Sick of going out on the weekends, wasting your money, and going home empty handed?


If so, then you’re not alone! Listen up, sir…


There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s DEFINITELY more than one way to get a whoooole lot of sexual enjoyment. 😉


I Believe Nightclubs Suck! Here Are My 5 Reasons Why…


Why Dating Success Is NOT Like Achieving Career Success


#1: Nightclubs Suck Because You Pay a Cover Fee, Whereas a Woman Doesn’t

This immediately stacks the deck in the favor of a woman. Why would I want to center how I meet women around an environment that charges me for something that it doesn’t charge a woman?


Of course, if you DO go out to the clubs regularly? Then make sure you build relationships with promoters, door guys, etc. — so that you start getting in on-the-house!


But as you’re going to see? I’ve found a better way to meet sexy women than charming club promoters and door guys. More on this, in a minute…


#2: Nightclubs Suck Because Women “Look” Much Better Than They Really Do

If she looks like a “9” in a club? She’s probably a 7 — physically. Women know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to “over inflating” their physical appearance.


Whether it’s pushing her boobs up by wearing an undersized bra, putting on the high-heels, blowdrying her hair, or putting on makeup for three hours ahead of time?


Just know that Cindy from the club wouldn’t look nearly as good physically — the morning after.


#3: Nightclubs Suck Because You’re One of Many Men Competing for Women

It’s a show dog competition in there, sir. You and I both know it. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for competition. But does going out to the club to meet women really make sense?


Especially when women are getting schmoozed, validated and complimented by the minute — meaning your equivalent “game” is less likely to work.


It’s simple supply and demand.


And, in the case of the club? She’s getting a HIGH supply of male attention — which means her demand for you (as one of many men competing for her) is more likely LOW.


Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t get down in the club, because you sure-as-shit can! However, there are better opportunities to meet women than the club…


#4: Nightclubs Suck Because They Destroy Your Sleep Cycle

Call me crazy, but I’m WAY MORE FOCUSED on dominating my mission as a man, making a ton of money, and impacting a whoooole lot of people, than I am getting laid. This is the #1 reason I personally don’t go out to nightclubs.


Going out from 10pm until 3:45am messes up my routine, my schedule, and my internal clock. If you’re an ambitious person with good habits, you know that staying up until the wee-hours of the morning is the enemy of productivity.


Consistency is the game. It’s why I always recommend guys meet women during their life — instead of making their weekend life circle around night clubs.


#5: Nightclubs Suck Because The Music Wants to Smother Smooth Verbal Game

If you’ve had success with women, you know how important it is to charm her. Personally? It’s the words that flow from my mouth that represent a key part of how I attract women.


But when the club is bumping some awful rap track? How the hell am I supposed to do what I gotta do? It’s definitely tougher to get your best stuff into her ear when the music is too damned high.


Smooth verbal game is nullified by the beats.


This is yet another reason why in my estimation, nightclubs suck…


Luckily, not all is lost, señor!


Whereas the nightclub is set up to work AGAINST you?


There are other “venues” that are completely flipped in YOUR FAVOR!


If you’re ready to give up “chasing chicks” for a life of success, sex, and satisfaction, then this video is for you:


Why Nightclubs Suck, MGTOW, & The #1 Way to Meet Women


Instead of chasing women around? Start dogging women DURING YOUR DAY — as you dominate your mission as a man! Instead of chasing chicks in the club on Saturday nights? Start sparking sexual escapades — at high noon!


Chat up the chica drinking the cappuccino — who’s in the coffee shop you’re working at.


Go get that girl in the grocery store — as you get yourself only the ripest of avocados.


Start something on the street — as you slide out for a subway sandwich.


Don’t let the fact that nightclubs suck hold you back from an abundant sex life! 


Meeting women — as you live your life — is far more organic and natural. And it’s easier to succeed when you meet women “during your life!” Trust me: this new approach makes it far easier to attract women!  


When you approach sexy women — as they pass through your peripheral vision? You’ll see that when you meet her at 1pm, she isn’t…

  • with her two best friends in the club,
  • dolled up with three hours worth of makeup,
  • confidently inebriated — four shots of liquor deep


Instead? She’s sweaty and her mascara is dripping, because she just finished her run 😉




Suddenly, without these “club advantages,” the tables turn!


When she lacks this huge, unfair “club specific” 1am advantage?


You’ll find it’s wayyyy easier to meet, attract, and seduce women! The name of the game is taking action each day! Doing so will make you feel very confident in yourself!


YES – taking action (by starting conversations with women) as you dominate each day IS the name of the game.


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!


And as I explain in the blog linked in the paragraph above? Confidence to meet women as you cruise through your each and every day IS the secret to a sex life you freakin love! So even if you get anxious when you see a sexy girl? Push through! Don’t let approach anxiety hold you back! Instead, learn how to destroy your approach anxiety in just 3-steps, here.


Taking action — meeting a new cutie each day — is the requirement I’ve consistently used to ensure I engineer myself a killer sex life.


Because if you’re not taking action daily? Then good luck!


Unless you’re a college quarterback, a famous DJ, or a C.E.O. of a fortune 500 company? You’re not going to enjoy a satisfying sex life unless you’re chatting up chicks each day!


If you haven’t noticed, women don’t usually approach men! 😉


Ultimately, it comes down to this: how hungry are you for a better life? 


If you’re ready to supercharge your confidence, your happiness, and your success as a man, then take action upon the ideas and links imbedded within this in-depth guide.


Jason rogers with women pimp


Here’s the one last piece of advice I’ll leave you with. Know that consistently doing the following changed my sex-life forever:


Start tracking the number of times you meet a woman each day.


Write the number in your calendar or journal. Then? Apply the advice I shared towards the end of the video imbedded above. Try to do one more approach than you did the day before.



This system — where you track the number of approaches you did each day — builds both your personal accountability and your internal competitiveness.


Soon? You’ll be approaching women on auto-pilot — like a confident beast.


This is precisely what happened to me. After tracking my approaches each day? Within a three month period? I went from an awkward dork into a dude who was crushing it with women.


You can read my story here.


Confidence 101: How I Built My Confidence (And How You Can Too!)


But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.


You now have the information you need to dominate your dating life. Know that information like this is power — but only if it’s acted upon. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take action upon the advice you’ve uncovered in this article!


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this in-depth report? Share in the comments box below…


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