I was asked by one of the champs inside of Dominate as a Single Man, the following question…


Since she was the one to send the friend request and not me, is it weird to message her on Facebook?

What do I lead with?

Or, should I just keep playing it off as no big deal and not message her anything?

I just don’t want to mess this up. Would love for her to come to the party.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!”


I reveal the answer in this special NEW podcast episode…

She Added Me on Facebook, Now What? 



She Added Me on Facebook, Now What? - Ep 306

by Jason Rogers | Dominate as a Single Man


Here are the big takeaways from this episode:


First, play to win! Life favors the bold!

Ask yourself, “What do I want?” As I shared in the episode, an affirmation you can tell yourself each day is, “I ALWAYS expect success.” So, instead of thinking “I don’t want to mess this up,” focus on what you want! Guys who thrive in their dating lives are focused on the successful dating outcomes they desire! They play to win! Do the same, señor…


Second, message her within a few minutes of accepting her Facebook friend request!

The reason is simple: it shows you’re decisive. Women are attracted to action takers! She doesn’t want the kind of guy that waits three days to summon up the courage to message her! As my mentor tells me constantly, “Just pull the fucking trigger!” This decisiveness is far better than accepting her friend request, waiting three days, and then finally writing to her. So, if you’re going to accept her Facebook friend request, and if you want to write to her, then write to her JUST after accepting her request! It’s just like the sports metaphor, “Speed kills!”


Third, if you want her to go to the party, then ask her out to the party! 

Our guy who asked this question wants this girl to come to the house party he’s hosting. And yet, I could tell he was a bit reluctant to ask his girl to come. Lots of guys think like this. And I get it: I used to think this way as well! But remember this: life is short. And regret hurts the most — long term. Trust me: getting a “no” beats wondering “what if?” Asking for what you want ensures you MINIMIZE REGRET! So, if you want something, ask for it!


Next, get clear on exactly what dating result you desire with each woman you’re talking to!

Do you want to hook up with her? Sleep with her? Start a friends with benefits relationship? Or make her your girlfriend? Only you can know! And ONLY by getting clear on what YOU want, can you take PRECISE actions to move things in that specific direction! I cannot give you (or any guy on the planet) the perfect line to send the girl — until I know what your perfect outcome with the girl is!


Finally, it’s a hell of a lot easier to “play to win” when you’re talking to lots of women!

Remember this: 99% of the attractive women on this earth are talking to lots of guys! There’s nothing wrong with doing the same in reverse! To be clear: I recommend you start talking to lots of women! Luckily, as I reveal how to do here, you CAN create yourself some dating abundance fast! Doing so keeps you from “trying not to lose” and helps you focus on “playing to win!” Having lots of women you’re talking to also ensures you don’t come from a needy frame!


Bonus: join Dominate as a Single Man to rapidly become hyper-attractive to women!

Dominate as a Single Man is engineered specifically to re-hardwire your mindset, your social skills, and your life — so that you become more attractive, confident, and successful. What I see is this: most guys never COMMIT to dominating their dating lives. But when you finally get skin in the game and invest in yourself? Finally, you’ll have both 1) the resources and 2) the right environment, to become the man you know you’re capable of! As you’ll see when you click here, lots of guys are transforming their dating results and lives with this membership! And for a limited time, you can get started for just $1!


Now, I want to hear from YOU! Let me know what your biggest takeaway from this article is! Write in the comments box below…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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