Have you ever heard the sports metaphor, “The best defense is a good offense”? Or, perhaps you’ve heard the advice to, “fight fire with fire.” Well, the same advice applies when dealing with a woman’s games, which I’ve discussed in a prior article here. In this one, it’s my intention to reveal how to “one up” a woman’s games so that you flip the power script, assert your dominance, and make her more attracted to you. 


See, one of the biggest mistakes guys make with women is “backing down.” By backing down, what I mean is simply not standing up for yourself, not challenging what a woman says, or otherwise being passive.


Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, virtually all women challenge, tease, and otherwise test men. They do this in order to see where the man’s boundaries are. While she won’t likely verbalize it, a woman wants you (as the MAN) to hold firm and stand up for himself. It’s only by saying “NO!” (which all men must learn to do) that she finally feels your masculine power.


Trust me: you’ll never arouse women by being a “Yes Man!”


Truth be told? The picture below illustrates the far more likely response being a “yes-man” will elicit from women…



Most men (mistakenly) believe that if they disagree with a woman or say no to her, that she’ll leave! Oh, how wrong the vast majority of men are…


Yet, the fact that most men think (and therefore act) in this way means you’ll rapidly separate yourself from the mediocre masses of men when you do “one up” a woman’s games, tests, and challenges.


For example, I recently made a comment about a girl’s butt who I’m seeing (she has a killer ass was was wearing yoga pants, so I had to!). Naturally, she preferred the double standard of showing off her ass without having it be a topic of discussion!


She retorted without a hint of sarcasm, “You are NOT allowed to talk about my butt!”


On Cat Calling, Complimenting, and Objectifying Women


So, do you know what I did?


I made jokes about her ass for the rest of the day! Of course, this pissed her off at first. But eventually, she got over it. More importantly, since I didn’t give in to her “don’t talk about my butt” rule? She realized I’m not the kind of guy she can manipulate, “play,” or otherwise “walk over!”


In turn, she had more respect for me, saw me as more of a man, and consequently became more aroused by me — because women instinctually find themselves attracted to men they cannot control. I discuss this power dynamic here.


But back to the topic. The story above about the girl’s butt is a perfect example of how to “one up” a woman’s games. Do the same in your life. Of course, the context will likely be different, but the basic principle of standing up for yourself, your freedom of speech, and your principles will remain the same.


When you get this right? You’ll see women are attracted to you like bees are drawn to honey, or like girls are drawn to Hank Moody… 


7 Strategies to Be Dominant In Your Social Circle Revealed


Here’s another one…


A different girl I’m currently sleeping with asked me if she could come over. Notably, at the time which she asked to come over, we hadn’t ever hooked up. So, instead of passively saying yes — and letting her infringe on my time, my stocked kitchen, and balcony with a view?


Instead, I texted her, “No, you can’t come.”


Of course, she inserted a bunch of emoji’s (to show she was frustrated to be declined) and then asked why I had told her “no.” (Note that she’s a beautiful nineteen year old girl, so the odds are hearing “no” from a guy was something she’s rarely experienced.  


I took several days to reply to all her messages. When I finally did? I texted her, “I said no because I don’t have time for female friends in my life right now” 


Sure enough, we were sleeping together less than 72 hours later. 


Note that telling women you don’t have time for female friends is an excellent way to get out of the friend zone.


Because while most men lack the confidence, courage, or whatever you want to call it, to “one up” a woman’s games, I’ve found that doing so is the fastest and most effective way to establish your dominance as a man.


Of course, when you one up a woman in the way I’m describing here, you will polarize women. Consequently, many women will become hyper-attracted to you.


Dominate by Mastering Your Emotions - Part 1


But on the other hand, YES — you will drive some women away when you “one up” them! And that’s okay! Trust me. Either way, you’re better off without women who can’t handle the totality of your masculinity. 


Furthermore, if you’re an ambitious man focused on making both a massive income and an even bigger impact? Then you don’t have time to “hang out” with women as their “friend.” No way, Jose!


Your time is valuable! Don’t let anyone (including a sexy woman) waste it!


You only get one life! And while I know this notion has become cliche and over-posted on instagram, the fact remains that the clock is always ticking! Honor yourself by respecting your time! Never let a woman waste it! 



You’ve got a business to build, clients to close, and moves to make! Right? It’s this philosophy that equips me with the certainty that “one-upping” a woman’s games is the best thing I can do.


When you follow suit and do the same, you’ll suddenly feel a confidence that comes from essentially telling women, “It’s either my way or the high way! So take your pick, Sweetheart!”


But, if you’ve never established yourself with women in this way, this can be a difficult transition (I know from experience — I used to be an awkward virgin!). 



It’s for this reason that I created a brand new video for you, to help you learn how to “one up” a woman’s games — and flip the power script. Because no matter where you are on the spectrum of confidence and success with women, you can take things to a whole new level. 


This video embedded below will give you an epic head-start. Watch it right here, right now…


How to “One Up” A Woman’s Games (Flip The Power Script)


It’s as simple as that, sir. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, get out there and start challenging women when you feel they’re trying to encroach on your boundaries and principles!


Stand up for yourself in a way that’d make your masculine role model proud!


Lastly, remember that even if doing so turns the woman off? In the long term, sharpening your ability to “one up” a woman’s games will not only equip you with newfound confidence, but it’ll also make you far more attractive to women! 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from everything that’s been presented here? I want to hear from you, sir. Share in the comments box below…


  1. Marcus

    Jason you have helped me through a lot and I want to thank you you helped me build my confidence up so high. And Wow I have had five dates last week and they seen the man I became and they were all over it. You training is great. I tried different ones and they tried to sale me information but you gave me the stuff I needed to become this person. You awesome. Got a fuck date tonight 12.04.2018. And by the way the confidence got a a raise at work as well. Its been a lot of changes in my life. Its a process bit its working.

    • Jason Rogers

      Keep up the good work Marcus. And let me know how if I can further help



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