It’s true — my content is in the middle of an evolution. The reason is pretty simple:


My content is evolving because I am evolving.


Indeed, I have just begun a new chapter in my life. Specifically, I have recently started a new business — an investment group that’s acquiring real estate.


As you can imagine, starting this new business is taking a massive amount of my time. This does mean I am coaching less, and it also means I’ll likely be creating a bit less content than I did in 2018.


However, I’ll still be answering your questions whenever I can — as I simply LOVE being of value — especially since I remember how much I needed somebody to help me back when I was struggling years ago!


So, I’ll continue create dating/personal development content for single men like you each week. But in 2019, I’ll be adding a twist to my regular videos, blogs, and content…


I reveal the new changes you can expect in 2019 right here:



For me, 2019 is all about growing my investment group.


I’m beyond excited to deploy the skills and abilities I’ve been both sharpening personally — and teaching professionally — to create generational wealth for my family, my partners, and myself.


Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean I’m forgetting about my roots. Between myself and our very own Secret Agent, we will be producing dating content here on a weekly basis. Likewise, I’m a huge believer in the power of personal development — and the cultivation of confidence — and how becoming your best self as a man is paramount to achieving both business success and dating results.


Therefore, these topics will continue to be discussed here on 2019 and beyond, along with business. Hopefully, this excites you. If it does, great. If not,  refer to the past archives, because we’re evolving as we dive in head first into the great unknown that is the future!


That’s it for this one.


Let me know if you’re excited to see the content here evolve in 2019. Drop your takeaways in the comments box below.



To your peak,

Jason Rogers


  1. Jefferey

    Good luck with new venture! Heres to an abundant 2019. Many blessings!

    • Jason Rogers


      Thank you sir! Wishing you an excellent ’19!



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