you worded your message. Again, despite what most (unsuccessful) single guys think, the words you use themselves in your messages aren’t very important.


Here’s the main lever that predicts whether or not a girl says YES to your invitation: does she think you’re a high-value man? Hint: you are.


So remember, a high-value man wouldn’t ask her out all the time. He’d be too busy dominating (and enjoying!) life. Asking her out less makes you seem high-value — which in turn exponentially improves the effectiveness of your invitations.


As I’ve stated already countless times, giving a woman too much attention is a turn off. So, never ask out a woman (who’s not your girlfriend) more than once a week! Making too many invitations is the fastest way to push a woman away.


This is because the most powerful form of attention you can give a woman is an invitation! Inviting a woman out reveals to her that, 1) you were thinking about her, and  2) that you want to see her and  3) that you don’t have other plans.  


Asking a woman out twice or more per week can sub-communicate many negative things about you. Namely, it says you have nothing better going on in your life. So, unless she’s your girlfriend, I’d stick to the rule: only make a woman one invitation per week. Personally, I don’t like asking a woman out more than once every 10 days — at the most.


The reason this advice is so effective is because women hate needy guys — and they love busy guys.


Subconsciously, she’s craving man who’s focused on dominating his life — his mission as a man. It’s because this type of man doesn’t react when she “shit-tests” him — since he’s got bigger fish to fry.


9 Steps to Move a Date Towards Sex (Step-by-Step Guide)


Adhere to this rule if you want to dominate your dating life. Trust me, you’ll be blown away by how much more likely women say YES to you — when you only give a woman one invitation a week (at the most)!


But be warned: following this rule could be the one domino that knocks down the whole chain…


Final Thoughts on The Three Rules for Messaging Women You Like

Following each of these three rules — with each woman you like — will be challenging. Especially at first! It’s very easy to get into a “nice, long texting conversation” with a girl you like on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The problem is, doing so would break at least one of these three rules — if not more!


Yes, making these three rules “automatic habits” requires discipline! Luckily, strategy #5 will reveal how to turn challenging tasks that require lots of willpower into automatic habits. 


Also know, the longer you practice following these three messaging rules, the easier it becomes. The first week is the most challenging. After that, it’s all down hill. Especially for a disciplined man such as yourself.


Best of all? When following these three rules becomes effortless. I’ll admit, this “effortlessness” only occurs once you’re talking to lots of different women. If you’d like to know how I get 10-15 phone numbers from attractive women in just one day, check this out.


But even if you don’t have a lot of women to message right now, still follow these three rules. Merely the discipline you gain from doing so will help you dominate in other areas of your life. And, once you see women you desire ALWAYS excitedly messaging you back — as a result of following these three rules? That’ll hopefully be the day you never look back.


But in the meantime, consider writing each of these three rules — in HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS — on a big piece of paper. Then, tape that bad boy on your fridge. This should give you the consistent reminder you need — to ingrain these rules deep inside your brain — so that you can dominate your dating life.


Lastly remember, if you do put these rules on your fridge, remember to take down this little “reminder” of yours — before you go out on a date! Bringing a girl back to your place could get pretty awkward, pretty fast, if she stumbles onto your “3 Rules for Messaging Women” cheat sheet…


Strategy #4 to Dominate as a Single Man:
The Superhuman Confidence Secret

As we discussed earlier, dominating as a single man isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face is staying motivated — and maintaining your confidence — even when the big moves you make don’t pan out (at least in the moment).


For example, when you start up a conversation with that beautiful girl — who was sitting there alone in the bar — what if it doesn’t go well? What if she tells you she’s not interested, and bluntly tells you to leave? Then what?


Most guys, if they experienced this, probably wouldn’t approach another girl for three months! But of course, a dominant man (like yourself) can’t let a rejection slow him down. 


Here’s another example. Imagine applying for a high-level executive position at an incredible firm. Of course, an open position like this has lots of qualified candidates — who also want the job. So, if you don’t get it, then what? Again, most guys would experience so much pain and sadness as a result — and they’d feel so much rejection — that they’d stop applying for new jobs. 


A lack of confidence keeps most men from pursuing what they truly desire.


But to dominate as a single man, you cannot stop taking bold actions (which I define as any action that leaves you open to being judged and/or rejected).


The only way to dominate is to keep moving forward at all times — regardless of what happens to you. And the way to ensure you always move forward — and stay motivated even after receiving brutally cold rejection — is learning to validate yourself. 


As you’ll see here, validating yourself is the key to unlocking “superhuman” confidence…


Hank Moody agrees 😉


Just below these words, you’ll uncover the art of validating yourself — so that you can always feel confident.


By learning to validate yourself, you’ll tap into newfound confidence. In turn, you’ll be able to use that confidence — to enter a perpetual state of action taking. And by keeping your foot on the metaphorical gas pedal, not only will your confidence continue to rise, but you’ll also accelerate towards your goals, dreams and desires! How does that sound? Again, you’re about to learn how to tap into this elite level of confidence…


But first, I have a little confession to make…


The Truth is I’ve Been Rejected Thousands of Times

I’ve probably received more rejections in my life than 99% of men on the planet. And that’s coming from a guy — me, Jason Rogers — who’s yet to reach his 30th birthday (at the time of writing this).


Simply between, 1) cold approaching all the cute woman on my campus during my undergraduate studies at U.C.L.A., and 2) making hundreds of cold sales pitches each week as a teenager back when I worked in sales at my father’s business — I’ve been rejected thousands of times.


And I didn’t even get to the story when I was laughed at during my valedictorian speech (I deserved it — the speech was cringeworthy). Nor have I told you the story where I got rejected (in front of all my high-school peers) asking a girl to PROM!


Yes, those were two particularly difficult rejections, I must say.


Here’s the best part: I’ll get rejected a bunch more. And I’ll be ready for it. Because as you’ll see, taking a few “tough knocks” is part of the process towards achieving success.



No bullshit: getting rejected invigorates me.


I’ll be honest with you: I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been rejected so many f*cking times that I was forced to engineer a bulletproof system that keeps me strong, motivated, and confident — even when I receive the coldest of rejections. 


And I want to share with you how to always feel amazing (and confident) after you take bold actions — no matter what “results” your actions produce in that moment…


Always Feel Confident By Validating Yourself Just After Taking Action
(even after stinging rejections)

So, you just chatted up a beauty, made a beastly sales pitch, or applied for an open position. Now what? Simple. It’s time to validate yourself. See, the second after you take a bold action (which again, I define as any action that leaves you open to being judged and/or rejected), always validate yourself — regardless of the result(s) your action produced.


Validating yourself on autopilot, the second after you take a bold action, is the secret to staying motivated and feeling confident every single time you make a bold move! 


Specifically, your job is to validate yourself with positive self talk.


For example, the second after you hang up the phone — after making a sales call — tell yourself, “Nice job. Good work. Keep on dialing. Keep on making sales pitches.” 


Or, the moment after you leave the interaction — after talking with the woman you just cold approached? Say to yourself, “Way to go man. Way to approach. Good job. Keep it up. Do it again!”


Here’s the kicker: validate yourself with positive self-talk no matter what “result” you just got. You validate yourself — and give yourself credit — for TAKING ACTION. The result you either did, or did not achieve, is the cherry on top. If you did get an epic result? Cool. But when you don’t? That’s cool too.


I don’t care if you get blown off, blown out, rejected, or ignored. It doesn’t matter if you just sold a million dollars! Regardless of the result you just received, FIRST, validate yourself for taking action. Because it’s the perpetual action-taking itself that drives EVERYTHING — including the development of your confidence.


So, give the action you just took the respect it deserves — by validating yourself for taking action. Nobody else can do this for you. Nor should you want them to validate you. Their opinion of you isn’t what matters. It’s YOUR OPINION of you, that counts.


As a single man, it’s YOUR JOB to validate yourself. But don’t look at validating as “a job.” Look at it as an opportunity. Because as you’re about to see, validating yourself is 100% the fastest way to build next level confidence and action taking momentum.


Then, once you’re in a confident state where you’re taking massive action? Especially if you’re taking actions that have a big payoff — when you succeed? You’ll unlock newfound results (more dates, sales, income, etc.) week after week, month after month, and year after year.


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!


Always Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
(nobody will cheer you on, if you don’t)

That’s right man, you need to be your own personal cheerleader. That’s what validating yourself really is, when you think about it. See, most single men don’t consistently take bold action because they don’t realize how important it is to validate themselves!


Consciously choosing to validate yourself whenever you finish taking a bold action is of the utmost importance. In fact, I’d suggest it’s the only way to keep your foot on the gas pedal — when you’re taking actions on the edge of your comfort zones.


Without validating self, especially in the beginning, when results aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d hoped? It’s easy to lose the will, and the motivation, to take more action. And if you stop taking action? Whether that means you stop approaching women, stop making those sales calls, or stop applying for new jobs? It’s easy to lose your confidence.


On the contrary, once you practice validating yourself habitually, and once you teach yourself to cherish your own validation more than you desire the approval of others, funny enough — taking “bold actions” no longer feels “bold”.


Rather, approaching the cutie or making the sales call? These situations become opportunities to both get newfound results and to validate yourself! Once you start thinking in this way, the upwards spiral begins…


This 2-step feedback loop is the secret to creating core confidence and a massive upwards spiral when you begin taking action!


The real “secret” to unlocking superhuman confidence is addicting yourself to this “act-validate” feedback loop. As you’ll see, this isn’t that hard to do. But before we get to why this feedback loop works so well, let’s talk about what it means.


Here’s what this “feedback loop” is really suggesting you do:


You act. You validate yourself. You act again. You validate yourself.


You approach a girl. “Nice job bro, way to approach.” You approach another girl. You validate yourself again.


You make a sales call. You validate yourself. You make another sales call. “Good work man, keep on dialing!”


You give a speech. “Nice job, way to take action.” You deliver another speech. “Way to go. Way to take action.”


Over. and. over. again. Until you literally can’t stop yourself. And as you’re about to see, this process does get addicting…


By taking action and validating yourself repeatedly, you learn to addict yourself to both 1) your own validation, and 2) the fulfillment you feel that comes from pushing your comfort zones.


You will also, by repeating this 2-step feedback loop many times, addict yourself to the excitement of taking bold action. Whether it’s making a sales pitch, approaching a woman, or giving a big speech — these moments make you feel alive! It’s this thirst for the adrenaline — that makes this “act-validate” feedback loop so addictive!


And then? Once your bold actions start delivering real results (more sales, more dates, etc.), this act-validate feedback loop becomes EVEN MORE ADDICTING — because now you’re getting the results you desired in the first place.


To be clear, I designed this “act-validate” feedback loop to be addictive! Getting themselves addicted to the process of taking action, by using this feedback loop, is the “secret” my clients use to become confident action taking beasts — who love pushing their comfort zones.


Now, it’s your turn. If you want to become a confident action taking beast, just start applying this act-validate feedback loop to the most important action that’d most move you towards your goals (i.e. cold approaching women, making sales pitches, or applying for new jobs).


Become the Confident Beast You Were Destined to Be
(Get “immunity” to the negativity and the rejection)

Validating yourself with positive self talk after you take bold action WILL turn you into a confident beast who’s capable of doing damned near anything. Once you make the process of validating yourself (the second after you take a bold action) an ingrained habit, you’ll actually enjoy getting rejected.


Now, I know this sounds insane. “How could I ever enjoy getting rejected?”


Well, let me ask you: do you like receiving honest, authentic compliments from people you respect? Especially when their kind words are about something you’ve done — that took hard work and effort? 


Of course you do…


Well, validating yourself after taking bold action IS equivalent to receiving an honest and authentic compliment — from the person you ought to respect most (that’s you!) — in regards to something you’ve done that really was difficult! 


Here’s the best part: once you make it a habit to validate yourself after you take bold action, you’ll enter what I call an “upwards spiral.” This occurs because suddenly, since you learned to validate yourself, taking bold action no-longer threatens your self-esteem. Rather, each action you take imbues you with more confidence. And since you’ll enter a state of massive action, you’ll start learning a ton about whatever you’re taking action upon consistently, and this will ensure you get improved results.


This is exactly what happened to me, both as a teenage sales-person and in my “pickup artist in training” days during university.


In the first example, after receiving over 100 straight rejections — without making a single sale — to begin my sales career? Only because I continued validating myself, I was able to continue on. Ultimately, my perseverance paid off. I sold $187,000 in commercial roofs to three different government funded school districts in the final seven week period of my summer break — before I returned to school for my senior year of high-school.


Here’s a picture of me, the day before I started selling commercial roofs for the first time. I was 16 — just old enough to drive my silly ass to the offices of unexpected potential clients 😉


And in the second example? After not getting a single phone number from a girl for over three weeks? I soon went on to grab seven phone numbers from seven different women in one day. Then, just two weeks later? I had myself three different dates in a single day. 


Validating yourself works. Once validating yourself becomes an ingrained habit, you’ll literally feel immune to negativity or rejection.


To conclude now, never think validating yourself is simply “motivation”. No. Validating yourself is a strategy. You validate yourself, you take more action, and you keep going. The more times you repeat that loop? The more confident you’ll feel.


And soon? You’ll literally feel invincible. There’s no doubt about it: validating yourself is “the secret” to dominate as a single man. So, the next time you take a bold action, validate yourself immediately. Then, use the momentum to take another bold action. Get started first thing tomorrow.


I dare you.


Strategy #5 to Dominate as a Single Man:
The Path to Unbreakable Habits

If you’re an ambitious guy like I am, then you know few things feel worse than waking up without a plan. Even more dreadful is the sensation you feel, when you’re lying in bed, with all those thoughts swirling through your head — painfully reminding you that you could’ve done so much more with your day.


But the worst of all? When you realize you’ve been unproductive for weeks — or even months straight. Maybe it’s looking in the mirror — and seeing those “new” 10 pounds around your gut — that snaps you back. Perhaps it’s getting stinging criticism at work that alarms you to your recent slide from grace.


Why Lacking Clarity Equals Lame Dating Life (powerful exercise revealed)


Or, maybe it’s a lonely Friday night — with no social plans nor a single dating opportunity — that makes you realize you’re under-performing your potential.


Regardless of the specifics, let’s agree on this: underperforming your potential is a surefire way to miss out on the success, the dating abundance, the personal happiness, and the inner confidence you and I crave. It’s why I want to share one last jedi strategy with you — that’ll make the process of “being your best self” damned near effortless.


If you’re ready to unlock a new level of discipline, and if you’re dead-set on dominating as a single man, then deciding to build indestructible habits may become the best choice you make all year. And I have the perfect strategy to ensure you finally build excellent habits (it’s actually really fun!).


The Truth About Habits, Excellence, Happiness, and Success

Aristotle said it best. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” The simplicity of this idea is liberating. In order to unlock the results, the confidence, and the success of your dreams, all you literally need to do is spend about a month (maybe two) creating the necessary habits to get you there. 


From here, once your habits become “automatic,” and you’ll start moving towards everything you want in life on autopilot! 


This literally isn’t a stretch. Just re-read Aristotle’s quote. Excellence isn’t an act, but a habit. To be excellent — and to dominate as a single man — you simply need excellent habits. 



Sure, building excellent habits will make you more successful. I can tell you that building habits is how I’ve unlocked the dating life, the business, and the life of my dreams. But building habits isn’t only about succeeding. I also love how performing the habits I do each day makes me feel. Consider, disciplining newfound habits is a surefire way to kickstart the most natural high your brain can possibly give you.


By accomplishing things each day, which you’ll of course do when you ingrain excellent habits, you’ll start experiencing increased levels of dopamine — which activates the most powerful reward pathway in your brain. This in turn, gives you a “winning feeling” that quickly becomes addicting. Your happiness, your zest for life, and your overall mood will skyrocket — once you ingrain excellent habits into your life. 


#1 Trait of All Super Successful Men | feat. Joe Duncan @before5am


This “habits make you happier” idea isn’t just my opinion. The process of ingraining habits floods your brain with dopamine, which gives you an energizing and motivating “high.” In turn, this all-natural high makes it easier to keep taking action each day, which further solidifies the new habits you wish to ingrain. 


Furthermore, as you see the results of your newfound habits taking effect (i.e. you look better naked, start getting more dates, or begin making more sales), the habits you’ve been working on become even more ingrained!


You’ll never look back once your habits provide you with newfound results. Hell no. You’ll fall in love with your habits. And since they’ve now become habits, you’ll do them without even thinking.


This is the process of ingraining habits. In doing so, you’ll perform as (and become) a dominant beast on autopilot! Luckily, you can get started right away. Best of all, if you’re ready to transform yourself into a truly dominant man? Consider ingraining multiple habits at once — so that you experience even more newfound happiness, confidence, success, and satisfaction.


Here, let me show you how it’s done…


The Easiest Way to Build Lots of Excellent Habits At Once

You’ve heard of Jerry Seinfeld, right? You know, from “Seinfeld,” probably the most successful TV show of the 20th century. It turns out someone doesn’t become ultra-successful like Jerry Seinfeld and his show “Seinfeld,” just by “chance.”


Rather, if you’ve studied Jerry Seinfeld and what made him successful, you’ll quickly stumble onto the “Jerry Seinfeld chain” for habit building. Indeed, it’s this “habit chain” that largely created Jerry Seinfeld’s success…


Here’s the story. In order to become one of the most successful comedians of all time, Jerry realized the ONE activity that most helped him thrive as a comedian. So, what was it? Writing new jokes each day. This was the one action that most rapidly moved him towards the success he desired.


So, he took a calendar and “crossed off” each day — only once he indeed wrote jokes for that day. Soon, Jerry had a nice little streak going.


Tuesday? Crossed off. Wednesday? Crossed. Thursday? Yup. 


So, once Friday came around, suddenly, Jerry found that “keeping the chain going” became all the motivation he needed to write more jokes for that day.



Now, while the “Jerry Seinfeld calendar chain” works great by itself, especially if you want to ingrain just ONE important habit into your life, in order to ingrain multiple habits at once, using this method would require lots of calendars.


And that’d be a pain in the ass. 


It’s why I designed the Daily Performance Tracker, where I (and now you) can track multiple habits a day with ease. Furthermore, the Daily Performance Tracker let’s you “make a chain” of “wins” — so that you can visually see your hard work paying off!


In fact, you’ll find using a Daily Performance Tracker (pictured below) becomes fun, fulfilling and energizing!



Everything You Need to Know About Daily Performance Tracking

The game here is simple. At the top of a Google doc or an excel spreadsheet, list all the habits you’d like to ingrain (we’ll discuss how to uncover the best habits for you, in a minute). Then, just as you see above, put the date and the day on the left-hand side. From there? Get to work. Try to knock out each habit you’ve listed. When you complete each habit for the day, put a “W” for win in the box. And if, at the end of the day, you missed a habit? Then put a “L,” meaning you lost.


Now, the real question becomes: what habits should YOU ingrain? Well, that depends on your goals. What do you desire most? You saw what my habits are. Those habits reflect my desire to dominate business, date abundantly, all while staying in peak physical shape. 


What do you desire? Take some time to gain clarity on one to three goals you want to achieve over the next six months. Once you’ve done so, think of the habits you’d need to ingrain — in order to achieve these results. Will you need to eat a certain way? Should you make sales calls each day? Or, perhaps you’re like me — and you realize you ought to approach an attractive woman each day, so that you can ensure you always have new dating options coming your way.


When your Daily Performance Tracker is dialed in, it should have your “perfect day” laid out. Meaning, when you tackle each habit from left to right, in a given day, once completed, you should have executed a perfect day that moves you towards each and every one of the goals you have for yourself, your career, your dating life, and your success. 


You can see how this is going to help you dominate, can’t you?


A perfect day, by the way, would lead you to scoring 100% (8/8 in the example above) for that day. This is the goal. Aim to score 100% each day, and just like Jerry Seinfeld, do everything you can to “keep the chain going” once you get on a 100% streak! This is when habit building gets really fun! But before you get to that point — where you’re loving the process of stacking perfect scores — you’re going to need a Daily Performance Tracker of your own!


So, if you haven’t yet, take the time right now to create your Daily Performance Tracker — on a google doc or an excel spreadsheet. And don’t worry if you aren’t quite certain on exactly what habits you should include. Just put the habit(s) you know would improve your life. Then, take a month to execute (and track) these habits in your Daily Performance Tracker.


See if you can get a chain of 100% scores going!


Note too that, especially in the beginning, it’s best to only track weekdays. Give yourself time to re-charge on the weekends. In time, you may choose you want to track your weekends as well, at least for certain habits — or perhaps the most important one to your life.


But to start, I’d recommend just focusing on the weekdays. Simply aiming to get a 100% chain going from Monday through Friday will give you a massive surge. Then, if it becomes easy to knock out every single habit, week after week, when you only track Monday thru Friday? At that point, consider tracking your Saturday’s, too. Finally, if you want to enter full-on beast mode, start tracking — with the aim to get a 100% streak going — seven days a week.


Final Thoughts on Building Unshakable Habits

Put simply, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your personal life, your romantic results, and your professional success, then start tracking and building excellent habits — over the next thirty days. Tracking your habits each weekday will transform you — into a man who’s more disciplined, accountable, confident, and successful. 


The world is your oyster.


But people who succeed make success happen. By tracking your performance each day, as described here, you can ensure your success. Now, it’s in your hands. What will you do from here?


In Conclusion: The Power is In Your Hands
Will You Choose to Dominate?

It’s real simple man. I challenge you to implement these 5 jedi tricks — for dominating as a single man — into your life. You’ve read this far. Clearly, you’re an ambitious man who wants it all. 


The clock is always ticking. Time is your ultimate asset. Luckily, if you use your time wisely, and if you get a little bit of luck (in the form of good health), you can have it all.


However, if you squander your time, you’ll soon be looking back on your life with regret — asking yourself “what if?” 


Don’t let that happen. 


Life, at least as we know it, gets the better of all of us — in the end. Will you settle? Or will you chose to dominate? 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




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