As a fellow guy myself, who spent years transforming myself from an awkward virgin into a man who now enjoys a harem in my hometown, I reckon I can offer an honest take on the question: do men just need sex to be happy?


We’ll get to my answer to this question in a minute. 


But first, here’s what I found personally: without any sex, I sure as shit struggled to be happy! Here’s a picture of me — back when I was living completely devoid of sex in my life. 



Do I look very happy? 


Indeed, I believe that without a stimulating sex life, us men struggle to feel our best. This is likely deeply rooted in our biology. Consider, men are hardwired (in order to proliferate the human species) to have sex with lots of female partners! 



I believe my lack of confidence around women (and the consequent lack of sex I was having) was a key reason why I struggled with anxiety and moderate amounts of depression when I was unable to engage women in an attractive way.


Moving forward, I’ve since found that having lots of hot sex does a ton of good for a mans happiness, confidence, and self-esteem! However, here’s what I’ve also seen in my own life: sex alone has been unable to make me happy for a sustained period of time. 


What I’ve discovered — first by reading David Deida’s The Way of The Superior Man, followed by applying his teachings in my own life — is that a man’s mission should constitute the vast majority of his life if he wishes to be both happy and successful.


But what is a “mission?” By a mission, what Deida (and myself) are referring to is having a bigger purpose for which your life is oriented. Your mission could be your professional career, the change you intend to create in the world, your sport, or the expansion of your enterprise.


The Way of The Superior Man


Deida shares that a man who puts sex as the center of his ecosystem is inherently out-of-balance.


On the contrary, when a man makes the “sundae” of his life his mission (which I help you find here), he can then put his woman (or multiple women) as the “cherry on top” of his already delicious, overflowing sundae that is his life. 


Do Men Need More Than Sex to Be Happy?


As it turns out, this principle of having a mission makes you inherently more attractive to women. I wrote about this here. The reason why is simple. With a mission, suddenly any neediness you once expressed evaporates — since 90% of your focus, time, and energy is already occupied. 


I’ve found that this 90/10 ratio works incredibly. By injecting the majority of your energy into your work, you’ll become more successful, feel more satisfied, and yes — have more sex. 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


PS – I share more on why I believe that while important, sex alone is not enough to make men happy, in this video embedded below:


PSS – What’s your takeaway from everything presented here? I’d like to hear from you. Drop a comment below…


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