Yesterday, one of the champs inside of my membership — Dominate as a Single Man — told me about an awesome girl he hooked up with at a concert over the prior weekend.


Fast forward to two days after the concert, and he wanted my advice on his texting game.


He wrote to me that, “Shes actually a pretty cool girl, so my goal here is to turn it into a friends with benefits/fuck buddy type of gig.”


After reading his email, I wrote back to him. And I shared exactly what I’d text her — and when I’d text her —  if I were in his shoes.


My response shocked him. 


See, while the champ inside the membership was looking for a text to send her within the next few hours, I gave him some *different* advice…


I told him to wait another two or three days before texting her. As you’ll see, this is the secret to 10X’ing your texting game…


#1 Mistake Guys Make with Her Phone Number


He wrote back, “Really, wait that long? I’ll be totally honest, I’m worried she’ll somehow become disinterested, turned off, etc. if I wait until Wednesday or Thursday to respond during such simple texts/conversation. This is definitely going to be pretty hard for me. I’m used to responding damn near immediately. ”


Here was my next response regarding his texting game…


“Here’s why I recommend a few days:


1) She said she’s down to see you next week. So what’s the rush?

2) Giving her space shows you’re A) not needy, B) busy, C) perhaps dating somebody else, and thus D) a high value guy.

3) Not responding right away will increase the odds she thinks about you (by a lot).


At the end of the day, it’s your call my friend. Do as you will. 😉


My suggestion stands. I’d text her in a few days to simply set up logistics for this upcoming wknd or next wk.


When in doubt, think… What would James Bond, a CEO, or, fill in your favorite character / role model, do? Would he drop his work, mission, and life to text a girl immediately? Or, would he dominate his life — and get back to the girl when it made sense?


Something to chew on…”


It’s not easy to withhold from texting a girl. Yet texting her RARELY will instantly improve your texting game. 


Many guys feel that not texting a girl for multiple days will make her go cold. “But what if she loses interest??” I get this all the time with my members and clients.


Funny enough, since most guys think this way, texting her less works EVEN better.


What’s more? The fact that most guys lack the discipline to NOT text her means you INSTANTLY STAND OUT when you text her much less frequently.



With my texting game? I usually wait at least 24 hours between responses.


Since 99% of guys respond within the hour, taking 24+ hours — and often many days — to respond to girls I like gets me incredible results with the texts I send.


When I do text a woman, she’s extremely likely she’ll respond to me very quickly. The reason why? She knows that if she doesn’t reply fast, I’ll likely disappear.


This extends to making invitations.


See, I don’t ask women out all the time, like so many guys do. Using this strategy of LESS = MORE, it’s become very easy for me to meet up with women — which is the goal, right?


My texting game works because I take LONG pauses between responding — often multiple days. And I’m able to get girls to meet up with me because I very RARELY make invitations asking women out.


Sure enough, when I do ask her out, which I’ll only do once every two weeks or so, she’s very likely to say YES!


*Note — it’s tough to ask a woman out only once every two weeks if you don’t have dating abundance! Learn how I get lots of dating options in just one day right here*



Consider: As humans, we CHERISH that which is SCARCE. Yet, we place ZERO value on something we could have with the simple snap of the fingers.


Think of the difference between a Toyota Corolla vs. a Ferrari Enzo.


Let me ask you: Which would you rather see on the road?


…Pretty obvious, right?


Now, consider this: Which car is rare? And which one do you ALWAYS see when you drive down the highway?


You see Toyota’s on EVERY street corner! And when you text her all fucking day, like all the other guys do, you’re the BORING Toyota! Your text wont stand out in her inbox AT ALL. But when you text her just a few times a week? Suddenly, you’re the Ferrari. 😉


Here’s the punchline: Don’t be a boring Toyota Corolla. Be the Ferrari. Do so by showing up in her inbox veryyyyy rarely!


Most guys overwhelm her with too much attention — which makes her lose interest.


Remember that.


You can tattoo the following on your arm — cuz it’s good advice that’ll remain true forever:


The less you message a girl, the more she will value you.


#1 Mistake Guys Make Once They Get Her Phone Number


Look. While there’s no guarantee with relationships — meaning a girl could go cold for both not texting enough and for texting too much — taking “too long” to respond works 10X better than responding very quickly.


To be explicit, texting a girl 1/10th as much as you’re used to is the secret that’ll 10X your texting game.


Less is more.


If you’ve already hooked up with a girl, the only purpose your texts have is this: to see her again.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


It’s why I told my guy — after taking a few days before texting her back — to simply say the following to the girl he met at the concert:


“Hey (Name), does (time) on (day) at (location) work?”


Try this.. It’ll 10X your texting game overnight.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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