Ever wondered how to truly dominate your dating life?


If so, I relate.


I used to always wonder “what it was like” in the minds of men who were totally dominant around women…


Funny enough, as I get to that point nearly 10 years later, It’s wayyyyy different than I expected.


Only 3-4 years ago, I thought I “got it” at the highest level…


Boy was I wrong.


At the time, I was an intermediate guy.


But with more study, action, reflection, and improvement…


I’ve since learned the subtle distinctions that’ll help you dominate with women…

Here they are…


Intermediate Guys versus Advanced Guys (in a nutshell…)


Here are the real differences…


Intermediate guys think they’re winning when they keep telling joke after joke and the girl keeps giggling


So they go on and on and on… Potentially all night long… Telling joke after joke…


An advanced guy knows that women can’t become deeply sexually aroused while giggling


He knows there are far more naughty sides to her personality than some giggling…


He’ll crack a few jokes when needed, but also knows when comedy hour needs to come to a close.


Intermediates think talking more shows their confidence. So they go on and on and on. In their mind, they think they’re truly “dominating” the conversation — thus turning the woman on.


An advanced guy knows the person who’s silent most has the most power.


So he’ll ask excellent questions, collect information, read body language, and observe her mood. Then, he’ll speak up exactly when his comment adds something clear and beneficial.


Or, an advanced guy is just doing his own thing — not giving a single fuck about anything related to the woman whatsoever.


Here’s another one: unlike an intermediate, an advanced guy has become comfortable as hell basking in a sea of silence…😉


(Notice the difference in facial expressions… This is exactly what you want… Just basking in that sea…)

Eye Contact: How to Attract a Woman Simply with Your Eyes


Lastly, an intermediate guy will rely on one or two of his “go-to-moves.” On the other hand, an advanced guy has a deep arsenal of skill-sets and uses the precise one on a moment-by-moment basis…


Intermediate versus advanced. The differences are subtle.


I talk about more subtle secrets to success with women in this video…



It’s in executing these subtle differences that you go from having some success with women…


…to becoming super successful… 😉


Which is what you want, right?


Cuz together, you can get it.


You gotta get skin in the game.


And if you’re ready to, I say…


Let’s start now.


Take a sneak peak inside Dominate as a Single Man…


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ready to Double Your Confidence?


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