Let’s talk about traits and qualities you want to clearly see in a woman before making her your girlfriend — as well as red flags to avoid! We’ll begin with the qualities I’d ABSOLUTELY NEED in order to consider making a woman my girlfriend (besides being sexy — which is a given!):


Let’s dive into what I’d personally need in a girlfriend:


First, a girl I’d date better recognize that I wouldn’t have a whole lot of time to commit to her. As an ambitious guy, any woman in my life must accept that my mission as a man comes first. If a girl couldn’t get her head around this fact, then she and I wouldn’t work.


Second, a girl I’d consider making my girlfriend would have to be living an exciting life of her own. This is personal to me. I don’t like a woman who’s always waiting to hear what I’m up to. Rather, I like a woman who has her own life to dive into.


Next, a girl would have to have a damned good head on her shoulders for me to consider her as girlfriend quality. This means she’s willing to challenge her old beliefs. I’d only ever look to be with somebody who was more focused on becoming her best self than on protecting her existing identity. \


Finally, I’d need a girlfriend who was open to being sexual with other women. I don’t think I could ever commit sexually to just one woman!  My sexual appetite is simply too strong!


Now, given this long list of requirements a woman would need to meet, the chances are I’ll be single for a while! That said, I was just asked the other day by one of you what I’d look for in a girlfriend. It made me reflect! And now, we both know the answer to that question!


The other question our same guy had for me was in regards to red-flags he should watch out for when dating a girl, to know whether or not she’s actually quality girlfriend material.


What follows are several red flags I’d watch out for:


First, if she’s more focused on your wallet than your personality, I’d run for the hills. The last thing you need is a girl who’s simply after your checkbook! Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Second, I’d run away from a girl that got too flirty with other guys. Why in the hell would you become exclusive with a girl that couldn’t keep herself from getting turned on by other guys?


Next, if a girl quickly started bringing up marriage, or if she put pressure on me to get married, I’d run like a thief in the night! The last thing you need is a woman who’s desperate to throw the ball-and-chain on your sovereignty!


Continuing along, if a girl wasn’t health conscious, I’d walk away. The reason here is point blank: do you really want to get emotionally attached to a woman who morphed into a whale?

Lastly, if a girl didn’t have a life of her own, I wouldn’t make her my girlfriend. Girls who don’t have their own life usually make you feel guilty for being busy, focused, and/or ambitious. Fuck that!


Ps – if your girl disappears often or can’t explain large periods of time in her life, I’d run! For example, if a girl can’t explain what she did from the age of 21 to 24 — she was probably a stripper or a hooker. Along a similar thread, if your girl gets caught lying? Even if it’s a small white lie? I’d run. Don’t date a liar.


Want to go deeper? Watch this video below — where I break down both what I’d look for in a girlfriend, as well as red flags:


There you have it, slick. Now, I want to hear from YOU.


Let me know your biggest takeaway from this article/video in the comments section below. Let’s continue the conversation. Oh, and remember, if a girl you’re seeing embodies the red flags mentioned here, then run!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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