Wanna enjoy an abundant sex life? With more than one woman? Yes? Then listen up: you can enjoy multiple sexual relationships HONESTLY…


As you’ll see in a minute, there’s really only three components to enjoying an abundant sex life.


While I’d recommend you watch the video below for the full scoop, the name of the game comes down to the following 3-steps:


  • First, meet a cute woman each day — so you’re always coming from abundance. The mindset you need to create multiple sexual relationships is as follows. “Girl, this is the life I lead. I’m sexual. You can take it or leave it, but I won’t be changing.” Know that women may try to convince you that being polygamous is wrong — that you should be monogamous instead. Your ability to hold strong is paramount! But it’s only possible if you’re meeting women daily!
  • Second, be honest and up front. Quickly share you’re a sexual guy who’s NOT looking for a serious relationship. I always tell women early on that, “I’m a fun-loving, adventurous, sexual guy — not the type who’s looking to get married anytime soon!” This frame sets the tone, saves everyone time, and polarizes women (in a good way!).
  • Finally, invite the women you meet over to your place quite quickly. Then, when she does come over? Make things happen, captain! Let her know that she turns you on. Tell her you can’t wait to rip her clothes off. Watch as the temperature gets hotter and hotter between the two of you! And be honest if she does ask you about your sex-life (she rarely will).
  • Bonus: show, don’t tell. If you want women to chase you — instead of you chasing them? Then use instagram, facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to show yourself favorably! Post pictures and videos of you with women on your social networks. This gets other women to see you’re a “preselected” guy women already desire. In turn, women will subconsciously conclude you’re both 1) a high-value guy lots of women want, and 2) a sexual guy with skills in the bedroom.



Never believe you need to lie to enjoy a lifestyle with multiple sexual relationships! 


This simple 3-step process (with the bonus “show, don’t tell” add-on as the cherry on top) has allowed me to enjoy multiple sexual relationships in an honest, healthy, non-manipulative way.


Even though some “pickup gurus” suggest you must lie, deceive, or use their “proven lines” to create an abundant sex life? I can tell you from first hand experience that the truth will function juuuust fine for you… 😉


But as with anything worth obtaining, the devil’s in the details. So, if you’re serious about enjoying multiple sexual relationships honestly? Then I absolutely recommend you dive into the in-depth video below I made for you. It dives much deeper, into this very topic…




For most guys, the biggest obstacle they face towards creating an abundant sex life is having enough women in their “pipeline.” As I reveal how to do here, you should always be meeting a cute woman each day. Meeting a cutie on the daily is the simplest way to ensure you never come from a needy, compromising place — that stems from scarcity!


Next? Remember to always communicate your sexual nature right out of the gate. Let her know you’re not “boyfriend material.” This ensures you never get put into the friend zone! Being direct from the beginning also ensures you both 1) attract women who are open to having some bedroom fun, and 2) repel women who are looking for the engagement ring!


The beautiful thing about communicating from a place of sexuality up front is that, if a woman maintains her interest after your bold, sexual statements? The chances are she’s not far away from saying YES to some private fun… 😉


Honest really is the secret to unlocking multiple sexual relationships.


And remember, if a woman ever asks you about your sexual lifestyle? It’s okay to tell her the truth. As I revealed in the video above, this happened to me just two weeks ago. The girl asked the last time I had sex. After I told her the truth? We proceeded into a freaky time!


As the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free…”


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – what’s been your biggest takeaway from this one? I want to hear from YOU. Share in the comments box below. Let’s keep the conversation going. Note: use a pen-name if you’d like to keep yourself anonymous… 😉


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