I recently saw a video where Morgan Freeman reveals the secret to easily attracting women to you. If you’ve ever wanted to get women to chase you… Then you’re in the right place! Get the dating results you desire… 😉


Here’s what Morgan Freeman said…


The way you attract women to you is simple: give her the space to chase!


Most guys overwhelm women with tons of interest, a constant barrage of compliments, and non-stop text messages. But not you… You don’t. You’re different.


It’s your ability to create space for her to chase that gets you results. But you may be asking yourself… how?


Sure, Morgan Freeman gets women chasing him cuz he’s famous.


But what if you’re just a normal guy, like I am?


It begs the question…


How Exactly Should You Get Women to Chase You?

Ready? Then let’s dive in…


First, one excellent way to get women chasing is to tease her.


Playfully teasing a woman, perhaps by calling her a dork when she spills something, puts her in a position to chase for your approval. Here’s a few other ways to banter with her, each of which I’m sure señor Morgan Freeman would enjoy trying…


  • When you first see her, quip, “Well well well… if it isn’t my delightful looking stalker. How are you?”
  • When she looks at you, say, “Hey trouble maker, stop thinking about me like that…”
  • And when you’re leaving, warn her, “Last thing… Try not to think about me too much… Okay?”


With each of these playful lines, the key is to keep it nonchalant and playful. If you say these banter lines with too much seriousness or intensity, the vibe gets weird. Instead, tease her similarly to how you’d banter with your dorky female cousin.


Here’s another way to get women to chase: share a reason why the two of you should just be friends.


Try something like this… “I should let you know that you’re a great girl. Man, you’re total female friend material.”




By putting her in your friend zone, suddenly, she’s going to wonder why you don’t desire her like most men do. I’m sure Morgan Freeman would approve of this one, cuz it works so damned well!


And while those two tips work wonders, neither are as effective as what I’d love to reveal to you next…


Best of all, the upcoming tip is SUPER EASY to do. It’s by far the piece of advice you can put into play and get results FASTEST with… If you want to get results with women fast, then keep reading…


The Easiest Way of All to Attract Women? 

To be honest, this one is too good to share just anywhere. It’s what you might call… classified information. It’s simply too powerful for just anyone to get their hands on it. 😉


Just imagine how many guys would suddenly begin EFFORTLESSLY ATTRACTING WOMEN if I revealed my #1 easiest and most effective strategy — to the public! 


The EASIEST Way to Make Her Chase YOU


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