I get a variation of this question all the time… It usually goes something like this…


“When should I approach, Jason??”


Or, it sounds like this…


“Can I approach her at the coffee shop if she’s on her laptop?”


And here’s another one I get all the damned time…


“Is it okay to approach if she’s with her friends?”


You guys wanna know: when is the perfect time to approach that stunning woman! I respect the question. It means you guys are looking to TAKE ACTION and MAKE MOVES.


It’s why I wanted to answer this question once and for all. And give you the truth about the PERFECT time to start a conversation with a beautiful woman.


In the powerful video below, I reveal the perfect moment to approach that stunning woman you have your eye on.


Watch this video below. Then, at the end of the video, be sure to click the subscribe icon so you never miss out. And lastly, know that from experience, I can tell you that learning the perfect time to approach will skyrocket your dating results.


Now, without further adieu…




Now you know the answer. Let me know in the comments below how learning the perfect time to approach that stunning woman is going to impact your dating results from here on out.


I want to know your biggest takeaway, and how this information will change your approaches from here on out.



To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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