You’ve heard about meditating. You know it works. Hell, it seems like there’s a new study each week showing the vast benefits of regular meditation. You probably know that research shows regularly meditating…


Simply put, if you’re a man who wants to live at his peak and dominate, you’ve gotta meditate. As I put it to my clients, regular readers, and followers on social media…



But here’s the thing: it’s not easy to get yourself to meditate each and every day. Especially in the beginning. Like anything you want to do daily, you’re going to need to make daily meditation a habit — a ritual. So that you can unlock your growth mindset, and begin truly kicking ass and taking names.


Now, if we can agree that…

  1. It’s a damned good idea to meditate REGULARLY,
  2. To start, the best action to take is to focus on building the HABIT into your daily lifestyle…
  3. The best time to get started is right NOW


Then, I can help you make daily meditation easy for you.


What follows is a no bullshit, 3-step system that makes regularly meditating easy. It’s your time to reap the rewards — and receive the profound benefits regular meditation gives you as a man. Welcome to The Meditation Guide for Men…


Revealed: 3 Easy Steps for Men Who Want to Start Meditating




Step One: Find Somewhere Quiet to Meditate Each Day

This is crucial. Before you ever start meditating, find your perfect location. It should be quiet and comfortable.


A place without distractions. Somewhere you wont be bothered.This is going to be your new meditation space. The place you go each day, ideally at the same time, to mediate.


Especially in the beginning, having a clear, comfortable place you consistently meditate at makes all the difference.


The Meditation Location


Step Two: Set Your 10 Minute Timer (at medium volume)

I know… We haven’t even talked about how to meditate yet. But by first getting into the ideal place to meditate, and now, by setting a timer correctly, you’re ensuring your initial meditation sessions are successful.


Here, you want to set a 10 minute timer. And yes — make sure the timer is set to a medium or low volume. Why, you ask? The last thing you want is a jarring, shocking sound to shake you out of the zone. Your first few meditations need as few unnecessary bumps in the road as possible.


10 minute timer


Step Three: Practice Breath Meditation Until Timer Rings

Breath meditation is the simple process of shutting your eyes and paying attention to your breath.


The reason you want to begin with breath meditation is simple: it’s the easiest way to meditate.


All you do when you practice breath meditation is you observe as you inhale, and exhale.


That said, there are a few important tips that will ensure you feel satisfied and successful after your initial experiences practicing breath meditation…


Let’s dive into them…


First, find a consistent breath count when practicing breath meditation.


For example, when I practice this form of meditation, I inhale for about four seconds, hold my breath for two seconds, and exhale for four seconds.


This consistent breath count gives you a sense of calmness and tranquility. Likewise, having a breath count gives your mind a sequence to focus on. The rhythmic timing of your breath quickly becomes calming and settling.


But what breath count should you use?


To start, try a 3-1-3 breath count. Meaning, you inhale for three seconds, hold your breath for one second, then exhale for three seconds. After one or two meditation sessions, try a 4-2-4 breath count.


Ideally, want as long of breath count as you can perform comfortably and tranquilly. As a general rule, the fewer times you inhale per minute, the better. But don’t be in a rush. This isn’t a strenuous activity. Breath meditation works best when you embrace the breath count that suits your current state. You will naturally move towards longer breath counts — with repeated practice.


Last note on your breath count — aim to inhale and exhale at the same rate throughout.


This means, you exhale and inhale equal amounts of air during each second of the breath count.


Next, don’t worry if your mind wanders while meditating


Let me break the news for you: your mind will wander. I guarantee it. And as you’ll soon learn, this is a blessing in disguise.


When most people first begin meditating, they incorrectly believe that a wandering mind means their meditation is failing them. Therefore, when their mind inevitably wanders, they panic, become anxious, and ultimately — give up meditation.


They bemoan meditating, saying things like…


Meditating doesn’t relax me — it stresses me out! My mind always wanders!


But not you. You now know the truth: a wandering mind is to be expected. It’s part of the very process of meditation. In fact, as author Chade-Meng Tan writes in his book Search Inside Yourself, each time your mind wanders and you observe this mental process, you are training your mind.


Catching your wandering mind = a rep in the mental dojo


Yup. Each time your mind wanders, you observe the new thought your floating mind conjures up, you just did a mental “rep.” The goal, as  Tan writes, is actually to catch your mind wandering a whole bunch!


The more you do, the better you’re getting at observing your inner mental awareness.


Each time you spot your mind wandering, calmly re-continue focusing on your breathing count. 


Though this may seem insignificant, catching your wandering mind is like lifting weights at the gym. This is the very process you need to repeat to become more non-reactive, confident, and mentally sharp. It’s training you to succeed in life beyond your comfy chair.


Consider: how many times have you aimlessly floated from an important task to Facebook or instagram — without even being aware?


Be honest — haven’t you found yourself scrolling through social media without even a memory of when you clicked over from another webpage? Most of us certainly have…



Now, it’s your turn to stop letting your mind weakly wander from your control.


By embracing the process of spotting and observing your wandering thoughts while meditating, you’ll soon become much better at controlling your thought process throughout your day.


Likewise, if you’ve ever suddenly lost your temper or become overwhelmed with emotion, this process of observing your thoughts and your emotions will help you maintain your composure at work, with women, and everywhere else.


So don’t worry when your mind wanders!


Instead, embrace the moment. You’re right on track to unlock more mental strength, increased confidence, and a new level of composure as a man.


Become a Learning Machine | 10X Your Growth


Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you just did one more rep in the mental dojo.


Getting Started with Daily Meditation 

It’s simple really.


You will thank both me and yourself if you begin meditating regularly. My invitation for ya?


Use this moment as a springboard to begin meditating regularly.


My call to action for you?


For the next month, mediate for 10 minutes a day, Monday thru Friday. Specifically, I recommend you mediate each morning before work. Perhaps as a part of your morning ritual.


Each weekday during these next 30 days, give it a shot.


Tell me in the comments below — where and when are you going to meditate each morning. Share how your weekday mornings will look — with this 10 minute meditation included into your routine!


I’m excited to continue the conversation. Regular meditation seriously improved my life. Now, it’s your turn.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers




  1. Marcowitz

    I though meditation required you to inhale and exhale out through your nose naturally, not have a controlled breathing pattern? Is this method of meditation actually effective?

    • Jason Rogers

      The method described in this article is perfect for guys learning to meditate. After a few months meditating as described here, I personally started meditating more naturally — as you describe.



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