It’s a timeless debate amongst men: do you need to be tall, rich, and handsome to attract sexy, high quality women? Some say you absolutely do! Others claim that looks, height, nor money matter whatsoever!




I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve never been a believer in making black or white statements — as I believe most things in life are tinged with varying shades of grey.


That all said, here’s what I’ve seen with my own two eyes:


You can attract high quality women without the looks, the height, or the money.


And before you tell me I’m crazy, here me out. First, I am not saying that it’s going to be as easy for you — if you lack the height, the looks, and/or the money. Certainly, it’ll be easier for the tall, rich, handsome guy to get a girl than for Danny Devito’s poor twin.


Do you need looks, height, and money to get girls?


Now, what I am saying, however, is that it can be done. Meaning, it is possible to attract high quality, great looking women without looks, height, nor money.


Again, before you call me crazy, hear me out.


In the video linked below, I reveal both academic research and the antecdotal evidence that support my claim. Let’s dive right into this one…


NO: you do not need looks or height to get girls


I’ll be honest: I thought this video alone would settle the score. Boy was I wrong!


Sure enough, multiple individuals shared opinions in the youtube comments section below this video. One commenter (before the video premiered) wrote, “Stop lying. I will call and debate you on this. Please don’t snake oil.”

I challenged this commenter to debate me. I’ve yet to hear back from him. Note he certainly wasn’t the only non-believer. Another commenter wrote the following:

“Nope nope nope nope…when I was in my 20s I was a pushover, sissy beefcake that lifted weights…girls thought I was dumb but didn’t give a shit…shut up and fuck me was what they buddy you are doing a disservice for men by speaking this garbage. Men are committing suicide and being shamed. If you want to help guys tell the fucking truth. Now Go fuck yourself.”

Quite the response, eh? 

So, I figured I should reply to comments such as this. If I received these types of replies within the first 48 hours of posting the video imbedded above, then surely there must be lots of men who don’t believe it’s possible to attract quality women without looks, money, or height. 

To help elaborate on my point of view, I recorded a second video to dive into this topic.

Moreover, I was joined by the very individual whom formed a good portion of my position in the first video — my brother. Indeed, as a 5’6″, 110-115lb college student, my brother doesn’t exactly have the aforementioned criteria some claim are needed to attract quality women.

Nevertheless, as I shared in the first video, my brother has always done very well with women. So, instead of just talking him up, he (reluctantly) agreed to shoot the following video with me. We discuss how he’s done very well with women — without having a big bank account, supermodel looks, brand name clothes, nor above average height.

Do you need looks, money, & height to get girls? (2.0)


After two videos on this topic, I’ve exhausted all the ideas, research, and anecdotal evidence available to me. It’s my hope that between these videos, and the commentary that links them together, that you indeed see the potential in yourself to create your dream dating life — even if you’re not 6’3″ with a Bentley and a killer tan.


Though I’m not a martial arts guy, I absolutely love the following quote from Bruce Lee…


“As you think, so shall you become.”


To me, his point is self-evident: if you think you can, you probably can! And, if you think you cannot? Well, good luck! Because you’re going to need plenty of it!


do you need looks, height, and money to get girls?


Given the reality of self-fulfilling prophecies, both for positive and negative outcomes, why not trust that you can — if you finally commit to creating the (dating) life of your dreams — irrespective of your background, makeup, and genetics?


But hey, that’s just my opinion.


What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – I mean it! Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you! Write in the comments box below…


  1. bob Battaglini

    Jason…… Thank you for this…. It’s all about going out and sucking, getting knocked down, getting back up, learning and trying again…..every time you come up short…… you learn…… When we see some one who is a rock star at what we want to do, we see the results of years if not decades of sucking and getting better. Sorry folks. there is NO magic pill. Decide what you want, fix it in your mind, and decide no mater what happens you will get there.

    • Jason Rogers


      This mentality will get you far. Go get to work! You WILL improve — especially if you apply the best practices shared here on the blog.



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