Two weeks ago, a model friend of mine was texting me.


She was in a bad mood.


She started being a bitch.



So, as opposed to letting her walk all over me, here’s what i told her:


“I don’t know what’s up your vagina, but stay the fuck away from me until you get it out.”


Guys, you MUST be able to call a chick out on her illogical, entitled bullshit.


If you can’t? You’ll get walked on. Manipulated. Used.


You wont get laid.


And worst of all?


You will feel like a LITTLE BITCH.


Guys: stand up. 


Be willing to say NO to her (even if she’s a model).


Be willing to disagree with her (ESPECIALLY if she’s a model with an IQ of 77).


The fact that she’s hot and you wanna have sex with her? That’s NOT a reason to bend to her (illogical) will!



Cultivate the ability to CALL OUT a hot woman (or anyone for that matter)!


It’s time to re-kindle a NEW WAVE OF 21st CENTURY MASCULINITY.


Trust me — the world is STARVING for real, dominant, alpha males!


Which is precisely what I help men become every single damned day.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


Ps –  Learn how to dominate as a single man here

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  1. Rocko

    A-men Jason! You speak words of truth. We seriously need more men like you


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