I reckon the title speaks for itself, but I’ll make the point again: never bump a woman from coach to 1st class without proper reason!


But perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What does he mean by that?”


Put simply, I hear from guys almost every single day who get dumped or cheated on because they responded to a woman’s bitchy behavior by being “even nicer” to her. Guys who feel they’re “barely hanging on to their relationship” often go the extra mile to please their woman.



The problem is that usually, the woman is acting in a way where a proper guy would kick her to the curb! It all comes down to the metaphor: never bump a woman up from coach to first class without a proper reason. 


Just consider: how would you feel if you were about to take off, and the most obnoxious customer on the whole plane got a promotion to first class? Of course, you’d be pissed. And, you’d probably never fly with that airline again! Right?


When a woman acts out of line, never try to “smooth the waters” — by acting neutral. Punish her bad behavior.


See, many guys reward bad behavior and teach their girl that it’s okay for her to act like a crazy, rude, or inconsiderate! Which is illogical to do, yet guys do it all the time! It’d be like if you gave your dog a treat when it took a shit on your new rug.


Doing so would incentivize the dog to keep shitting on the rug.


How to instantly turn on women


It’s the same in your dating life.


If a girl you’re seeing metaphorically shits on the rug (by acting bitchy or flakey for example), you must punish this behavior! You can so by not calling her again or dumping her. Or, punish her bad behavior by telling her she needs to leave your place — as in right NOW.


On the other hand, you’re absolutely good to reward good behavior! In fact, you SHOULD do so. This is how you “teach” your girl to be a good girl you actually really enjoy! When your girl does something you like? Let her know. Tell her thank you! Or even, do something in return that you know she likes. 


To be clear: there is NOTHING wrong with treating a woman right, and bumping her up to first class. The key is WHY you’re doing it.


Only give your girl an upgrade when it’s deserved.


The same applies when you take a girl you’re dating and you then “upgrade” her to your new girlfriend.


Never upgrade a woman from coach to first class without reason! Often, guys who “upgrade” their girl to their new girlfriend (or new wife) quickly watch their relationship crumble.


Of course, the reason is that the girl often acted abusive, manipulative, or otherwise poor to get the upgrade. Whenever a woman tries to coerce you into doing something, do the opposite!


The only way a girl you’re dating should get the relationship upgrade (i.e. from a girl you’re dating to girlfriend, or from your girlfriend to getting engaged) is if her behavior truly has earned it. Never forget, there are countless fish in the sea, just as there are an infinite amount of single women to meet (and potentially date).


Along those lines, never let a woman pressure you into anything. And if a woman ever does start applying pressure into the relationship? In order to “force” what she wants upon you — even if it’s not what you want? Then run! Dump her! Maintain your sovereignty! 


I talk about this more in the newest video. Let’s dive in…


Never Bump Her Up From Coach To 1st Class Without Reason


There you have it, sir. I think this one’s been laid out as clearly as possible. So at this point, my job is done. It’s all about your ability to execute what you’ve learned here — so that you never get taken advantage of!


With that all said, now I want to hear from you. Drop your biggest takeaway or question in the comments section below. 


To your peak,

Jason Rogers



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