The secret to become sexy to women without being clever or witty? Simple. Master your “non-verbals”…


By non-verbals, I mean all the other means of communication besides the words you speak themselves. As the famous U.C.L.A. research study shows, people don’t judge you very much based on your words…



Just look! Only 7% of how you’re perceived comes down to the words you say themselves — according to this academic study! It’s the other nob-verbals, like your tone of voice, facial expressions, sense of humor, eye contact, and body language that make the real difference!


And while this information gives you a head start, knowledge alone isn’t enough. It’s your ability to embody strong non-verbals that makes all the difference! Let’s dive deeper into how you can sharpen your non-verbals, so that you attract women to you — even if you’re not particularly witty!


How to Be Sexy to Women Without Being Witty


There you have it sir, a masterclass on how to be sexy even if you’re not particularly witty or clever!


Again, it all goes down to your ability to embody strong, confident, attractive, masculine non-verbals!


So, with your newfound realizations that you’ve gained from the video above? Get out there.


Apply what you’ve learned by talking to women and “subtly strutting” your best stuff. Remember — trying too hard is a sure fire way to look un-attractive. So, never try to “force” the non-verbal practices you’ve learned in the video above.


Rather, embody them subtly. This is the fastest way to become far more attractive to women!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your takeaway from this one? Share in the comments box below…


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