Let me explain the mindset that keeps men from attracting hot women, like this…


If a woman is HOT…?


But if she isn’t funny, smart, entertaining, or exciting…?


Then why should you value her for anything more than her attractiveness? And thus — what she offers sexually?


Hint: there’s no logical answer… 😉


Yet, most guys put the proverbial pussy on the pedestal (which is a toxic mindset)!


Most guys value women as Goddesses just because they’re hot.




It’s absurd.




A sure-fire mentality that’ll screw up your sex life!


I can tell you that most hot women bring nothing to the table but their looks..


Funny enough — when you treat hot, meathead women in this way? As a hot piece of ass? When you embrace her for her sexuality?


And when you stop pretending like she’s also a philosopher — when she’s clearly NOT?


She’ll be far more likely to embrace her sexuality with you!


9 Steps to Move a Date Towards Sex (Step-by-Step Guide)


…which IS what you want… Right?


I’ll say it like this, slick…


If you want an epic sex life? Then the solution is simple as 1-2-3.


FIRST, you’ve gotta commit to taking action. (Go talk to women each day!)


SECOND, you’ve gotta get your head right. (Stop over-valuing hot women as goddesses — especially when they bring NOTHING else to the table)


THIRD, you’ve gotta keep taking action while improving your mindset and skill set. (mindset has already been discussed, i.e. don’t put the pussy on the pedestal; skill-set = your social skills and sexual skills)


When you do these 3 things?


You WILL transform into a dominant man women crave and men respect.


Results WILL Come When YOU Become DOMINANT.


YES – You need to be (and act) more dominant than her.


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!


And you must embrace this mindset — where you realize you bring more to the table than she does.


While you may find that mentality to be politically incorrect, I can ensure you it’s the truth about what attracts women to men!


I talk about this in greater detail below…



Because a woman will NEVER get turned on by you (or sleep with you), if you don’t value yourself more than you value her.


Do you think a Queen would sleep with a peasant?




A Queen will only get turned on by a King!




You. Must. Be. The. King.


You must have the mindset of a king! Think like a true CEO — el presidente!



And… If you don’t?


You’ll struggle to attract a quality queen.


It’s that simple.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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