We are addicted to the unknown. 


Mysteries have fascinated human beings since the dawn of our species.


Think of every great movie you’ve ever watched. I’d bet you there was a big element of surprise and mystery that kept you hooked when you first saw it. Am I right?


Attracting women is no different.


It’s why throwing the girl you like the ol’ curve ball works such wonders…


For example, right as she’s expecting you to carry out some passive small talk, decisively go on offense — and LEAD her on an adventure.


Or, when she expects you to try and take her clothes off, stay patient.


Social Awkwardness Tip 1: Read Facial Cues


And just when you reckon most guys would go left, PIVOT RIGHT.


You want to be unpredictable.


You want to throw her the curveball when she’s least expecting it.


This makes you a mystery. And it’s how you excite the sh*t outta women 😉


7 Ways to Attract Women to You Without Speaking


A perfect example: I recently kissed Jamie for the first time. After we kissed, I could see she was ready for more.


And I’m not gonna lie: so was I!


But I held to my guns, relied on my discipline, and did the unexpected:


I excused myself. And I left her place. Just. like. that.


Sure enough, I had 3 messages from Jaime as soon as I got home, — asking why I left and when we could see each other again.


Can you guess what happened the next time we saw each other? 😉



Here’s the punchline:


When the girl’s expecting a fastball, throw her the curve ball…


…it’s how you keep her on her toes…


Unpredictability is a dominant trait that gets women HOOKED.


#1 Mistake Guys Make Once They Get Her Phone Number


So, give this a shot, alright?


And let me know about the killer results you get once you start throwing your wicked curve ball to women… 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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