You see that stunning woman. Do you approach her?


You have a chance to speak up and make a big impact. Do you take it?


Your ability to act when it matters will come down to your ability to dominate over your fears — instead of letting them dominate over you.


Today, we’re diving head first into a badass topic: how to take action amid fear. Because we’ve all been there. There’s a challenge in front of us we know we should tackle. But… do we? Do we take that leap of faith, go forward, and blast through our comfort zone?


If we do, the benefits are profound.


More confidence. Higher self esteem.


And of course, the results that come from doing the thing we’re afraid to do. Rather it’s more money, an improved dating and social life, or, simply the internal respect that comes from going big.


But what about those… other… moments. You know. The times we’ve both had where there’s been a challenge right in front of us. Where we’ve known exactly what to do. And yet, because of fear, we have not gone forward.


Instead, we’ve told ourselves, “Eh, I’ll go next time.” Or, “Who cares. I don’t need to do that.” Or, “I can’t. It’s just too much.”


These moments suck! Right? And yet, the first key is this: to accept ourselves regardless of what’s happened in the past. Because here’s the truth: everybody has had moments where fear has been insurmountable.


Nobody’s perfect.


To beat ourselves up for our past only makes the problem worse. Luckily, the days of freezing amid fear can end for good.


What most people don’t know is this: there are countless strategies we can use to ensure we take action amid fear. As a coach for men who helps guys grow and rise towards their peak, it’s my job to help men blast through their comfort zones.


What follows are five of the most powerful strategies I use almost on a daily basis with clients. Use them to take action amid fear. Let’s dive into them so you can transform your life and build more confidence.


And PS, read to the end as each of these strategies can be used in combination to help you become an action taking machine!



Strategy #1 – The Buddy System: This is probably the oldest trick in the book. Having a buddy to support us in a time of need simply works.


We pull strength from support from others, because of our social makeup as human beings. It’s why working with a coach breeds such powerful results.


But you don’t need a coach to benefit from the ‘ol buddy system. Instead, just recruit a friend or family member to join you on the day of your big moment.


Have him or her roll with you to your big speech or important interview. If you’re going out to a networking event or a bar to meet people, bring a good friend along.


Not only will having somebody fill you with confidence when you need it most, but having a friend also keeps you in a social state. Having someone to talk with up to your big moment keeps the fear at bay and imbues you with social momentum you can leverage into success. Use this one.



Strategy #2 – Listen to Music: Another old school, tried and and true strategy. It’s no coincidence that top performers and athletes put on their big headphones and drown themselves in music before performing.


Music is shown to radically alter our emotional state. The key is this: choose music that helps you access the emotional state you desire to perform at your peak in the moment that’s coming up.


If you’re about to deliver a solemn speech, listening to upbeat dance music is the wrong choice. Same thing in the opposite: if you’re about to go out and meet women in a nightclub, listening to Peter Frampton on your way out might not be the right choice.


But when you align the music with your upcoming event, good things happen. Your mind and body become aligned and the fear gets drowned out.


And here’s an extra tip: try listening to music you loved as a child. Especially if you have fond memories from your youth. These old school tunes can take you back to a place where you’re carefree and loose — to the days before stress and fear.


But regardless of whether it’s an old tune or a brand new release, music works. Try it.



Strategy #3: The First Step: Lao Tzu has a profound quote. He said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” The dude was wise. And right. Here’s the thing: anxiety and fear breed from overthinking. Wouldn’t you agree?


Often times, I see clients creating fear inside of their mind by trying to predict what will happen as a result of the action they’re about to take. A big speech?


The fearful guy thinks about all of the ways it could go wrong. “What if I choke?” “Will I forget my lines?” They’re thinking four steps ahead.


Instead, aim to simply focus on the first step — the step right in front of you. Just focus on getting in the car. While driving to the speaking engagement, just focus on thus music and the sound of the engine.


To stick with this example, once you get to the event, take a seat and just focus on this step — the last moment preparation of your notes.


And then, once you get called up, simply think about the step right ahead of you. The first sentence. Then, your first main idea. Next, your second idea. And continue in this way.


Really, the only thing you can ever control is this moment — this step. Any thought beyond right now is frivolous. So, do as Lao Tzu advised. Take the first step. Focus on mastering it. Then, once that step is taken, just take the next step. Master it in the same way.


With this moment to moment focus, soon, the “fearful” experience is in the rear view mirror. And now, you’ve walked the proverbial thousand mile walk.



Strategy #4: What will I lose if I don’t?: Often times, we’re advised to motivate ourselves to take action amid fear by visualizing what we’ll get once we do take action.


We’ve all been told to imagine the improved happiness, confidence, and self esteem. We’re told to visualize the fancy watch, the new car, or the luxurious lifestyle that’ll be bestowed on us when we reach our goals by taking massive action.


But do you know what we’re not usually told…? To imagine what’ll happen if we don’t take action. And yet, this is the truest, most powerful form of motivation.


The loss aversion principle in psychology is well studied. It basically states: humans are motivated between 2 to 3 times more from the fear of loss and pain than we are from the pleasure of reward and gain.


Said simply: we hate to miss out! This desire to not miss out, and lose out, is hardwired into your psychology. Use it to your benefit.


Recall everything you’ll lose out on if you don’t take action. Consider how you’ll feel if you miss out. How will your life lack the goods if you don’t take the scary action despite the fear.


This strategy cuts right to the brutal core of the situation. Yes, it’s leveraging pain. And yes, pain is the most powerful psychological driver of emotion — period. Use it. Or miss out.



Strategy #5: The Accountability Partner: As an entrepreneur, I’ve seen the importance of generating personal motivation. Unlike when you work for someone, being your boss means you have to motivate yourself.


There’s no schedule or “time you have to be at work.” You create your own hours. At first, this is liberating. But then you realize, it’s also a death trap if you aren’t careful.


Because whereas when you have a set schedule with a boss who’s holding you accountable, it’s easy to motivate yourself to get up and get to work on time, it’s harder to maintain that motivation when there’s nobody watching your back.


This realization pulls from the psychological power of accountability. Simply put, human beings are hardwired to do things for others often times before we’ll do it for ourselves. Again, we’re hardwired as social animals. It’s why this strategy works so well.


From this, here’s what you want to do: find somebody you trust, who is naturally a hard-ass, and essentially, tell this person what action(s) you need to take.


Then, have this person check on you to ensure you complete the actions you laid out. This person is your accountability partner.


Having somebody check on you simply works. Especially when you both look up to the person and secondly, that person is willing to come down with the hammer. We hate to let people we respect down.


Because while all of us have let ourselves down at some point in our lives, we fucking loath letting somebody else down. And this drive is even more potent when we look up to the person in question.


It’s why I absolutely recommend you find an accountability partner to hold you accountable as you strive to tackle your fears, build more confidence, and create the life of your dreams. If you’re struggling to act, use this strategy.


And while a coach like myself certainty can be this person, I’d bet you have multiple options in your network if you get creative.


In conclusion: There it is boss — five strategies to help you take action amid fear. Use them in combination. The more you stack on top of one another, the more capable you’ll be of blasting your fears, building confidence, and creating the life of your dreams.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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