Mastering Your Emotions is such an intriguing and important topic that one ‘insider file’ was not enough, hence this is the follow up.


Disclaimer: This is much more nuanced compared to the macro ideas presented in Part One of How to Dominate by Mastering Your Emotions.


You have to read that first, to understand what follows with complete clarity.


Now, with that stated, let’s dive into a massive principle for mastering your emotions…




This means whether its asking a girl out successfully, or get rejected, your external expression stays the same.


Whether you land that job in the interview, your external expression stays the same.


Whether you win or lose that game of baseball (or any sport), your external expression stays the same.



This applies to a multitude of different areas across the board in your life.




Here’s the thing…


Your brain is such a ‘cool’ tool, for lack of a better word.


Although so appropriate for the idea I’m going to introduce.


By simply keeping your shoulders back, wearing the smirk (or the money maker as we call it), maintaining strong posture & body language before you face that test/challenge/obstacle, your brain is essentially getting the ‘memo’ that “hey, x is not showing any discomfort on the outside so evidently there isn’t a problem here, right?”


Essentially, you are training your mind and your emotions to follow your external, physical, path.


It’s as simple as this: when you look confident on the outside, your inner emotions will follow. By making yourself ‘look’ confident on the outside? You’re basically forcing yourself to feel confident on the inside!


Destroy "Palm-Sweating" Approach Anxiety in Just 3-Steps!




When you receive a test, challenge, or obstacle? Your brain is essentially getting the ‘memo’ that, “hey, x is not showing any discomfort on the outside so evidently there isn’t a problem here, right?”


Essentially, you are training your mind and your emotions to follow your external, physical, path. This is a life-changing strategy for maintaining control and mastering your emotions.


Now when you combine this with the Five Practical Keys I am going to share with you here? You are going to be winning, big time.


Key #1: Create and Repeat a Mantra

This may sound very ‘hokey’ and ‘airy’ at first, but this little inner world ‘trick’ can be a money maker for you to use. If you can create a short and sweet sentence for you to use, reminding you of the mission at hand and how you need to act to get that result, can reconceptualise your internal narrative.


This is the story you tell yourself, about yourself. This can be anything from ‘keep on going badass’ or ‘all is well’ or ‘you got this alpha’, anything that has a positive connotation will garner great results for you.


By using positive internal self-talk, you are fuelling your mind with the ‘glass half full’ mentality, which you absolutely need to succeed.


To make this more tangible for you alpha’s out there meeting a stunning woman for the first time, you’re going to have to master your frame to stay emotionally in control of the situation. You must position yourself as the man of value here and stay CCC (cool, calm and collected) by using any line here, I would go with…


“Keep it Chill Superstar”.


Such a positive, uplifting, alpha ‘mantra’ that never fails to fail me.


You can steal that mantra or make your own.


Key #2: Know Your Worth 

Knowing your worth is a huge part of mastering your emotions and depending on how you feel, your emotions will automatically follow suit, that’s how we are wired. Hence it is important to do this exercise.


Right down ten things you are good at or ten reasons your product is worth selling or ten reasons why you should get that job. Ten, twenty, fifty or even hundred reasons about anything. Let’s go deep here…


Unpacking yourself and everything you do to understand how it is constructed is critical. How are you constructed? 



Once you get those ten things you have a document that someone at the ‘alpha human lab’ (hypothetical, but never know…) can create to make someone like you.


This should be used across the board in every area of your life!


You need to know the value of everything, so you need to know what it is composed of. This, in turn, will make you more emotionally grounded, lower your anxiety and replace it with newfound confidence.


Key #3: Loop Your Favorite Song Through Your Head

This may sound gimmicky and generic but there is no doubt in the world of its effectiveness, that’s for certain. If you can loop a funny, cool, uplifting song, this can change your state so quickly.


Aristotle said it best. “Emotions of any kind can be evoked by melody and rhythm; therefore music has the power to form character.”


Diving into the modern era now, why do you think professional athletes, iconic CEO’s, and elite performers so often listen to music — just before an important game, interview, speech, or public appearance?



Music gets you in the groove. And your favorite song especially imbues you with good ‘mojo’. Getting into the mojo of just feeling good about things, becoming your own personal DJ and simply having fun.


You need to be able to self-amuse yourself. And you can use music to achieve this at any moment. Not only will this improve your internal mood — but your external performances will improve when you feel amazing by using this strategy, too.


Whether its in the gym, going to the grocery store, on the streets or even at home, play your favorite song in your head. Soon, it will be planted deep in your subconscious and once you have that embedded you immediately have a tool you can use whenever your emotions are getting the better of you.


Key #4: Groove to the Beat of the Song You’re Looping

Continuing from the previous tip, simply dancing, swaying and ‘moving to the beat’ you are into the rhythm of the song and aligned with the beat.


This is so powerful for getting out of your head and into your body, whenever you get out in the world and negative things happen you can just do this, which will quickly lead to emotional control in your favour.


Movement and Motion is the antidote to doubt & depression.


Never forget this.


A quick 5 minute workout can completely change how you feel.


Key #5: Practice and Repeat your Craft – Experience and Skill are Invaluable

It’s easy to feel emotionally confident when you’re EXCELLENT at what you’re doing. Hence the value of the following: Practice, Practice, Practice. If you want to achieve something, you must get good at the process to achieve it, there is no short-cut, quick-fix for this.


So, if you want to get good at sales, make more sales calls.


If you want to get good at public speaking, give speeches at Toastmasters every week.


And, if you want to get good at dating, approach more woman! (Which Jason reveals how to successfully do here).


In-Field-Footage Reveals The Subtle Secrets Needed to Spark Attraction


The list can go on, this is ridiculously black and white. Practice, practice, practice! Repeat, repeat, repeat! Action, action, action!


Having more experience and having more practice in the areas that you want to improve in your life will lead to greater levels of emotional control when you do perform those skills, there is nothing like more experience and more skill to give you more emotional mastery, that’s for sure.


Bonus Key #6: Embrace Your Emotions – Use Them as Fuel

Embrace every emotion you have, the good and the bad. Acknowledge & accept it, never repress nor ignore it. When you get comfortable embracing how you feel what you find is you quickly deal with that emotion or source.


Eventually, when you get better at this, the emotion will lose its power over you.


Embrace every emotion that you have and use it as fuel, as gas — to act on your mission (which Jason explains how to do here).


Because using every single emotion in your being as motivation to continue taking action upon your mission as a man? That is the real secret to transforming into a dominant, action taking alpha male. The kind of guy women desire, and men admire…



Note that if you’d like more ideas on how to transform into a dominant alpha male, check out the report I made on this very topic right here.


NOW GENTS, you have everything you need, it’s time to apply, apply, apply and USE these tips. 


As Kris Gethin, a true badass says:




So put these ideas into play — as you boldly take action each and every day!


And let me know in the comments which lesson from this agent report resonates most deeply.


Let’s keep the conversation rolling…


Till next time,

The Secret Agent


  1. Jason Rogers

    Yet another value-laden report.

    The biggest reminder I’ve received from reviewing this piece? The importance of ensuring your body language ALWAYS looks confident.

    The mind really does follow the body. In turn, when you carry yourself and hold yourself as if everything is sunshine and roses? Your emotions naturally follow. In my estimation, this is the ultimate “emotional hack.”

    Excellent advice, Mr Secret Agent. I’m personally looking forward to your next report.


  2. Harv

    Definiitely agree that it’s way easier to feel confident and in control of your emotions when you practice! Practice makes perfect.


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