What if there was one simple “law” that, if followed, could virtually guarantee you both the sex life and the financial wealth you desire?

Would you want to know more…?

Look. Such a law exists. And while what we’re about to discuss isn’t “magic” or “the law of attraction,” I can assure you that if you consistently apply this one simple law — both in your career and/or with women — that you’ll achieve results likely beyond your wildest imagination.

I break it down for you right here:


This one “law” virtually ensures success (both financially & sexually)


The one “law” you can follow to virtually guarantee success both with women and in business is the law of large numbers. In short, the law of large numbers simply uses math you learned before 3rd grade to ensure you enjoy big time success as an adult.


Let me give you an example…


Say you want to get a job as a lawyer at a top law firm. Applying the law of large numbers, you can essentially guarantee you land your dream job. But, how?


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Instead of applying to five law firms, send your cover letter and resume to each of the top 50 law-firms! Moreover, take the law of large numbers a step further by sending your application package to multiple branches within the same firm (i.e. send your application package to the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami offices) — instead of just sending your package to one branch.


Or, say you want to date a super attractive woman.


Once again, the law of large numbers — when used consistently — virtually guarantees you success. Simply put, instead of talking to only one or two super attractive women each week, talk to 10 or 20! Once again, by increasing your “outbound” efforts, you stack the deck in your favor.


Think of it like this: if you talk to only two attractive women a week, you “need” to “succeed” with 50% of the women you engage during the week to have a successful week.


On the otherhand, by talking to 20 women a week, you only need a 5% “success rate” to achieve your goal. Moreover, when you continue your rate of talking to 20 attractive women a week for five weeks? 


Now, your efforts mean you only need a 1% success rate to achieve your goal — and date a very attractive woman. See the difference?



Moreover, the advantage of applying the law of large numbers isn’t only mathematical; it’s also psychological. 


Let me explain. See, if you’re interviewing with 10 different law firms, or when you’re texting 15 different attractive women, suddenly, you’re able to engage in a confident “playing to win” manner.


On the otherhand, if you only have one interview, or just two dates? Here, you’re likely to be more reserved, conservative, and defensive. The reason’s simple: with less options, you don’t want to “mess up”.


But when you use the law of large numbers — and stack your pipeline full of different options? Suddenly you’re engaging your goals from a place of power, abundance, and choice.


This in turn gives you newfound confidence. In turn, you increase your chances of success in each specific “interaction”. It becomes an upwards spiral! A self fulfilling prophecy fueled by the momentum that comes from good ol’ fashioned confidence.


How to


Put simply, applying the law of large numbers to whatever goal(s) you have virtually ensures success. Here’s what I can tell you after having worked with male clients from (4) different continents — for thousands of hours cumulatively:


The only challenge is learning to habitually apply the law of large numbers in your life. 


Most men in the 21st century aren’t prepared nor primed to consistently “reach out” — in order to unlock their desires. For various reasons, most guys I’ve historically coached feel that if they talk to five women, but only two show initial interest, that they’ve failed three times. 


This type of thinking — and the negative emotions associated — keep guys from taking enough action to land their dream job, attract their perfect partner, get the lending they need to begin growing their investment portfolio, or to achieve whatever goal(s) they have! 


Never forget: everything you could ever want is simply a bunch of inquiries away.



I’ve seen this to be true time and time again. Moreover, by applying the law of large numbers, not only do you both 1) get the math stacked in your favor, 2) increase your confidence by increasing your options, but you also 3) learn how to more effectively “ask” for what you want.


Trust me when I say, you’ll definitely get better at talking to women once you’ve met 50 attractive women in the last month! The same applies in every other arena in life! Repeatedly taking action is the “secret” to leveling up your skills. Just think: could elite athletes perform at such a high level without practicing?


The law of large numbers works like magic. So, what are you waiting for?


Get out there, apply the law of large numbers in your life, and succeed. And, if you’d like a simple 3-step formula to ensure you can take initial action — and proceed to create an avalanche of action taking momentum — then be sure to check out “The Confidence Building Sequence,” which I’ll teach you to use in a free training you’re welcomed to sign up for right here. 

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Note that the training linked above won’t hard-sell you.


What you can expect is a value-rich 3-part video training series. In it, you’ll uncover precisely how I’ve helped my coaching clients supercharge their confidence — and accelerate towards their goals — by applying The Confidence Building Sequence in their lives.


It’s my hope that you’ll apply the strategies revealed in that training so that you too can unlock the results you desire. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – Tell me how you plan to use this one law in your life — in the comments box below.


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