Yessir, I’ll tell you the #1 texting trick to keep her interested.


But first, you’re going to have to learn 5 bonus jedi texting tricks — that also keep her hooked on you!


Get Her to Chase You


What can I say? I love over-delivering quality content.  While I don’t believe that you should focus your whole life on “Texting Tricks,” you should be skillful at using the ‘ol telephone to get women chasing you.


Say goodbye to the days of getting painfully ignored… Like this:



Sir, times are changing. Texting matters. Let’s dive into 5 bonus texting tricks — before revealing the #1 texting trick that will ensure she keeps thinking about you 😉


Texting Trick #1: Move Her Away from Text ASAP 

Wait, not what you expected? Good. This is exactly what you want to do romantically — keep the lady on her damned toes!


Let me explain. First of all, consider that when you send a woman a message directly, she knows you’re thinking about HER. Her, specifically. And drowning a woman in attention is a surefire way to send her for the hills. Don’t overcook the steak!


It’s why you want to move her away from text messaging as soon as possible. Connect with her elsewhere — somewhere where she can be reminded of you without you messaging her directly! Think Facebook, instagram, or snapchat.


You can become attractive to women


When you add her and then post on one of these social media platforms, she gets a reminder of you — without you validating her ego with direct attention. Instead of messaging 10 women directly, why not add each girl you’re talking to on your favorite platforms and spark her interest simply by posting to that platform?


Share a funny meme, get philosophical, or better yet, showcase your bustling social and dating life. By posting and aiming to highlight your life using social media platforms (Facebook, instagram, snapchat), the girl gets a reminder of why she likes you.


Now? You’re in her mind. Yet she’s not sure if she’s in yours. This is the mystery that titillates her. As a result, she’ll LOVE the moments when you DO message her directly.


Texting Trick #2: Start Multiple Message Threads & Strategically Pivot

Have you ever sent a stupid text to a woman? I know I have. Starting multiple message threads is the secret to controlling the inevitable mistakes we guys make.


When you have 2-4 message threads going with a girl, if you say something that falls flat in one of them, and she doesn’t respond, simply pivot your conversation with her to a new platform. Go from instagram DM’s to Facebook messenger.


The Ultimate Texting Trick that Keeps Her Hooked


Flip from snapchat to whatsapp. Go to greener pastures. Pivot to a new thread strategically.


Better yet, when she’s the one who’s most recently sent YOU a message, and you’ve yet to respond on a certain platform, if your conversation goes stale on a different platform, just move it to an existing conversation that’s waiting for your response.


Simple. And effective. This is your secret for never blowing up your text conversations simply because of a single mistake. Just move the conversation to a thread that’s already on a roll. 😉


Texting Trick #3: Bait Question, Pause, Deliver Bacon, & Repeat

First, what’s a bait question? Here’s an example of a bait question.


I have a secret…


Notice that “I have a secret” isn’t actually a question, but it sure as hell begs the question: “What’s the secret???” She can’t help but crave an answer. Her mind can’t help but wondering — what’s his secret?


Bait questions, like “I have a secret,” or “I have something to tell you…” generate massive curiosity in her brain. After sending her a bait question, DELAY your response to her inevitable “What’s the secret??” message.


Wait 24 hours or longer before you reveal your secret or your big idea.


Be Smooth like Señor Specter


Don’t respond before the 24 hour window. Hell, don’t even open up her message. The longer you freeze the conversation, the more she thinks about the potential answers to your question. The more she thinks about you.


But here’s the thing: this strategy is only repeatable if you ultimately respond with some juicy bacon — something that excites her emotionally. If you don’t reveal a big secret, something juicy or emotionally stimulating, this strategy quickly becomes a cheap gimmick.


You have to deliver a REAL secret. Give her the bacon! Not kale. And while your secret shouldn’t be you confessing your love, it can be edgy, or something a wee bit naughty 😉


Texting Trick #4: Use Emoji’s to Conceal the Core Idea of Your Text

Right after you text her the bulk idea of your message, finish by sending a NEW, final message with a playful or flirty emoji. You can use multiple emoji’s, or one, this doesn’t matter much.


By the way, if you’ve been in a cave, here’s what emoji’s are 😉


The Ultimate Texting Trick that Keeps Her Hooked


She can’t uncover what you said — from simply browsing her messenger browser. Nope. She needs to open your unique message to get the gold you just sent her 😉


If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s classic, Influence, you know about the commitment – consistently theory. The main gist is this: when you get someone to take one action in a certain direction, it’s way easier for you to influence them to keep walking in that same direction.


Using this texting trick, you get her to open your text. Then?  She’s more likely to keep opening up your messages in the future. Newton said it best: “That which is in motion stays in motion.” Remember that one from physics class?


Newton knows things


LOL. Well, gravity is around now. If Newton were around today, he’s say: she who once opens your messages, continues to open your messages. Adding emoji’s after each message you send ensures she always has to open your message to get the goods inside 😉


Texting Trick #5: Do NOT Send Read Receipts

If you have an iPhone, go to settings, click messages, and then, make sure you do NOT send people who receive your messages read receipts. If you don’t… well… google that shit.


The Ultimate Texting Trick that Keeps Her Hooked


Just hide your damned read receipts! Why does this work? And make her want you? You know by now: the more mystery you create in a woman’s mind, the more likely she is to think about you, like you, and chase you.


You want to limit how much information she gets. She’s intuitive, smart — and emotionally intelligent, already. She doesn’t need any more advantages. Let’s give you the remaining advantages instead 😉


Social Circle From Scratch: 3 Steps to a Badass Social Circle


By simply turning off read receipts whenever possible, you give yourself the freedom to open what she sends and digest her newest message — without giving her the certainty that you’ve even received what she sent.


In her mind, you’re the busy guy — the man with the plan — who hasn’t even had time to read her message. Except… maybe you secretly have. Maybe you’re even thinking three steps ahead… 😉


The Ultimate Texting Trick: STOP Responding For 24+ Hours

The less you text women, the more emotionally impactful your texts become. It’s that simple. It’s why I highly recommend you throw the phone on airplane mode, as I discuss here, and focus on dominating your life’s work instead!


The less you text women, the more easily it’ll be to get her to respond to you. Likewise, when you stop texting women on a regular basis, when you do finally ask her out, she’s MUCH MORE LIKELY to say YES!


Most guys think the more they text girls, the more likely the girl is to accept their invitation when they ask her out. But this isn’t how it actually works. Funny enough, by giving her space to think about you — by not texting her for multiple days at a time, she’s much more likely to accept your invitation when you finally do get around to asking her out.


Try this one. Stop texting women for at least 24 hours. And if you have the discipline, stop texting her for an entire week, or even more if you can! The longer you can “hold out,” the better. Because when you finally do text her, especially when you implement the secrets revealed here in this article, you’ll be veryyyy successful 😉


PS – Want even more?


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